Monday, May 5, 2014

Rhyming the Life of a daily wage worker!!

Today he saw another hurried morning
No, it was not a morning walk
That people do to keep themselves fit
Neither was it a boss who would shout at him
If late he would reach
Rather it was the worried faces of his family
Showing the uncertainty of an evening meal!

A meal that’s a luxury if served in time
Becomes the only desire in life that chimes
When day start seeming worst than that of kine
You become biological equipment with uneasy grime
An example of yours is considered the best
To explain the irony of ‘Maslow’s hierarchy of needs’
You consider yourself as a victim
Of the crony capitalism’s greed!

The question of happiness
Overtaken by the answer to survival
Life stands still, dumb & helpless
Awaiting an era of revival!!