Friday, July 1, 2011

Life is not about what we lose...but what we attain....

Today, I felt an ennui in your eyes,
You made strange faces,
with myriad lies,
we made a sound of laughter,
the smile was dry,
I kept asking myself, why
can't things again electrify!!
We had slew of plans,        
but those weren't meant to spring,
We hugged each other,
but the fondness was missing,
Though the weather was awesome,
wind still seemed harmattan,
The journey was long,
I was alone on Catamaran

I am an optimist, you always knew,
You hated my lenses,
I used to see this world through
Now I feel that you proved yourself true,
I want to say so many things today,
but the words are few,
thank you for introducing me with,
the feeling of blaming that all days are blue,
Still wonder what provoked you to walk away,
I hated when you called it an adieu.

I never asked you,
why do you still want to explain,
You only said that day,
it was a deal with no loss, no gain,
Though the feeling of you being around
still remained membrane,
With the hope that good times blossom again,
The day will come when,
This chapter will turn mundane,

Life is not about what we lose, but what we attain....


  1. true words!

    life is how we take our-self;neither a success nor a failure will disturb one's life if we know its true meaning of our birth!!

    lots & lots of improvement in Ur writing buddy!!
    keep writing & smiling always.. :)

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