Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Abandoned heart ~ (A to Z Challenge series)

The hardships of childhood
had made him a survivor
He has been through
both heaven & hell
Struggle is his nature now
He hates if life
experiences a smooth sail

Fighting odds life throws
is his favorite pass time
Certainty sounds boredom
while uncertainty brings excitement to him
His only addiction is not
hard working but working hard
Nothing dares block road to his dreams

Despite, he is an abandoned heart
an abandoned soul,
None could ever fill that space
Whether it was his father’s adultery
or his ant’s advancement towards him
It seemed he lost trust from human race

With eyes as deep as ocean, & now scars on his face
His longing for happiness is dying a slow death
The dawn he still awaits!!
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  1. Good work! I can certainly relate to some of this.

    1. It's my award if u can relate to it Andy!!
      Thanks for dropping by :)


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