Saturday, May 28, 2011

I still remember that starlit night......

I still remember that starlit night;
When we walk hand in hand holding each other tight.

You did whisper in my ears and said you love me a lot;
I simply looked at you and asked if we can tight a knot.

Those were the beautiful days when things were better;
We simply depend upon each other always looked for one's shelter.

And then you left one day which was not right;
I still wonder the reason for our fight.

I know I am stupid and bothered you a lot;
And now I realized that I was wrong and nothing I got.

I shall pray for you from my heart that your life would be better;
For me the world is YOU and except you nothing does matter.


  1. though we press some alt shift & delete keys; our life is a cycle of beautiful memories which cannot be deleted from our mind & heart the concept is interesting to read...keep writing & smiling always...

  2. the picture u have chosen is very apt for this content ...nice keep it up..

  3. Speechless. After reading that poem from you, I am just struck to see this one matching the standard of that one. Hemant, you try to be more regular with post and then you see where u'll reach.

  4. Sure Abhilash...will definitely try. Thanks again.


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