Wednesday, September 30, 2009

29 Sep 2009 - He lived the happiest moment of my life........

One of my friends told me this story.....I am writing it in the first person so that you can feel a personal touch

It was Tuesday morning and I got up at 7:00 am. I slept again and woke up @ 10:00 am. I would not have got up if Ashok sir would not have called me. He wanted me to come to the office and I was looking for an excuse to go there. So I woke up and I was ready by 11:30 to move to my part time office.

I used to be a very practical person but for few days, I started letting my heart participate in my decisions, so I dropped my Bro at his Classes and reached office by 12:00 noon. There were so many ppl in the office and most of them were in formal. I was the only one in Jeans- shirt but who cares, I came with an intention to see her.

Now we decided to have lunch together and that excites me. After all it would give me a chance to sit with her even if it was a group lunch and he would be fool who would miss this type of chance which I am not. We reached a very good restaurant where I started looking for a place from where I can directly look into her eyes and she could also do the same (if she feel so).

Now the time comes when I have been asked to write something about Ashok sir (they did know my new interest). So I wrote few lines:

And here we are, at the bollywood party of Aman sharma..
He is looking awesome, handsome and cheerful guy,
May god give all the success to the lucky guy;
We wish to see him very soon on 70 mm screen,
We are gonna shout, hoot and scream on every scene;
We want him to still consider us as the part of his team,
May god fulfill all his dreams..

Obviously everyone clapped (that's what happen in every get together, ppl clap even if they don't like your stuff). Now it was a beautiful chance to dedicate the lines to her ,those were made 4 days ago, when I had come to know that she would be leaving the office very soon.

I played smart and pretend that I did create those lines on the spot and handed over my pen to Rohan to start writing while I dictate my lines to him. And then I started reading those lines making hard efforts so that they should sound loudly:

Look at her, she just stepped into the office….
Walking through the passage, spreading her fragrance across the floor;
Drawing three lines on the wall with her three fingers through the sideways,
Exposing her nails..let me tell you her nails doesn’t have any polish;
she never wears any makeup on her face,
She’s looking awesome in her ethnic wears which suits her the best;
And here she smiles; her laughter just makes me crazy....
Tomorrow she’s going away…leaving us miss her a lot..I just want to say..
I wish I could see her again…. I wish I could see her again….

These are fiction and not to be compared with anyone's life :)