Friday, April 4, 2014

D for - "You Figure it out" rhyming!!

Dystopian it was
To stay in such a place
Her dreams on death road
Damnation was the only expression

Dumbfounded she was
Under the burden of debt
Darkness everywhere
Detached from all her loved ones

Dusky life she had
She never wanted to be what she was
A desire to leave her gloomy world
Dawn she still awaits!!

PS: It is challenging to stick to a fix theme; so I have used various blog posts by some really talented bloggers and weaved the same into a rhyming. Tried searching couple of pictures in google but finally leaving the post without any, It seems better to leave the freedom of interpretation to readers' wisdom & mood.

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  1. Happy to see some considerable number of words in this post :P
    And I have interpreted the poem to be the voice of a woman who is in debt. I liked it :)

  2. Great effort. It is really tough Hemant. I had to sit and shortlist all the words before confirming my participation. Thanks for tagging my post :)

    1. Yeah Shine....and I do that (shortlisting of words) on daily basis...but its fun to do and amazing to find ourselves writing so many posts :)

  3. I like this. Must've been hard work.

    Rhi // Welsh Bloggers

  4. This is great, and thank you for tagging me! This made my day!


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