Saturday, March 31, 2012

I am nothing but a life driven by hope.......

In search of the lost rhyme,
I sat down today and wrote few lines.

impossibilities to possibilities
negativities to positivities
Minus to Plus
Being sad to being glad
Pessimism to optimism
unfortunate to being fortunate
disable to enable

seems to be only a game of words,
which is making some sense now, 
previously it was sounding absurd.

Loads of common people jump into
the ocean of opportunities
without any life jacket
in search of numerous possibilities,

Among them I see myself
Trying to swim across,
Hands and legs in action
attempting to grab something,
with a question in my mind
Will I get it or not!!

and another question 
settling unconsciously in mind
who will get it if I won't!!
That seems to be the irony of life
even if we accept it or not,
Jealousy, Greed, Anger, vindictiveness
Am I sounding too pessimistic!!!
Trustworthiness, generosity, Calm, kindness
Am I sounding too optimistic!!!

And a whisper in my ear 
I should sound realistic,
I resist to register this wisdom statement
I ask if realism always lead to optimism
Will it always lead to solution
Reply came in negative
Optimism shows you hope
which drives the life, and ensures
the hands and legs remain in action
in the ocean of opportunities

I am nothing but a life driven by hope.......

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  1. Beautiful and inspiring poem...Hope is what keeps us going forward.....

  2. Everyone are.. life driven by hope.... good work :)

    take care

  3. Inspirational and what beauty in the poem. :)

  4. wow well expressed! our fickle mind with an end we live with hope :) good poetry! nice to read after a gap! :)keep smiling always with hopes!

  5. Hope and hope it is...Very beautifully expressed...:)

  6. beautiful..............
    well expressed!!!!!


  7. Thanks everyone....objective fulfilled :)


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