Wednesday, August 3, 2011

All those days....

 All those days when
We laughed and giggled,
That walk on marine drive,
together we jiggled,

You waited for me,
outside the classes,
That night in the Lounge,
we cheered with glasses,
The full moon night,
the thoughts were bright,
That walk on the lonely road,
with the beautiful sight,
I dropped you home,
before you gone,
We kissed,
the feeling being bliss,
we were so close,
i could feel your sigh,
And then you left,
you said good bye,
I could still feel your smell,
and your piluses on my eyes...

And then came the day,
We both tied the knot,
The most beautiful day,
of both ours' life,
you were looking amazing,
just like sunshine,
How can I forget,
our first night,
You shied first time,
Two hearts were jocund and sublime,
And then that rain,
ignited our flames,
we were on a rollercoaster,
else everything became lame,

I wish if everything,
could remain as it was,
There was no reason for God,
to break into our quad,
With tears in my eyes,
I still go to marine drive,
Missing each moment,
seeking the answer of all the whys'..

All those days when
We laughed and giggled,
That walk on marine drive,
together we jiggled.....


  1. ooh god this is very very soulful poem indeed the best piece of urs with bit of rhythmic & touchy stuff...great lines ...keep writing buddy!!

    keep smiling too :)

  2. Aww... Best poem I have read in recent times, Hemant. Beautiful and the best part is it tells you such a romantic story. LOVE IT!:)

  3. Sweet like sugar and passionate like fire!!
    It had more than just the love thing. Amazing :)

  4. Ohmigod! Whoa wow !!!

    Totally second Risha Di's comment.


  5. Thank you so much guys.....
    It's gr8 to have your comments here :)

  6. Elegant and fervent lines. So beautiful indeed. Following you blog. You may like to follow mine.
    Barkha Dhar

  7. @Barkha....thank you...and why not..m a follower of ur blog now :)

    @Sagar & Sushma: Thank You for dropping by..

  8. Nice, very nice, good sense of composition. Keep it going!

  9. very sweet one:) heya!! dropping by from Risha's place:)

  10. Thank You Neha...
    @Aakriti...thanks a ton for dropping by...and u must be knowing the feeling when a blogger have new ppl from other blogs :)

  11. Thank you Indu @ Namrata....for hefty paycheques :)

  12. Poetry helps one narrate the daily musings in the most beautiful manner. Click here to read some of Rajni's poetries

  13. Its really very soulful and touching...luvd it...

  14. Thanks for the link on the recent post...I love this poem:)


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