Sunday, August 7, 2011

I kept walking....

  The sun was departing from the sky,
I saw birds flying back to their homes;

I kept walking…. I kept walking….

People were leaving their offices,
with a hope to see their family soon,
I spotted on the west the full dull moon,
Clouds were turning into dark blue,
I felt the wind turning a bit chilly and cool.

I kept walking…. I kept walking….

Now the sun got completely, buried into the sky,
And I saw the dark foam like clouds at high;
The artificial lights filled the city in a row,
People were waiting outside the theater for the evening show;

I kept walking…. I kept walking….

Everyone was tooting horns on the traffic signal,
An auto just passed by me, playing Jagjit Singh 'Gajal';
Every corner of the road was filled with machines and people,
The wind grew stronger and moved my Jacket's Lapel;

I kept walking…. I kept walking….

The road to home was really full of excitements,
There were too many things happening around me,
but I was so silent;
The home was still two and half kilometer away 
when I took the right turn,
I assured myself not to worry as life is full of twists and turns.

I kept walking....I kept walking....

This poem was written in November 2009. I thought of giving this poem a new life, as this piece left ignored for a long time....

Thanks for reading me... and as usual.....your thoughts/critics/feedback are my paycheques :)


  1. Many-a-times, the paycheques I give seem too inconsiderate compared to your writings.
    A beautiful poem, a handsome thought. :)

  2. @Jojo: that's okay...i can still find my happiness in those paycheques....and thanks a ton for reading me :)

  3. this poem took me to the situation that described ...very cheerful indeed...

    seem this poem got real life in this 2011 :)
    very nice renovation
    keep smiling always :)

  4. Thank you so much everyone...


Your feedback here, are my pay-cheques ;)