Monday, April 28, 2014

X or Ex?

He called me again
It was not a long time ago
When he said those words
It wasn't love for him
The famous routine trend
Of being a good friend
As if friends sleep together
Those words smelled hooch
He can no more mooch
With all these thoughts 
I wrote to him straight
Stop throwing around his weight
He is not Ex, but an ‘X’
I've chosen another fate!!

PS: Here 'X' (cross) means I am kicking out each bit of you from my life and you no more exist for me.

Saturday, April 26, 2014

W ~ Wisdom words from a wandering soul!!

Searched through internet
Read many books 
Been to many philosophical schools
Spoken to a number of intellectuals
Squandered limitless
Wandered like a Gipsy
Meditation & Yoga
Pranayaam & healing
Religious text
Spirituals at its best
Peace & happiness 
Aren’t material
So the medium of attaining

Look through yourself!!

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Friday, April 25, 2014

V ~ व ~ वजह जरूरी है इस ज़माने में आज के!!

वजह जरूरी है 
इस ज़माने में आज के
मदद करना तो बस 
एक धोखा सा हो गया!

विश्वास से पहले ही 
घात हो जाता है यहाँ 
साधारण होना अब 
असाधारण हो गया!

संस्कारों की भाषा 
एक वहम है आजकल 
तुच्छ बातों पर लड़ना 
बहुत आम हो गया!

"ओल्ड इस गोल्ड" 
हम सुनते थे अपने दादाजी से
उस कहावत का मतलब 
आज प्रत्याक्ष हो गया !!

~ English Translation ~

Reason is more important these days
Helping someone is just a myth

The trust will be killed before you do it
Being ordinary had become extraordinary now

The values have become an illusion these days
Fighting over petty things have become common now

I used to hear 'Old is gold' from my grandpa
Now I understand the meaning of that proverb!!

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Thursday, April 24, 2014

Underestimation ~ A Haiku

I’ve killed heroes

Ruined empires

Destroyed the egos

I am Underestimation!!

Have you also made the same mistake of underestimating the power of underestimation sometimes in your life!!
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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

T for "Two States" ~ A Review not critics!!

Disclaimer: Its a review...not critics.

Garima (wifie) suggested (read 'almost forced') to write the review of 'Two States', a recent Hindi movie released last week. And since I am a true follower of the saying - 'If wife is happy, life is happy; if wife is unhappy, life is unhappy', I was left with no option but to try my hand on the fourth review article in this blog. 

Writing a review is tough, really tough; especially if you had already seen reviews by other people. Two States is a 'no-nonsense' movie with a good story line which is based on Chetan Bhagat's famous novel cum semi-autobiography with the same name. Initially I was afraid fearing if it would be a disaster like Hello (inspired from Chetan Bhagat's One Night at call center) but Mr. Varman (Director) proved me wrong. Director gets kudos for ensuring that movie-goers enjoy as much as they enjoyed the book by having no touch ups on original story-line.

For those who haven't read the book; the story is of a young man who would like to be a writer and no, it is not about his struggle with publisher houses but its about how he fell in love with a south Indian girl (Tamilian to be specific) and how he fights all the odds in order to convince his parents-in-laws and parents to lead a happy ending. The story is also about the bitter relationship between the Protagonist Krish (played by Arjun Kapoor) & his father (played by Ronit Roy).

The witty dialogues and situations Krish & Ananya (played by Alia bhatt) had to face while trying to convince their families so that both their families are present on their marriage; keep you stick with your chair in theater. The movie is not as happening as typical Bollywood stuff (recalling DDLJ, KKHH, HDDCS etc) but its strong story-line and brilliant acting by all the actors makes it as a paisa-vasool timepass.

Coming to acting, you will love the chemistry between Krish & Ananya. As soon as you feel a little monotonous, Aliya Bhatt would appear on screen with an intelligent head on her shoulder (that's how they have presented her) bulling a Punjabi groom in an arrange marriage at Krish's place or eating chicken and calling herself as 'Shudhh Tamil Brahmin'.

Whenever Ronit Roy comes on 90 mm screen, he completely justifies his role. As Krish's father, you actually start hating him (and keep hating him) until he plays a key role to happy ending. Ravathy & Subramanium justify their roles as Ananya's parents and Amrita Singh goes well with her role as typical Punjabi mother & mother-in-law, and how can I forget this line - "Punjabi mother-in-law se khatarnaak kuchh nai hota is duniya me"

And by the way, when I was reading 'Two States' few years back, I wrote a poem (Dec 2009) to depict the relationship between the Protagonist & his father. This is a chance to re-post it without any changes:

Monday I saw the new sun rising from the east
I am still feeling the words said by that priest
The whole burden of sorrows was off my head
1st time after a long time I got up with a smile from my bed!

It was a dream which was the cause of my happiness
The old man came to me and asked for the reason of my wretchedness
The old man was wearing white clothes with a balding head
I felt the energy when he put his hand on my head!

He advised me to understand the true meaning of ‘forgiveness’
How easy it is to take off the load from the head and feel burden less
I exactly did the same and hugged my father in my dream
I realized it was so easy to forgive than cursing!

And how can I miss to highlight some good music numbers (off-course adjusted badly in the story-line). Here's my fav one:

Rating - Just watch it, you won't regret it!!
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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

S for Smile - The Haiku!!

Curvy thing
Shadowing straight line
 An easy zing
There’s never a wrong time

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PS: Have learnt a new thing today from Nabanita - tagging fellow bloggers and trying it on my blog. Listing down few great blogs from A-to-Z challenge. They are all awesome - Shesha, Shine, S(t)ri, Dagny, Tasha, Damyanti.

R - Reaction vs Response!!

The 'R' post (with reference to A-to-Z challenge) is coming late this time. I would have written a Poem or a Haiku and that's what suits my style; but today I am sharing this post based on a real conversation with one of the greatest friends of mine. Let's call him a special friend; I don't want to term him Aaptard though he sounded like one. I came across this new term recently as an outcome of Indian General Election 2014. Its been discussed a lot during social media interactions but alas; I experienced the real meaning of this term after having a conversation with my special Friend.

Without making any changes; I am sharing the actual snapshot of our conversation over an FB status, posted by my special friend. He shared one of the newspaper links talking about Praveen Togadia's latest hate speech; which Praveen Togadia responded with a legal notice to all the newspapers. I curiously tried searching this specific hate speech but failed; and told my friend to go through the legal notice. 

Below are original snapshots from our conversation - 

Outcome: Surprisingly my special friend deleted my original comments only to leave me with strange feelings. He didn't stop there and astonished me by removing his original post and un-friending me from his friend-list. Alas...did I just lose a precious friendship because of reaction from my friend!! What do you think would have been the situation if he had responded (not reacted) to my thoughts rather than being prejudice and implying his perception!!!

PS: I don't support Togadia...He has been controversial all the time; neither I support anyone who dares to shake the foundation of harmony of Indian Society by making hate speeches. 

PPS: I cannot hate or un-friend someone for a difference in ideology. 

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Queen ~ A Review Rhyming

Illogical you had always been
bullied me all the time
Don’t know what made me
select you as my groom
The way you rejected me 
a day before our wedding
I kept thinking it as a bane
Until I found it was a boon!

You said those words, 
my eyes cried blood
The disguise on your face, 
resembling some real crud!

Life after death
Day after night
I am not a puppet
Can no more be quiet
A song after curse
The best after worse
My solitude helped me
To find a refreshing verse!

I know you want to come back now
But I give it a damn
Better you be away from me
You are no more part my plan!

PS: Queen is a Hindi movie describing the story of a girl who gets rejected by her boyfriend a day before their wedding. She cries a lot and makes a decision to go to honeymoon alone where she discovers her true-self. 

PPS: Had to travel on an emergency trip without my laptop hence missed on MNOP....hope to post missing posts soon!!

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Sunday, April 13, 2014

The Ultimate Rhyming ~ Lost Dreams!!

The loss & gain
Are flavors of life
If one becomes rife
The taste turns stale
The balance is key
If we need to sail!

The journey to north star
May be full of gale
Speed is not the trick
You may crawl like a snail!

Lost dreams
Can be won again
Lost rhymes
Must be found again!!

Saturday, April 12, 2014

K - Kiss in the rain

A walk to remember
The feeling of ember
The sky turning amber
It was December

Your hands touching mine
The effect of wine
I am all thine
Amusing signs

You came so close
To talk to me
That whisper & sigh
My lips felt dry

Then came clouds thunder
& unseasonal rain
We both did wonder
Was it destiny or fain

Away from mundane
Turning insane
A golden moment
That kiss in the rain

Friday, April 11, 2014

A Haiku - Juvenile!! Are you kidding!!!

His Innocent Look
Lean body shape

 Juvenile he is not

If he could rape!!

Thursday, April 10, 2014

I Love you rhyme

Behind the veil
A beautiful face
A doe like walk
Only thrice we talked

Remembering first one
When you asked time
It made me rhyme
The sunny song
It rained along

In the second chance
I knew your name
You knew mine
That wasn’t so enough
I tried to bluff
That made you huff
Soon I realized
The blunder I made
Inside I prayed
Our eyes still stayed
Then you smiled
Situation turned mild
& we spoke
Something did click
The next meeting fixed

The third one came
Wait was infinite
You looked so bright
Unforgettable sight
We hesitated, we talked
We shied, we laughed
As if time stopped
And then good bye
We both felt dry

Its been three months
Seeking another confront
Days becoming blue
The words are few
I Love You!!!!

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Pursuit of HAPPINESS rhyming - A to Z Challenge

In the pursuit of happiness
I purchased a car
Though it was comforting
Entertaining & satisfying experience
I ended up comparing with others
& my heart again got a scar!

In the pursuit of happiness
I bought a flat
Such a wonderful kick it was
A great feeling of owning something
But it just remained a house
It made me sad, I didn't have a mate!

In the pursuit of happiness
I started looking for a mate
It didn't take long to find a lovely girl
With an assumption that I loved her & she loved me
We settled in my flat to make it a home
It was all good until I found I was entrapped with bait!

In the pursuit of happiness
My life was gone
I don’t remember when I lost my brawn
Life had become a series of yawn
Unless I found the enlightenment of my own
Happiness is not external
It’s an effect of our Internal Dawn!!

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Tuesday, April 8, 2014

G For Garima - My wife!!

Though I consider myself lucky
Life was never so kind to me
Always traveled a road that was rusty
Until the moment came & I found thee

Unsettled, yet amazing
Always appear to be blazing
Can do nothing but gazing
Such a gracing you are!!

A lot of love
And a little fight
A lot of happiness
With a pinch of strife
When things go wrong
The answer is - a Hug tight
Such a chemistry we are!!

A commitment of love
An excitement never dying
A story ‘in-progress’
Two of us going to write
You are the wind
If I am a kite
Such a symphony we are!!

The song of love
Was never so right
The sky of life
Was never so bright
Admiring the dawn
Forgetting twilight
Such a bonding we are!!
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Monday, April 7, 2014

Father - An Unsung Hero!!

An unsung Hero
The idol of sacrifice
Never says what’s inside
A Daughter’s pride
The Father!!

Recalling your rebuff
To whatever I say
Never stopping reprimand
I always felt like a prey

At 16, I saw you as a demon
At 18, you started sounding like a devil
At 20, I recall we fought like cats & dogs
Your presence for me was presence of evil

While I was bunking my college
Having fun with useless friends at MacD
I realize now that you were sweating out on the streets
Worrying about my next semester fee

All that’s coming back to me these days
I miss you & your rebuff my father!!
My own son treats me like nothing
The life had now become much more harder
How right you were and how wrong I was
Realization had arrived, and it took a little longer

Expressing my gratitude
This poem seems less
Hope you are reading all
And keeping me blessed

The Father!!!

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