Saturday, June 11, 2011

I was her fifth!!!!!

Cloudy Night
Beautiful Sight
Alcohol light
She gave me a bite
I was flying like a kite

Her killing eyes
Gave me a high
She's a sweet pie
I say without shy
that She is my

She came closer
to say few things
A whisper in my ear
And My heart sings

Then she say bye
I ask why
And a heavy sigh
Followed by a lie
The reason was wrong
Everything was a myth
I was her fifth

Realization arrived
The smile was lost
Nothing I got
Regretting a lot
Lessons were taught
Time is powerful
Hence it was bought
With a hope that
Everything rots


  1. Dude you always rock.Keep writing.All the best. :-)

  2. ya its really nice & soulful thoughts!!

  3. Hey thank you friends..your comments are the source of motivation to keep writing more....

  4. too good bhaiya.even i gt inspiration frm u to write poems

  5. This wud be the biggest inspiration for me bachha.... thank you :)


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