Tuesday, June 21, 2011

I am Sixty and she is Fifty........

It all happened so soon that,
none of us could ever realize,
She happened to be my friend first,
feeling of her being around made me mesmerize;
We were meeting for the first time,
heading towards the south part of the city,
I gave her a heart shaped balloon,
she gave me a smile - a bit gritty;

What could I say about weather,
the sky was a little misty…
Are you shocked when I say,
I am sixty and she is fifty;
Though we are physically old,
our heart still remained young,
Believe me I still retain my killing look,
And she looks like an atom bomb;

The date with my lady was awesome,
we kept holding each others hands,
the breeze was touching our faces,
we were sitting on the sea sands;
Her eyesight is not that good,
so what if I am a little fat,
we kept eating Bhelpuri one by one,
As, we had only one teeth-set...

Saturday, June 11, 2011

I was her fifth!!!!!

Cloudy Night
Beautiful Sight
Alcohol light
She gave me a bite
I was flying like a kite

Her killing eyes
Gave me a high
She's a sweet pie
I say without shy
that She is my

She came closer
to say few things
A whisper in my ear
And My heart sings

Then she say bye
I ask why
And a heavy sigh
Followed by a lie
The reason was wrong
Everything was a myth
I was her fifth

Realization arrived
The smile was lost
Nothing I got
Regretting a lot
Lessons were taught
Time is powerful
Hence it was bought
With a hope that
Everything rots