Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Homo Sapiens!!!!!!

Human Being is Cruel...........

Human Being is rebellion

Human Being is Rude............

Human Being is Impulsive......

Human Being is Evil..............

Human Being is Hypocrite.....

Human Being is Selfish.........

Human Being is Jealous.........

Human Being is Pessimist......

Human Being is innovative.....

Human Being is Corrupt........

Human Being is Optimist.......

Human Being is Kind............

Human Being is Dreamer.......

Human Being is mechanical...

Human Being is Generous.....

Human Being is Honest.........

............................Homo Sapiens are the most vulnerable species on earth!!!!!!!!

Isn't it????????

With Love,

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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Is pyaar ko main kya naam doon!!!!

Beautiful and ugly
fast and googly,
Sweet and sour
exciting and bore,
Deep and shallow
filled and hollow,
Great and tiny
dry and rainy,
Is pyaar ko main kya naam doo!!!

Thursday, November 10, 2011

The day I met you....

The day I met you, 
The world appeared different to me,
The day I met you,
The 'myself' appeared different to me,

Those simple words,
the way you looked at me,
Your simple attire,
the way you spoke to me,
That cute smile,
your innocent heart,
those deep eyes
were speaking a lot,
your inner thoughts,
expressed through eyes,
your emotions,
reflected in your smile,
when we shook hands,
I felt if, I have,
touched something I owned,
I also felt,
If I would never be alone,
An expression of trust,
was found in my eyes,
In my heart,
I  sensed flying kites,
your face kept shining,
like 500 watt light,
Words were not needed,
the silence was so right,
we found the connection,
in each other's sight

The day I met you, 
The world appeared different to me,
The day I met you,
The 'myself' appeared different to me,

Monday, November 7, 2011

The Strange Story!!!!!!

I was walking downstairs to the 4th floor of my home, where I saw Rishu Didi preparing her son for school. Rishu didi with wrinkles on her face now, she used to be the most beautiful girl in our family. With age, her wrinkles took over the beauty. I said, "Hi Di!!!! How's everything!!!" She replied, "Hey Money!!! Good morning..not that good, trying to cope with the life these days...u r going to office!!" To which I responded, "Yes....I think so..bye Abhi Beta...have a gr88 day at school". "Bye Chachu!!!!", he replied.

I walked downstairs again...on the 3rd floor of my home we have a huge hall, which we use for our different family functions. I saw everyone there....I touched my Nani's feet, and said Namaste to Vipin Uncle. 

I also saw Aarti my cousin very happy, applying mehndi on her hands. With her, my eyes also caught a glimpse of Khushi and Rinku..they were waiting for mehndi guy to get free from Aarti, so that they can also apply mehndi. I also identified three man sitting, sipping coffee. I enquired, and got to know that all these three man were husband to my three cousins: Aarti, Rinku and Khushi. It shocked me to the Everest; Aarti, Rinku and Khushi were looking quite elder than their original age, which convinced me that I was seeing them after a long time and they have already got married without my knowledge.  

I still remember those days when Rishu and I used to go around the streets of Delhi, shop and enjoy those eatery joints. Rinku and Khushi used to be so small kids, it seems to be impossible to forget the smile on their face, when I used to get chocolates for them. Life moves so fast... simple things always excite me limitlessly. Those things were so priceless, and that's why someone has rightly quoted that all the precious things in our life comes free of cost. With all these thoughts in my mind, I was trying to understand why everyone had gathered at my place, and got to know that it was Ishu's marriage today and everyone was here  to attend the same. 

I also spotted, my dadaji, he was reading an extract from 'Guru Granth Sahib', everyone was listening very carefully. There was a soothing silence in the temple we have on 3rd floor. I bent down my head in front of 'darbaar' and started moving ahead towards the lift. 

On my way from Temple to Lift, kitchen caught my eyes, in which I saw Mamta Mami, Seema mami, Sapna Mami, Raj Mami, Priya didi, Alpana Bhabhi and a couple of young bhabhi type faces. All were busy in cooking breakfast for almost 80 people who were gathered to attend Ishu's marrige. I passed a common regards to everyone, and as usual, everybody was interested to know when I was getting married. I ignored the question smiling, said bye and got into the lift to ground floor.

On the ground floor I saw the grocery shop of Ravinder Bhiaya, I bought a candy and headed to the place where my car was parked.

My guard handed over the keys of my Honda Accord and I started driving towards my office, with the music player on, this seems to be a song from new movie of Aryan Khan, the son of the great Shahrukh Khan. He does good acting, actually he has given a hatric of hit movies on a row and doing better than Sumit Bachhan, the grandson of Mr. Amitabh Bachhan, the greatest actor of Indian Cinema. 

Suddenly my music player switched to another song which sounded quite familiar, Yesss, I have used this song for 3 years as my alarm tone in my mobile phone. I had no idea why it was getting louder with each moment passing. It became so loud that I found it difficult to drive and put my hands on my ears, forgetting that I would lose the control of my car. My both the hands covering my ears, with my foot on break...and oh my god..I just skipped the road divider, my car had been spinning for 6 seconds when I saw that I was about to dash into a truck coming from the opposite side of the road.........

And here I was sitting on bed, with sweating from head to toe. Was it a dream!!!! Was it really a dream!!!! Rishu didi still looks the most beautiful and cheering, and what is this....none of my cousins have been married yet...I never owned a house with 5 floors!!!!! 

Time to drink water now....

Characters with current age: 

Rishu di 30 years old with her son Abhi 1 year old, Nani: 80 years old, Vipin Uncle: 55 years old, Mamta mami, Seema mami, Alpana Bhabhi, Priya di in their 40s, Sapna Mami in her 45s, Raj Mami in her 70s, Rinku: 14 years old, Khushi: 16 Year old, Aarti: 26 year old, Ishu (the groom): 6 Years old. Dadaji: May his soul rest in peace. He passed away 5 years ago and he was a great man. 

Me: 27 years old