Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Creativity is the girlfriend of solitude!!!

I can't believe what my mind had been thinking this morning. New Year gave me a warm welcome with my mom and younger brother coming home visiting us in Hyderabad. While I went to pick them from Railway Station on my bike, I came back alone on bike followed by them in an Auto. The solitude morning ride showed its colors soon. 

The Auto Rikshaw's rear mirror had an impression of kiss (Off course an F Kiss) and that made my mind wander in the streets of fantasies. 

After traveling through various shops of illusions, my mind started wondering how this sign can be used for something productive (economically productive to be precise). My eyes looking at the various objects e.g. buses, cars, crossroads, divider, bikes, rikshaws. Then a thought came into mind what if a Car company starts promoting a car series with KBK concept. This special car series will have the original impression of Karina's kiss on both the front doors. And KBK stands for (Kiss by Karina). I am sure marketing world would look at it as a revolutionary idea.

Since the idea is documented now, it stands copyrighted by me :)

Wish you all a healthy 2013. Thanks for giving it a read.....do drop your views.