Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Tyrion Lannister ~ The underdog of Game Of Thrones [A to Z Challenge]

From Winterfell to Eyrie
and Eyrie to Lannisters’ camp
He always knew what it takes to survive
From Cersie’s hatred
To his father’s politics
He negotiated with life and came back revived

Living up to the words of the Spider
This little man has already
casted a very large shadow
Dwarf by height
Giant by wits
Halfman has given many a blow

Sometimes he inspires
at times he whines
Game of thrones seems incomplete
Without Tyrion's witty lines
While Old Gods and New Gods are busy confusing you
Here we have the God of Ti#s and wine!!

PS: How do you feel about Tyrion's character? For me, it's my all time favorite of all the characters after Jon Snow, isn't it difficult not to like Tyrion's role?

Saturday, April 23, 2016

S ~ Sweet Sansa Stark - Game of Thrones Rhyming [A to Z Challenge]

Humiliated by Lannisters
Time and again
No one to rely on
No one understands her pain
Her love for Joffrey
And affection for Ser Loras
Was nothing but infatuation
All in vain!!

From a sweet little kid
to a wiser Sansa Stark
With what life threw at her
She learned to feign
From being what she was
To become what she is not
A political ambition for everyone
It’s freedom she yens!!

PS: So if you are following Game of Thrones, what do you like about Sansa Stark, or what you do not like about her character in #Gameofthrones?

Thursday, April 21, 2016

M ~ Maintain your perspective [A to Z Challenge]

Mr Khurana, a teacher by profession, was in class today, he was upset due to one of his students’ behavior and wanted to tell a story to his students. He starts narrating the story, “A cruise ship met with an accident and it called for evacuation of all its passengers. While the last couple was trying to make their way to life boat, they realized that this was the last life boat that could accommodate only one person, man immediately pushed his wife behind him and jumped onto the lifeboat to save himself. The lady kept staring at the lifeboat and shouted only one sentence to her husband." “What do you think she shouted”, teacher asks.

Most of the students responded saying – “I hate you, I was mad and now I feel betrayed”.

Only one boy had a different answer, and he said that woman must have shouted, “Take care of our child” and Mr Khurana started nodding affirming that this was the right answer.

Mr. Khurana continued the story by telling his students that the woman ended up dying while man came back home bringing up their son single-handedly. Many years after, his son found man’s diary while cleaning up his belongings. He started reading the diary and came to know that his mother was already diagnosed with cancer and had short period of life left when his parents left for a cruise expedition. He also wrote in the diary “How much I wished that we could spend few more moments together, sinking to the bottom of the sea hand in hand; but for the sake of our son, I had to let you die and lie forever below the sea Alone”

The class was silent and Mr Khurana knew that his student had finally been able to interpret the moral of the story. He concluded by saying, “Always maintain your perspective”

Stephen Hawking, one of the most respected authorities in the area of Physics, has said that our planet is a very average star located within outer limits of one of a hundred thousand million galaxies. Isn’t that a shift in perspective?  Are our troubles really high? Are the problems we’ve been experiencing on day-to-day basis are as grave as we have made them out to be? Hence the lesson is – “Always maintain your perspective”

So today onwards, when your friend comes to you and apologize, or your better half says sorry; keep in your mind that they are not doing it because you are right and they are wrong; it’s because they value people more than their ego. Next time, when you observe a very proactive person at your work, or even at club who is ready to take up any task; understand that they are not stupid but they understand the concept of responsibility.

That average kid in your school who always used to be in dirty clothes and never completed his homework on time, never had his own parents and was adopted by his uncle & aunt who couldn’t give him the attention and time he deserved.

That only loner guy in your class whom you’ve never seen having a real conversation with anyone except the teacher, was sexually harassed by his uncle at the mare age of 9 and he became so fearful that he’d never interact with anyone except his parents and teacher.

And the man who is sleeping like a baby between two sleeper seats (second class train compartment) in train, is a soldier who had to go on an emergency leave after doing his 24 hours guard duty because his wife was expecting baby in a day or two!!

There is always a better, wiser, and more informed way of looking at these apparently negative situations. And it is very important to “maintain our perspective”

Did you also apply a one sided perspective to something that needed to be looked into more maturely, or when did you maintain your perspective when you encountered a negative situation last time, why don't you share that with us?

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Jon Snow - Everyone's favorite [A to Z Challenge]

Don’t go by his weight or look
he looks like
Any other normal northerner
with as usual extraordinary zeal
Sharpest of all the Starks put together
Still considers himself as if
He is not really a big deal!!

From being a Bastard of Winterfell
to 998th Lord Commander of the Night’sWatch
Jon Snow’s love for those
who are weak and innocent
Makes him a star but helps him
with more enemies than friends
His dream to get wildlings on his side
to fight white walkers
Seems less real and more surreal

Three brave men
From the same clan
With same values and valour
become victim of similar betrayal
Game of thrones gives us a simple lesson
Honor without life
Is as good as an empty Caisson!!

PS: Jon Snow is one of the most lovable characters from Game Of Thrones, it was a shock for his fans to see him die at the end of Season 5; however season 6 promo gave a clue that he would be back sooner or later. How did you feel about Jon Snow being stabbed by his Watch brothers? I was terrified!!

My love for Game of Thrones continues, tagging few more bloggers from A to Z Challenge.

Friday, April 15, 2016

I ~ am Hemant, and I’ve learned from my mistakes

It was raining heavily, and the clouds announced my arrival with a thunderous applause. It certainly sounds dramatic, but it is not the truth.  A day after I was born, the then prime minister Indira Gandhi ordered Operation Blue Star, and the series of events that followed, lead to a lot of bloodshed in our country. It was the same year when Bhopal Gas Tragedy happened leaving our young country with a realization that industrialization with no controls would lead us nowhere. It wasn’t really an exciting year!!!

So, 4 March 1984 was rather a very quiet & normal day, with maximum temperature and minimum temperature hovering between 30 and 9 degree Celsius. My Mom often tells me that it was one of the most pleasant days of the spring season when she gave birth to me. The only other relaxing fact is that Katrina Kaif was born in the same year too.

As child, I was very quiet & shy; but also the most curious person of our big family. Because of this nature, I ended up doing things rather than clarifying my doubts by asking questions. For me, Kerosene lamp was the most fascinating objects of that time. With curiosity in my little eyes, I tried holding it with both of my hands, and guess what, yes it was hot and the next thing I remember is my mom applying toothpaste on both my hands (very common site in old good times). My first mistake taught me a lesson for life that we must never play with Fire.

The little shy & quiet champ grew up into a teen, still famous and mostly infamous for his curiosity that lead him joining the gang of the most miscreant boys of his own the street. My parents would always shout at me that I am making a big mistake. Ankit, Jitu, Sujeet, Baua and Sonu taught me how to smoke, how to send signal to a girl that you are interested, how to acknowledge signal when it’s other way around, but most importantly they taught me how to take every situation head on. And I carried forward the lessons that would be very fruitful in more significant years of life.

The third mistake came when I was forced to join one of the central government organizations. My parents would have their dream come true that I would be the first person joining Central Government Job from my entire family. I always wanted to be a business man; however my father’s experience with business would force him to force me to opt for a safe government job. As an obedient son, I spent 4 years of my youth in this organization. It helped me learn how to survive in any given physical condition; I still reach most places right on time, while my colleagues and friends are late.

In June 2007, I made my fourth mistake when left this Government Job and joined one of the MNCs in Magarpatta City, Pune. My father didn’t speak to me for almost an year, it was a mistake that couldn’t be forgiven and forgotten so easily. Initially I struggled, but lessons from my previous mistakes came in handy, and I not just survived, people tell me that I outperformed. All these mistakes helped me feel fearless, and more importantly, feel satisfied about the decisions I made.

"A mistake is a mistake as long as you don’t own it; as soon as you own it, it becomes a lesson for life. When we are making mistakes, we are making new things, we are pushing ourselves to achieve the best, but most importantly, we are doing something."

PS: And this was also my first speech in my Toastmasters Journey. Tagging few more buddy bloggers who are still surviving, infact doing awesome in A to Z Challenge; while I am three letters behind!!

H - Hodor Hodor Hodor ~ Game of Thrones (A to Z Challenge)

I only look like a Giant
Game of thrones I don’t understand
I am happy just seeing Bran smile

PS: Hodor appears in Season 1, 2, 3 and 4th season of Game of Thrones. He's a smile-minded man only capable of saying his name. He’s a happy, jolly natured person who seems to be overjoyed by minimum basic things life has to offer.

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

G ~ Game of Thrones Lessons

O boy o boy
Don’t love don’t love
Or if you do
Don’t make love
in open castle
Ned and Robb would be living
Along with thousands of soldiers
If Jaime and Cersei could resist
For few more days!!

O boy o boy
Don’t trust don’t trust
Or if you do
Don’t trust men like 
They hide in their nest
And attack unexpected
For them, Chaos is opportunity
Never let your trust
Become their ladder!!

O boy o boy
Be wise be wise
That’s how the Imp
still survives
This is why Arya
is free and alive
Honesty not only makes you
a good person
but also helps die younger
Be wise when you make a choice!!

O boy o boy
One must dream and dream
From a slave wife
to breaker of chains
who knew dragons would fly
after three centuries
Dreams backed by
Action, passion and persistence
Do see daylight!! 

PS: If you aren't a Game of Thrones enthusiast, click on hyperlinks to know more about it!!
PSS: This post was selected for Spicy Saturday Pick by Blogadda community!!

Monday, April 11, 2016

F ~ Fire & Blood Song - Game of Thrones Season 1/Episode 10

He lived with glory
Lord of Winterfell deserved a better death
Last moments into his life
And He’d save his daughter
That’s glorious indeed isn’t it?

The cruel little boy
Can someone really call him a King?
Joffrey proves to be true son of his mother Cercei
He forces Sansa to see her father’s head up on the walls
And promises next would be Rob’s head he would gladly bring!!

While Rob Stark and her mother mourn Eddard’s death
Sun decides to rise from the North this time
The King in the North, his bannermen declare
Worried and wise Tywin has no option but to retreat for now
And orders Tyrion to head south and act as Hand of the King!!

 Sad & raged Jon Snow decides to leave Night’s watch
His genuine fury blinded him for a while
Until Grenn, Pypar and Samwell reminds him of his oath
Words from Lord Commander Jeor Mormont renews his interest in the cause
He commits himself truly to Night’s watch!!

Daenerys' misfortune continues, her son and her husband Drogo
Both die, but a new dawn awaits her
When she walked into Drogo’s funeral pyre
Everyone had doubt if she would be burnt or return alive
Fire couldn’t hurt her a bit, mother of dragons she is

Sitting calmly with 3 dragons, in still smoldering embers
Such an incredible sight!!

PS: Thank you to A-to-Z challenge for bringing the spark back to this page. This poem summarize events of 'Fire & Blood' final episode of first season of Game of Thrones; links would help you to understand it better if you haven't seen it yet. Tagged few more bloggers this time from A to Z challenge.

Friday, April 8, 2016

E for ~ Eddard Stark: the Warden of North (A to Z Challenge)

It requires diplomatic wisdom to survive
Your friends become enemies
And enemies become friend
The amount of Power & Gold would wisely decide!!

Great soldiers, often lack diplomacy
With desire to be fair and just to everyone
Capital didn’t deserve him
For what a wonderful man Eddard Stark was!!

A great friend, but a terrible politician
Bravest of braves, though a poor visionary
Did he deserve the death he was offered?
Honesty dies, cruelty & politics thrive
Game of thrones is real cruel in that sense!!

A ruler who hides behind paid executioners
soon forgets what death is, words from the Lord of Winterfell
At the end, was given an unhonourable death
A man of his word, and a great ruler Ned Stark
was everything but a politician!!

Thursday, April 7, 2016

Daenerys Targaryen ~ The stormborn (Day4@A to Z Challenge)

Dreaming not only for herself,
But also for those around her
With determination in her blood
Daenerysof House Targaryen, the First of Her Name
Winning allegiance of many men & women
In the brutal world of Game Of Thrones!!

Don’t take her kindness for granted
She knows how to take revenge
Masters the art of decision making
Some of her decisions very strange
From being an orphan to Queen of Meereen
This lady looks promising to bring change!!

Her achievements are not just dice & luck
Faced with numerous odds, she still bucks
But, too much of kindness isn’t very smart
Sonsof the Harpy is just the start
Let us see what Season 6 brings for her
Mother of Dragons on Iron Throne one day, I’d prefer!!

Note: This is my fourth blog as part of A to Z Challenge. Again, I've tagged couple of fellow bloggers from challenge and provided necessary links for people who aren't familiar with Game of Thrones. 
What do you think is in store for Daenerys Targaryen in Season 6?

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

C for ~ Cersei Lannister from Game of Thrones (A to Z Challenge)

Cold as ice
Feels that she’s very wise
Cynical, incestuous, & hateful soul
Also overambitious
With heart as black as Coal

Only daughter of Lord Tywin Lannister
Traded to King’slanding by her father
as bride to King Robert Baratheon
Is that the reason for her hatred,
and her incestuous affection towards her Twin Brother?

Though she loves her children a great deal
She’s actually protecting them as if they are not human being
But a property of hers
The upbringing of Joffrey proves the same
Cersei’s decisions and actions, all seem lame

Season 5 shows the aftermath of her ill-conceived plans
When calculation around how Faith & the Crown goes hand in hand
Proves to be wrong
Walking naked through the streets of King’s landing through shouting throng
The choices shemade, the cost she paid, she’d remember it for long

Cersei Lannister, cannot be ignored
Her hateful character, never disappoints you
You can never ask for more!!

PS: I know it's hard for those who do not watch #GameOfThrones to digest these poems. I suggest start clicking on hyperlinks that would give you more information, trust me, its worth watching!!

Sunday, April 3, 2016

B ~ Bronn to Ser Bronn of the Blackwater ~ (A to Z April 2016 Challenge)

Sellsword by profession
Pragmatic and sarcastic by nature
Agile, intelligent with no aggression
Book hater, Beer& BBQs lover he is 

From Tyrion’s bodyguard to
Ser Bronn of the Blackwater
He says that he killed right people at the right time
Seems to have many beginnings to his credit

While he was on his way to become Lord of Castle Strokeworth
Surprisingly ditched by Cersei at the last moment
One of the opportunists in Games Of Thrones
With his heart still in its place till now

Risen from nothing
To become a knight
A character you would love
to fall in love with!!

PS: Here I am with another bold character from Game of Thrones. If you haven't watched Game of Thrones, click on links to know more about it. Would you also rent Bronn if you are on an adventurous journey?

PPS: I think I will continue writing similar poems throughout A to Z Challenge this April 2016. As usual, have tagged more bloggers from A to Z Challenge.

Saturday, April 2, 2016

A Tribute to Wildlings of Game of Thrones ~ (A to Z April 2016 Challenge)

Adventurous, you may call it
For them, it was a question of life & death
They were still freefolks, who worshiped the old gods!

From beyond the wall
Abandoning the south
It was an attack from wildlings
Acceptance they sought in North!

Ascension was very difficult
When they arrived at Castle Black
Art of War, they knew nothing about
Knowing how to survive cold
Doesn’t make you win Wars!

Astute Jon Snow, with all the right intentions
He pressed for peace
Against all the odds
Who knew he would be killed an abandoned death!

Note: After reading this post, you know a lot about ‘Game of Thrones’ and you also know that I am a die-hard fan of it. You also know that I have tagged random blogs from A-to-Z Challenge since those blogs helped me with key word of the day i.e. A. So which Gods do you pray and who's your favorite character in Game of Thrones?

Friday, December 25, 2015

Antardwand - अंतरद्वन्द

जीवन मृत सा प्रतीत हो रहा
कम पड़ रहें श्वास हैं
करुणा से आखें भर आईं
छूट रहा विश्वास है

इच्छाओँ का पतन हो रहा
संघर्ष लगता व्यर्थ है
ह्रदय को ऐसी मार लगी के
चारों तरफ अनर्थ है

जिनके स्वप्नों ने जीवन को
जीने का इक अर्थ दिया
जिनके ना होनें ने इतनी
कविताओं को जन्म दिया
आज उन्हीं को समक्ष पाकर
डर डर श्वास ये आतें हैं
प्रेम रस तो मिथ्या हो गई
कविता कड़वी गाठें हैं

साहस दुस्साहस के
असमंजस को कैसे पार करूँ
जिनसे लड़ना है वो अपने हैं

कैसे जीवन का उद्धार करूँ!!

Note: कभी आप ने अपने आप को ऐसी अवस्था में पाया, जब आप अपने आपसे ऐसी लड़ाई में उलझे हों की कुछ समझ में न आये, आप का अनुभव कैसा था?