Sunday, July 31, 2011

My First Award!!!!

The time has come to fulfill the promise after receiving the award. Though, it's a little late and I am too 'besharm' to accept this fact, but better to be late than never.

- Can you still recall the tip-tip of the first rainy season after you fell in love!!!
- Do you still remember how happy you were after seeing you getting through class 10th!!!
- Can you recall the butterflies in your stomach when you said "I Love You" first time!!!
- And the last can you forget your 'pehla pehla pyaar'!!!

Similarly, this award reserves a special place in my heart. Beeni  gave me this first award on her blog. 

So here I go with the rules:

1. Link back to the person who awarded this award to you: Already done.

2. Share 7 Random things about yourself :

Here I go with mine:

>> I am known as very unpredictable in my group

>> I trouble my brother by not giving him newspaper...reason: I don't like to read one separate page...I need the full paper at one time

>> I don't like reading soft copies of novels/books. I love the smell of books and read only hard copy

>> I love to explore new places, new things....this one brings back the curiousity of a kid in life

>> I am a 'dream duing the day' kind of person

>> I clean utensils at home every morning

>> I cook bed tea for mummy if I have an office. Mum does it for me on saturday and sundays

>> I was a salesman (sold biscuits) from the time I was in Class 10th till the time I reached BSC 2nd year

(I didn't number them so that you can count if these are 7 or not....)

3. Answer the following questions:

Name your favorite song: This has to be a hindi song. I have too many in my mind but the one I would love to listen at any given time would be title song of "Kal Ho Na Ho". I love the rhythm and lyrics are too good.

Name your favorite dessert: Ice cream with garam garam gazar ka halwa

What is pissing you off: When people start boasting about themselves

Your favorite pet: I don't like pets

Your biggest fear: When people start expecting too much from me

My best feature is: my smile

Everyday attitude: Karm karo aur fal ki ichha mat karo (Do your work and don't expect results)

What is perfection:
Is there anything called perfect!!! I doubt...

Guilty pleasure: Chicken with Beer

4. And the best one is here.....Award 15 blogs:

3 - Abhilash @ ReaD iT OuT FasT

4 - Narinder Singh - Before memory fades

5 - Sushma @ Aahuti

6. Janhvi @ Thoughtful Thoughts

7. Saru @ Words

8. Sawan @ Colors

9. Sahana @ Ahamkaara

10.Seema's art corner

11.Sanjeetha @ Young Turk

I can think of these many right now....will post more as and when I come across.

Thank you for reading me....and don't forget to re-post if you have accepted the award :)

With love,

Thursday, July 21, 2011

The idea of a perfect date......

Everyone has his/her own idea of perfect date. I never gave this a thought, until I went through this POST. And then I realized that I too can have some super romantic ideas of a perfect date. After commenting on the post I thought to give it a form of post on my blog as well. 

Here I go with my idea of perfect of them requires you to step outside and another one shoes u a picture of few of homedates ;) 

--Sitting and watching her endlessly....
--Singing her a song......
--Cooking her favourite dish without letting her enter kitchen......
--Watching her while she is watching television....
--Looking into her eyes and trying to measure how deep   they are....
--Watching her sleeping....omg...she looks so awesome..
--Spending the night on the roof..under the natural dim-light of moon....stars above the head..
--Spending whole day at home and being available to each other mentally, physically and emotionally.....
--A candle light dinner at home....possibly at the rooftop...

--Sitting on the riverbank with my head on her lap......
--Watching the City Paris from Effile Tower.....
--Boating together with a view of sunset in the background.....
--Watching the sunrise together on a beach.....
--Do the titanic ACT on a cruise....
--Spending the night at a campfire with only the two of us around.....

So so so....if you have dropped by here and ended up reading the complete mention your idea of perfect will make this post far richer than what it is :)
Thanks for reading me....your comments are my paycheques....

Sunday, July 17, 2011

The feeling of getting awarded...

Hey Pallies,

I am dedicating this post to one of the fellow bloggers who awarded my blog on her blog. Though I always prefer rewards, this award made me jump on my bed when I saw it.

Whenever I received an award in my office, It hardly mattered for me because awards are also planned these days. They award you tell them that you are going to resign in few days. You can try this technique. The award are effectively used to reduce the attrition rate. If you are not satisfied with your rating and planning to escalate the issue. I can bet the you are the best employee of the same month.

I always used to ask my boss to arrange a reward ceremony. Those Rs.500/- sodexo coupans look better than a trophee which does not make sense when everything is planned. Trophee is illusion, money is real.

Well, my award is listed under THIS link.

Thank you Beeni for awarding this blog.

Every award comes with some promice, so I promise that soon I will be back with below things posted on my blog:

1. 7 Random things about myself.

2. Answer of following questions:

a) Name my favorite song 
b) Name my favorite dessert
c) What is pissing me off
d) My favorite pet
e) My best feature is
f) Everyday attitude
g) What is perfection
h) Guilty pleasure

3. Award 15 blogs.
With loads of love,


Wednesday, July 13, 2011

In the attempt to find my love, I found myself...

Yes, I have just realized that there are so many things in this world which hold more significance in my life than love. I think my mom needs more attention than you and I must help my brother in accomplishing his dreams. May be, it would be more substantial to follow what my boss says, than attending your call every night. At least he is real and not an illusion like you. I also think that it would be more appropriate to spend time with my parents in post dinner discussion and help them deciding how the future would look like for the family.

May be, it was just attraction or a friendship caught on fire....but I am sure it was not love. After today, I may think that it was an earmark that you left and I also won't regret that I did let you walk away. Those tiny details may not catch my attention going forward. My world would still move, if I don't tell someone what I had in my dinner or which clothes I wore on a specific day. Telling my mom how my day was in the office would make her happier and may bring a smile on her face than discussing those flyspecks with you. Seeing that smile should be the most important task in my life, rather than bringing you tonnes of gift to see you happy.

We might not have meant for being together, and I think I would not be able to keep this 'friendship' alive anymore. We can never be friends, because may be I loved you more than anything in this world before today. Till yesterday, our paths varied but our goals were same. Today onwards our goals also vary and I know I will achieve mine without you.

Till yesterday, I was striving hard to find you but I think in the attempt to find my love, I found myself. I must thank you for making my life easier. I must also thank you for making me reach the stage of self-realization.

May be I would like to continue my life journey without you and may be i still know that I truly love you...

Stay far....Stay away.

Please don't call, I have changed my number.

You would not be able to see me online on gtalk, I have blocked your ID.

Don't try tracking me on facebook, my technical friends have helped me blocking you permanently from facebook, may be they could have helped me in doing the same with my heart.

No don't deserve any.


This is a letter drafted by me for one of my friends. I tried my best to translate his feelings into words. May he recover soon. 

Thanks for reading me....your comments are my paycheques.

With Love

When people reach the hights of cheapness....

This post is about the behavior of a special personality, I came across while my stay in Noida. You can learn how to use the facility of "Complementary breakfast" from this special personality....enjoy reading.....

Recently, I had a chance to stay in a hotel called Hotel Orange Pie" in Noida. I could term it as one of the best two star hotels in Noida city. That morning I observed this incident while having breakfast.

The hotel serves complimentary breakfast, and I saw one person sitting in hotel restaurant across the same table where I was having breakfast. The person was having Aloo Paratha, he applied 3 tea spoon butter on it. On the right side of the table I saw a full glass orange juice, a bowl of Fruit Jelly, and a bowl full of corn flex. On the left side of the plate, he kept a large cup of milk which was half filled (he had already consumed half of it while eating his first paratha). There were also 3 breads kept in a small plate with a minimum of 30 Gm butter on each slide.

While having Paratha, he complained about how bad the service is. He also complained about him being late because of such a slow service by hotel. He used the ideal time (when he was waiting for another paratha) in applying tonnes of butter on the bread toast and having it along with a little amount of jam. Now you must be knowing what the meaning of this 'a little' is for this special personality. Have you ever seen someone having fruit juice along with hot milk..I was also as astonished as you are after seeing this guy. On the top of that, that bread toast was also dipped into hot milk before tasting the tongue of this person. 

After finishing his first glass of Orange Juice, he ordered another one. Here we go with the conversation:

Foody: Waiter!!!!!!
Waiter: Yes Sir!!!! How can I help you!!!!!
Foody: Can you please get me a full glass of orange juice?
Waiter: Sir....I just wanted to inform that complimentary breakfast consists only one glass of juice. Shall I bring another one!!!!
I was waiting for this moment and here he found himself in this embarrassing moment.
Foody:  Wait for some time....let me finish my breakfast first. 

I saw him thinking something for few if he is going to take  one of the most important decisions of his life. And the D moment came:
Foody (to waiter): Can you call the manager? 
Manager: Yes sir!! How was the breakfast!
Foody: I am going to shift to another hotel today. You guys can't an extra glass of juice and expecting a customer to pay Rs.3000/- for a day?

Manager tried his best to be as polite as possible, and handled the issue very diplomatically. He might have given this answer after understanding the mental condition of the guy he was dealing with.

Manager: Well, I would like to inform you that we serve only one glass of juice as a part of complementary breakfast and it's not the waiter's mistake. They have been instructed to inform the same to guests; however I will arrange an extra glass of juice for you without charging you any penny. Is that okay with you!!

Foody: Yes.....thank you. You guys are superb (he had this killing smile as if he has won a battle of his life)

Note: I was watching this entire episode while sitting across the table and sipping a cup of milk as slow as possible in order to watch the climax.

I always say this line: "The laughing recipe is available in plenty around just need to observe and experience the same in your day-2-day life"

Thank you for reading me.....your comments are my paycheques :)

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Review - Bade Achhe Lagte Hain - A daily soap on Sony TV

This one was quite unexpected...but my cousin (Mr. Sunjeev Arora) always provokes me to experiment. So I thought of writing a review on this family serial on Sony TV. I am not a fan of Sony or any other channel. I just watch TV as I don't have a choice. My mom follows all the Soaps on different channels and she can never affford to miss two serials, one  being "Bade Achhe Lagte hain"......

Unlike other daily soaps, this does not show the typical saas-bahu-dever-deverani conflict of upper class families. 'Bade Achhe Lagte hain' is a story of Ram Kapoor and Priya(Sakshi Tanwar). Both of them are in their middle age and have been busy with their professional life so much, that they have left their age behind. Both of them were happy with their individual life until they came to know that that their siblings are in love with each other. Situations lead to Ram and Priya getting hooked with each other by their families and the story takes an interesting turn. 

Though, some of the reviewers have claimed it to be a predictable serial, I still feel that the serial has got 'THE' factor in it. You would love the chemistry showed between this couple. Watch 'Bade Achhe Lagte Hain' for a different taste, enjoy the conversation and chemistry between this middle aged couple. Does not seem to be a typical BALAji serial.

Regardless of critics, its always audience who decides the fate of a film or serial. You may want to have a look at comments by different "Aam Janta" about this serial and you will get to know more:

Rating: 4/5

PS: One more reason behind my entire family watches this serial is that Ram Kapoor just looks like my Elder cousin. My cousin is also as sensitive, gol matol as Ram Kapoor with the same walking style :)

Monday, July 4, 2011

Ma'am!!!! you got the wrong hand here.....

It was a perfect Sunday dated July 3, 2011. It's been over a month I did not get chance to spend a Sunday at home. My mom wanted me to stay @ home for the whole day and my Brother wanted me to go for a movie with him. I decided to surrender and preferred staying @ home for the whole day. 

At the same time I also booked two tickets for Transformer 3 from Every-time I use these things, I think our genre to be fortunate enough to have access to such an advance technology. The day went by with 100miles/hour speed without realization. I went to market with mom to buy vegetables. Also paid a visit to D-Mart in Kalyani Nagar to purchase Grocery items for home. Forgot to mention....that I had also been given a responsibility to clean one of our rooms and I finished cleaning before 12:00 PM.

The best thing is when we went to Fun & Shop Multiplex, Fatima Nagar in night. The showtime was 10:15 PM and we decided to kill our time by enjoying the greenery  inside the Multiplex. Now THE moment came...when a couple was walking right in front of me with hands in hands. I was walking alone as my brother had not yet reached the multiplex. Suddenly my devil mind started imagining some pictures. I saw girl's boyfriend letting his hands off and walking towards something (May be he wanted to attend one call..i don't remember). I overtook the girl and was dancing in my own music. A girl came from behind and started walking holding my hands in her hands. We might have walked couple of steps and than I said, "Ma'am!!!! you got the wrong hand here....." I purposely walked a few steps to reach a group of people and than uttered these words. 

Everyone around started laughing and this girl kept apologizing, which added some more flavor to her existing embarrassment. I looked around with a killing smile and headed my way towards Theater # 3. Transporter # 3 :)

Friday, July 1, 2011

Life is not about what we lose...but what we attain....

Today, I felt an ennui in your eyes,
You made strange faces,
with myriad lies,
we made a sound of laughter,
the smile was dry,
I kept asking myself, why
can't things again electrify!!
We had slew of plans,        
but those weren't meant to spring,
We hugged each other,
but the fondness was missing,
Though the weather was awesome,
wind still seemed harmattan,
The journey was long,
I was alone on Catamaran

I am an optimist, you always knew,
You hated my lenses,
I used to see this world through
Now I feel that you proved yourself true,
I want to say so many things today,
but the words are few,
thank you for introducing me with,
the feeling of blaming that all days are blue,
Still wonder what provoked you to walk away,
I hated when you called it an adieu.

I never asked you,
why do you still want to explain,
You only said that day,
it was a deal with no loss, no gain,
Though the feeling of you being around
still remained membrane,
With the hope that good times blossom again,
The day will come when,
This chapter will turn mundane,

Life is not about what we lose, but what we attain....