Friday, July 23, 2010

The poet inside me always wake up in boring lectures....

Hi All,

Its been a long time to pen down something on blog but my pen had always been in action whenever it got some time to write something. It was a mansoon noon on 10 July when we were in III Classroom. The professor was a senior official of LIC and my pen forced me to write below lines about the environment in the classroom:

III class was really cool,
The instructor didn't know the training rules;

We all were enjoying ourselves thinking some or the other things,
And waiting for the interval bells to have a cuppa of tea;

I bet you this guy was full of experience & a sea of knowledge,
We think he should have switched to Hindi and avoided english luggage;

Peril, hazard, loss, insurance were the words buzzing into my ears,
I suddenly remembered the lectures of my childhood years;

Talk of sen-sex reminded me about one thing known as SEX,
I heard girls sitting besides talking about there legs being waxed;

Winding up now as some important topic is going on,
You will get to see more of poet inside me if the lecture remains on.

And the last line of the poem proves to be true when one more situational poem came from my pen:

Anuj is scratching his head,
Daksha is sleeping with her eys open,
Vinay is trying hard to concentrate;
Can all this be put together to make a poem?

Zak just woke up and asked a question from previous slide,
Harshil looks blank looking at the ceiling,
Donno how Pinki is concentrating on slides,
Can all this be put together to make a poem?

The beautiful lady is biting her nails,
Our trainer is busy reading from slides,
Nilam is digging gold from his nose;
Can all this be put together to make a poem?