Sunday, December 5, 2010

When GOD gives you money....

 "If god gives u money...he makes sure that dis money flows into your pocket with tonnes of liabilities...u may want to see around 4 examples...."

Few days ago, I posted this line on my facebook page. Every time when you post something on a social networking website, you and I know that we want maximum comments and we feel happy to see that the number of comments increasing day by day. Well, not much of comments I received when I posted this thought on FB. This though kept shaking me since almost three weeks and today finally I am putting the same on paper.

Let me start from my experience. This thought strike me every time as and when I see people begging at the traffic signal. It strikes again when I see richest of the riches spending lacs of rupees on electronic items, or a car. People at traffic signal never dies of heart attack. Neither they die of hunger. Money flows into your pocket with its own consequences. I tried thinking logically; however I was unable to give any logic. It just happens.

I don't know but it seems difficult today. I am finding it difficult to put things in words. Better I start writing again before I lost this thing of mine. This was an effort to put things into words before the memory fades.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Few of my creations.....

Everyone is playing a Protagonist of his life...we think that different things are happening around us and because of us....but the truth is that we are happening around different things and our existence will be null and void without things....

Human Life is like a nuclear fall in love, break up; fall in love (2nd time) break up and then fall in love again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Today someone asked my why we write something on face book news feed...I answered that "Writing something on face book is just a feelgood factor.....isn't it!!!!

The BAD is the new GOOD these days :)

It takes another gal to forget one;-)

May dis dessehra inspires us killing d Ravana in ourselves and make this world more beautiful:-)

I made two important decisions of my life during our being the best and other being the worst.....The worst decision was that I started liking you...the best decision was that I always stopped myself from proposing you.....and now I am a happy man :)

Make sure you see whether there's wooden thing near you before you say "Touch-wood" never know ;)

Life's like an aeroplane.....with no starting and ending point....God being a pilot takes you you don't have to control life....just keep flying :)

Coincident happens only when you expect them the least....that's the main difference between the reel life and real life :)

He thought that he would enjoy when he will grow up...After growing up he looks back and wish to enjoy if he were a kid :(

And then she never replied, his eyes kept staring at celfone, waiting for a beep; every passing minute was contributing towards reduced hope.....and she never replied!!!!

One more day ended..with smile on my face; i found myself as a happy man..not being part of any race; i m not one of those horses who runs on racecourse.... I m a LION...ppl start hiding when they hear me roar...

I got into a cab, asked driver to play head started moving with the beats of song...after 5 minutes I realized that the song is in Tamil language....OMG....I am in Chennai...someone has rightly quoted... "Music has no language"

Life shows us too many stages.....and sometimes one specific stage could be an antonym of the other.........

A tag line for Company: "We don't see success as an outcome....its a part of our processes" @copyright Hemant Arora

Vo kehte hain ki daru lazeez nahin....humne bola dost, lazeez to bahut hai par akele peene wali cheez nahin...

Did you just realize that everything that you think does not make sense is actually the most sensible one :)

Acceptance is the gateway to peace....

Office is the place where life lives you.....Once u step out U live ur life ;)

Don't run.... its not a 100 meter race... walk with patience... you will get what u deserve.

I am raising a service request with GOD's request fulfillment function to have "Shift+Delete" key in the keyboard of our life....let's see if he can manage the balance between cost and customer satisfaction ;)

Today one of my frnd said: 'Life Sucks'; I replied: 'suck d life before it sucks u'

Let the flowerpot of life remains empty if u don't get a flower......there's no need to compromise and put thorns instead of flowers just for the sake of filling ur life wid somethng......

Do we find things good because we are aware of what is bad!!!!! Imagine the existence of Good without Bad........

Its not always about moving ahead...... Deeper the roots, more prosperous a tree is :)

Every end is a new beginning............ Isn't it!

Famous lovers lines: 'main tumhare liye Jaan de dunga' 'main tumhare liye chaand tare le aaunga' 'main tumhare liye saat samandar tak paar kar sakta hu' ...... Comon all the ashiques of this world.... Why u always have to do some superhero act to get a gal...... life's simple ;) lets make it simpler..

Sometimes its good to go through a confusing phase in life......... U tend to make some of the best choices in this phase...

We can not call every ''not good'' thing as 'bad'.........i wish if i have the control on dictionary....i would have removed all the negative words.......

The time has come when nothing troubles me.......either something good may happen or something less good may happen......something bad can not touch me or can never happen in my life at all....

Our life is not less than an academy award winning movie.....we just need to observe things closely and you will enjoy a lot ;) ...... have you just smiled after a micro observation on your past!!!!!!

Here v go wid d final draft of replacement of an old proverb: 'u have 2 b at d rite place,at d rite time and wid d rite partner...and suddnely u realize tht u r nt a vergin anymore;-) '

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Trying to wake up the writer :)

Last two months were too busy to write something. I was slogging my ass like anything in the office. The trip to Bangalore was great. It was successful on both personal and professional front. At the end of this trip everyone got certified which was the actual objective of the trip. And I also made a few good friends so next time I am sure I would better pass my free time with some friend rather than watching a channel called "GOD" (You must be wondering why)

Well one of my colleague is a fan and follower of GOD who accompanied me in Bangalore and I had no choice except watching this channel forcefully. This certainly does not prove that I am an Atheist and also does not indicate that I am a believer. Well I think one life would not be enough to tell who I am so I am moving from this controversial topic to something different.

One thing is definitely true about me that I love exploring not only new places but also people (don't take the meaning of exploring otherwise huh). So August month was about exploring new people and new places.

One thing I realized after making good friends during this break from my blog; that "Can we be friends!!!" typically does not work like any Bollywood movies. It just happens naturally. If I press the rewind button on the music player of my life, I don't recall if I have used this sentence or any other typical Bollywood sentence ever. May be my readers also could do the same thing and see if they have done that ever.

One more realization that opposite natures simply attracts you just like north and south pole of a magnate. But again we need to be very careful that we don't cross the thin line between friendship and attraction which mostly happens incase of all the yougster (Well I too did it quite a few number of times).

Well; it was nice to write after a long time. I am going to try my best to continue this habbit as long as possible. Enjoy yourself with the festive season of Ganpati Bappa....

Friday, July 23, 2010

The poet inside me always wake up in boring lectures....

Hi All,

Its been a long time to pen down something on blog but my pen had always been in action whenever it got some time to write something. It was a mansoon noon on 10 July when we were in III Classroom. The professor was a senior official of LIC and my pen forced me to write below lines about the environment in the classroom:

III class was really cool,
The instructor didn't know the training rules;

We all were enjoying ourselves thinking some or the other things,
And waiting for the interval bells to have a cuppa of tea;

I bet you this guy was full of experience & a sea of knowledge,
We think he should have switched to Hindi and avoided english luggage;

Peril, hazard, loss, insurance were the words buzzing into my ears,
I suddenly remembered the lectures of my childhood years;

Talk of sen-sex reminded me about one thing known as SEX,
I heard girls sitting besides talking about there legs being waxed;

Winding up now as some important topic is going on,
You will get to see more of poet inside me if the lecture remains on.

And the last line of the poem proves to be true when one more situational poem came from my pen:

Anuj is scratching his head,
Daksha is sleeping with her eys open,
Vinay is trying hard to concentrate;
Can all this be put together to make a poem?

Zak just woke up and asked a question from previous slide,
Harshil looks blank looking at the ceiling,
Donno how Pinki is concentrating on slides,
Can all this be put together to make a poem?

The beautiful lady is biting her nails,
Our trainer is busy reading from slides,
Nilam is digging gold from his nose;
Can all this be put together to make a poem?

Sunday, June 20, 2010


Tanhai ki Dhoop me,
Kitabo ki chhaon hai;

Har lamha ek bojh,
Aur har shabd ek aas hai;

Akelepan ki pyaas se,
main marne hi vala tha;

Ki Panno ko khushbu ne diya,
Pani ka aihsaas hai.

Sunday, May 30, 2010

"Old Ly's smile" "He fell in love again"

1st Chapter – 30 May 2010 

I actually stopped and allowed that 80 year old lady to cross the road. I don’t know how my hands automatically reached to stop my bike. She was looking so confident and almost stopped when she saw me approaching towards her, however she did smile when I stopped my bike and allowed her to cross the road at one go.  

I still remember those eyes with wrinkles like deep water in a well. Her hair almost turned into light gray and her back was a little bent and her face was heading towards road but I should not forget to mention that her eyes were glimmering with sparks. And I realized one thing today that the smile of a baby and people with the age of 75 and above (if they are not politician) is the most sanctified thing in this world. It looks so simple, truthful and selfless. I kept smiling for almost 2 minutes after seeing the old lady’s smile. 

2nd Chapter – 30 May 2010

And then he fell in love again. It was happening with him 3rd time when he started realizing that he could spend her whole life with a girl without reaching a saturation stage which he faced in her previous fairs (I don’t call it affair).

All this started with one or two SMS exchanges everyday and reached the stage when two souls share each bit of the information about their life. I don’t know but this time he started acting very careful. From his experience, he knew that love is the thing which does not last for one second or one day or one month or a year; however it is something which is made to last till decades and centuries. He did not have any intention to take a decade for love to happen again but he was definitely interested to take some time and reach the comfort zone of communication which was a little ambiguous till now.

She is so simple, beautiful (Take a broad meaning of this word) and redolent. She’s an introvert to strangers but super extrovert to people whom she has trust on. “Patience” is the word to describe her nature. A girl with all the madness with a dream of beautiful life. Well, it was not easy for her to describe or approach him but she did it whenever she got a chance. It was her first time when her relationship with a guy reached a level which can be described as “More than a friend”. But her core strength ‘patience’ always backed her from a direct approach to the guy. She always picked an indirect approach to explain her feelings to him.

Someone has rightly said that we should not interpret what girls say from their words because they are from Venus. They have a different methodology to express them which has been a reason for so many break ups turning guys into Devdas and sometimes this approach of gals has been a reason of the great concern for even themselves. And that’s the reason he kept making mistakes interpreting every signal with the wrong meaning. She wanted to communicate something else and he understood something different. Why don’t all boys and girls read “Man from Mars Woman from Venus” at least once? The book really helps understand the psychology of men and women.

Let me end on a happy note. I wrote this poem while I was waiting in an interview and a lady came and sat beside me:

I wish if there would be a mirror in front of my seat, I could have watched her straight, clean and neat;

When I saw her first time that stopped my heartbeat,
I can’t say nothing but she has beautiful feet;

I don’t know if her heart is as beautiful as she or it’s a cheat,
this confusion certainly stopped me from going ahead and ask for meet.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Bits & Pieces from the life....

Hi Friends,

Would like to start with following lines:

Just got a chance to update my blog after a long time.....
so busy with work that my poems have lost the rhyme....
I just miss the sweet night of valentine together we dined....
I keep missing the beautiful face, smile and the way you shine...

I don’t know why I started writing today, maybe I just want to fill the gap of April month and prove that I still write my Blog with a minimum frequency of once in a month. Whatever, just a few questions hit my mind in past month:
1. Does Law of Attraction actually exist in our personal lives?
2. Have you ever fell in love, broke up; fell in love (2nd time) broke up and then fell in love again?
3. Do you think marriages should come with a return or exchange option?

Does Law of Attraction actually exist in our personal lives?

If you might have read the book called “Secret” or “Law of Attraction”, both these books try to establish the fact of Law of Attraction in our personal lives. ‘Secret’ dictates that by thinking and talking positive, our life moves to the positive direction. Law of Attraction gives examples like meeting with your friend the day you think about him/her. If I look at my life, it did happen to me many times. I think of something and I get it, however our thinking should be rational and not something which is irrelevant to time lines and unrealistic.

My objective of giving a thought to the principles quoted in Secret was to exemplify if Law of Attraction actually works or not and it did work for me. If not all the times but at least 75% of the instances it did work when I thought about it. So guys…..don’t stop yourself from dreaming about something realistic and achievable and you will definitely have it.

Have you ever fell in love, broke up; fell in love (2nd time) broke up and then fell in love again?

Now I am moving towards the second question about love happening twice thrice in one’s life. I have heard lot of people saying that Love happens only once in lifetime and I completely oppose it. I also oppose that you can love only one person at a time. Love can happen anytime and with anyone, at least in my life (examined and proved). And I think it gives the same vibrations the way it does the first time it happens. It doesn’t matter if it’s a first sight love or one year friendship conversion into love, your eyes still remain on your mobile screen waiting for the special (importance remains same) person’s name to be flashed either with a call or SMS. The excitement does not change and the anxiety remains same if you don’t get reply for merely 30 minutes.

I tried to argue with people boasting about their first love and how they could never love again and I have also seen the same people falling for another girl over a period of time. My surprise reaches the Mount Everest when they still disagree the fact what they experienced personally. My only advice to them is to be more open and acceptable about themselves and their lives. The thing which is said by all the famous and great people may not remain a hard fact. Things keep changing and one has to accept this change.

Do you think marriages should come with a return or exchange option?

Yes….I do agree that marriages must come with an exchange option wherein the person remains the same however the package may change. The tolerance level of new generation will keep decreasing day by day and we will find increasing number of divorces happening in our country. Marriage and family consultants may contribute towards the increased understanding of a few couples and this business will further flourish with big business houses venturing into the same but no one can decrease the number unless this is addressed at the ground level may be at the education level itself when a youngster is stepping into his graduation life. The concept of sex education had been addressed by many states but I have never seen any educationist supporting the concept of Relationship Education.

I hope our government and educational institutions may address the same before it becomes a nightmare like AIDS did in last few decades.

Sometimes I hardly believe that I could write so much and thoughts and ideas keep floating into my mind but time had always been an issue and become a constraints to my only remained creativity of maintaining a blog (with few audience who hardly visit it) and writing poems. Just for your information this blog was visited by 400 odd people in last 6 months and had 88 unique visitors with 50 repeated visits.

Let me also try writing a poem this time:

So many eyes I see everyday….
So many people I meet everyday…..
Still I could never skip those two eyes…..
This realization happened to me one day.

This was a perfect day of summer 2010…..
When the clouds came to defend her from sun….
she says that she never goes out in summer….
I thanked the clouds and we were on run.

She set herself on the backseat of my bike...
She came closer to say things making my heart tide..
I can still feel her touch on my shoulders……..
Her whisper still remains in my ears I wonder.

This was the first time we were seeing each other in private…
I was keen to know lot of things about her and could not afford to be late..
Most of the time we were looking into each other eyes…
We hardly started talking and it was the time to say good bye.

When I dropped her at home, I saw her eyes moist with tears;
I took her beautiful face in my hands and nab her tears…
Those two minutes were the most beautiful in my life…
We bid each other good bye with a moist sigh.

Friday, March 26, 2010

Short and Sweet Birthday of mine...

Extract from 4th March.....11:30 PM

It’s nice to enter the 26th year of my life. I know I have not achieved a lot, but at least I have leaped from a small town to big town. It felt great to be called as a ‘Trainer’ in one of the great fortune 500 company, however it pains when I see myself working for a company rather than owning one. Yes that’s what my BHAG (Big headed auspicious goal) is and who stops to dream.

Today I have completed 26 years 9.5 months on the earth that includes the period of stay in my mom’s womb. This birthday was the most beautiful birthday I have ever celebrated in last few years. My parents were with me in the historical town of Shivaji. The morning was as usual (except few calls from friends and relatives). I was riding to office and one thought was pickling my mind if I was feeling something different on my birthday or not and the answer was ‘No’ at 9 am. The day started passing gradually and I talked to lots of old friends that gave me a great feeling. All my old friends did call me in the night itself. It was a great feeling when someone remembers your B’day that I realized today. Very special thanks for my chhotu brother who did not miss to bring the cake this time that I cut at 12:00 am . I hope all of you had been seeing the pics on orkut.

Thanks to Swapnil who called from Boston with the same update of not a single girl in his life (if he was telling the truth).
"Swapnill bhai, Ab to sudhar jao”

Thanks to Ravi, Tushar, Sandy, Prashant, Neha, Rinki, Harsh, Pushpanjali, Beeni and all my dear friends for forgetting me not.

The rest day was as busy as usual in the office however I had fewer lines on my head and I took the day very easily, with most of the time spent on phone. After a long time my Cell phone battery needed charging in the same day. When I left office I had almost most of the tasks pending which did not bother me much and I left the office for the college earlier than usual.

After college I reached home by 8:30 pm. We planned for a dinner outside to give mom a break as well as celebrate my birthday. My mom and papa liked Sukanta and dinner was really awesome. We cracked jokes, laughed together after a long time. It was feeling like a perfect family not to be separated again. My papa is really funny and we also like to see his reaction by talking to him about Pune’s life style (Why do girls cover the entire face, or How could air not pass when a couple sits together on bike etc).

What I feel is that a Home just requires every member of the family to be together, and nothing else. The space, luxury, the size of the rooms and bathroom etc does not make much sense to home if the family is not together. You really don’t bother about Milk, tea when mom is there and on the top of that when it is served with lots of affection and with selfless feelings. As per the Hindu Mythology, God shows the hell and heaven on the earth. It does as hell when you stay far from the parents and family and it is as good as Heaven when the family is around. And it was a heaven feeling to have mom and dad with us, even if that was for few days.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Flirt and a questions to a Maslow's hierarchy of needs theory......

Hi Friends,

Days have been too busy however I am enjoying my morning shifts. My day starts with a thought of reaching office by 8:40 am and ends with a thought of getting up as early as 7:00 am. All young professionals fantasize about hitting Gym, so as I, but that thinking remains in the thoughts and never gets executed. During these days I spend at least 40-50 minutes on the bike (that practically depends upon traffic). I use this time to make different theories, philosophies and definition.

Last week I tried to project flirt (Indian flirt) into a definition:

"Flirt is the expression of feelings from one person to another person without considering the gap between the expected behavior and actual desire"

Some of you might not agree with the definition and I am also not in the mood to argue as everyone has his own way to say things and on the top of that this blog has never been intended for discussions.

On 28th of Jan I was sitting in the college. I was enjoying that lonely time by watching beautiful (actually sexy) girls in the college. My brain was busy with imagination and suddenly I recalled 'Moslow theory of motivation" which is based on the Hierarchy of Needs. If you are not aware of what that is, I request you to not to take tension and search it on the google. (I am too lazy to type too many sentences).

Now Maslow's theory says that the very first need of human being is Physiological Needs that includes Air, Water, Food, Sleep and Sex. After that a human being feels a need of a security that is Living in a safe area, Job security etc. And the third need is Social need that includes Friendship , love etc. Now my arguement was why common people like me wait for love to happen before satisfying one of the Physiological Needs i.e. Sex. If Maslow was right and he was a great American psychologist, why people still look for meeting the need which is on the 3rd step of Hierarchy model before meeting the 1st step need.

I spoke with few of my friends and they also had the same point of view which was actually a question mark raising doubt on the theory. We realized that all of us were actually going against Maslow's theory and that raised few big question :

1. "Had theory become wrong after listing 'sex' under physiological needs?"
2. "Are we as good as normal human being as we were not following one of the crucial part of the theory?"

We all discussed for some time and reached at few conclusions based on common agreement and below are the answers listed:

1. "The theory is absolutely correct but Maslow might not have visited India where family values are rated higher than individuality (based on our perception)."
2. "We were perfectly normal as the 'sex' part of the theory might not apply to the country like India and that's why we did not find Indian people following that crucial part of the theory."

Well, I am not being a philosopher as that require a lot of intellectualism rather I would prefer becoming a businessman in a long run. But sometimes I tend to raise questions to famous theories which keep my day interesting and enable me to generate new ideas.

Thanks for reading this post which was result of the Saturday fun inside me that came out in the form of words. I hope you enjoyed (I know you didn't) my reading.

Keep visiting my blog (so that I can publish some advertisements and earn some good bugs ;)
Well that was a bad joke.....

Friday, January 22, 2010

New year brings hopes with it....

1st January:

The first morning of 2010 started on a lazy note. I woke up several times, and then finally I actually opened my eyes at 11:30 am. It was a sunny day. I was happy not because I wanted to dry my skin in the sun but I was more interested in washing all my clothes as early as possible and dry them out in sun. The new sun in the sky enjoyed my sight first at 12:30 when I went downstairs to buy tealeaves and snacks for morning breakfast.

Right now I am sitting at home sipping my cuppa of tea with my fingers on the keyboard. The day was really good. I took out all our unusable clothes and a pair of shoes and started searching for the needy on the roads of Pune. My brother advised me that doing charity of something which is not useful for me is actually not a charity. He read it somewhere and these words are from the great Mother Teresa. Well, everyone has his own philosophy; I don’t want to become a keen follower of everything what great people had said rather I would prefer following my own instincts, my own philosophy.

Today I met lots of people, who choose road as their home, sky as their cover which had never been enough to hide their personal affairs from the world, making the optimum use of street light, forced to follow the principle of ‘vasudhaiv kutumbakam’ that’s a different thing that each one of them would never do if they have the resources. I felt guilty when I saw them wandering for the one time meal, leave the question of a set of clothes enough to cover the entire body. I tried to search the poorest and unluckiest among the crowd and then gave something to one of them. And a thought hit my mind that no one would have been struggling for clothes if only young generation of the India does something like this once in a month. I decided to follow the same practice every time whenever I have some extra clothes, shoes or anything which can be useful for someone.

Then I spotted a quite old man crossing the road. He was wearing a smart hat with an old coat and was looking like an educated person. He brought a scene of the days when India was not free and I thought he must definitely be a Freedom Fighter. I greeted him with smile and took his left hand in my right hand, holding him just to pass a signal of support. I approached the middle of the road, he started tightening the grip of his hand and after 30 seconds we were at the other side of the road. The grip was so tight that it left the pink red color on my hand. I imagined how these hands would have handled guns in the Independence movement. The old man thanked me and showed his finger towards a building and wanted to say that he wanted to go there. He nodded his head thanking me as well as indicating that he would walk to his home himself.

The old man left leaving me with some strange thoughts. My thoughts were a cocktail of devils and god. Then I tried to combine all my thoughts and a poem came out of that:

My skin has become clumsy now,
however I still poses a young heart;
So what if my kids visits me once in a year,
I can still enjoy my winter nights sitting at Perth.

I don’t sleep early in the night,
but I never miss the early cherry like sun in the creamy sky;
so what if I could not fly the way I used to fly kites,
I still enjoy my grandson playing with water bubbles, I love that sight.

So what if I have to look for a hand to cross the road,
I could still find the children waiting for me to listen to my guitar chords;
I have surrounded myself with the optimism of these natural things;
Sun, sky, moon, stars, wind, trees and sea I took all what they bring.