Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Bring Back The Touch in life!!

Blissful I felt, when he entered my life
Reluctant lover he is now
I don’t know how to ply
Numb I was, when he left today morning
Gratuitous I was called, when I confronted him with my feelings!

Being a psychiatrist myself, I assessed the situation
Avaricious I have always been, when it comes to love-matters
Courageous I’ve to be, in order to act like a cation
Kaleidoscopic it had been, now I swear to make it better!

Tight fitting red gown, matching with color of wine
His first gift, the diamond set, I wore to see him delight
Elegiac I am not any more, rather excited to see his face shine!

Touched him on his cheek, looked into his eyes when he entered
Odd expressions he gave, while holding both my hands together
United we were, I kissed him over his face
Completed I felt, while he showered me with unexpected praise
He kissed me back passionately while lifting me in his arms

We knew again that we were made for each other, nothing can set us apart!!

Watch this video to know how touch can heel a lot many wounds. This post is written as participation in #Bringbackthetouch contest by

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