Thursday, May 21, 2015

Review Bombay Velvet – 120 crores down the drain?

Isn’t it a very hard ‘subject line’ for such a movie that you all waited for? Truth is hard indeed. Firstly, the movie seems to have more impression of Karan Johar than Anurag Kashyap, so if you are a hard AK’s fan, the movie would disappoint you.

Bombay Velvet, so it should be about Bombay, but you hardly get a glimpse of THE city. And as you watch, you’ll get to know that it is about Bombay Velvet Club/Hotel/what not.

Story begins with its protagonist Balraj (Ranbir Kapoor) migrating from Pakistan at the time of partition. Balraj struggles through the tough life city offers with dream to become what they referred as ‘Big Shot’. Coincidence made him meet Kaizad Khambatta (Karan Johar) who is a crony capitalist of Bombay (err Mumbai). Khambatta gives Balraj an opportunity, while Rosie (Anushka Sharma) also enters the story, being sent by Mistry to spy Balraj and reduce his muscle power (revealing more can be more damaging to already damaged collection).

You will feel at loss while the focus from the crony capitalism moves to love story, to murder mystery, to what not. A few good dialogues aren’t sufficient to sail through 149 minutes of reel time for an audience.

What I liked about the movie, are characters; but that’s not enough for making a movie click among the audience. I loved the passion of Balraj, vileness of Khambatta, confused Mistri (Manish Choudhary), mysterious Rosie and sharp Inspector Kulkarni (Kay Kay Menon), and all inacted their part very well!!

Watch it if you have leisure time, extra money or if you are a hard core Ranbir Kapoor or Anushka Sharma’s fan. Karan Johar is same as ‘Coffee with Karan’. Don’t watch it if you are watching it for Anurag Kashyap!!

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Monday, May 11, 2015

मेरा गम कितना कम है ~ the irony of life!!

कल रात के मनमुटाव के बाद
दिल के जख्म और गहरे हो गए
जब सवेरे उठा और छज्जे से देखा
की सारी दुनिया कितनी खुश है

इधर उधर चहलकदमी करते 
वो खिलखिलाते हुए बच्चे 
पीपल के नीचे बैठक जमाये 
बुजुर्गों के चेहरे पर वो चमक 
कुँए के पास औरतों का वो झुंड
गपशप की आवाज 
मेरे  चबूतरे तक रही थी
शर्मा जी का लड़का पारले जी का पैकेट लिए
गली के कुत्तों के साथ खेल रहा था
कम्बखत जानवर भी इतने खुश थे

तभी दूध वाला गया और हमने पूछा
और भैया क्या हाल चाल
कहने लगा बहुत खुश है
और मिठाई का डब्बा आगे कर दिया
कल ही उसकी लड़की हुई थी
रसगुल्ले को मुंह में दबाये 
हम चाशनी का मजा ले ही रहे थे
क़ि बगल से चिल्लाने की आवाज आई 
शायद चाची के रोने की आवाज थी
और खबर मिली कि पड़ोस के
रहीम चाचा गुजर गए
चालीस के थे, दो छोटे छोटे बच्चे भी थे उनके
दिल भर आया, दुःख हुआ 
और थोड़ी तसल्ली भी!!

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PS: Did you also find yourself in such situation before?