Sunday, July 17, 2011

The feeling of getting awarded...

Hey Pallies,

I am dedicating this post to one of the fellow bloggers who awarded my blog on her blog. Though I always prefer rewards, this award made me jump on my bed when I saw it.

Whenever I received an award in my office, It hardly mattered for me because awards are also planned these days. They award you tell them that you are going to resign in few days. You can try this technique. The award are effectively used to reduce the attrition rate. If you are not satisfied with your rating and planning to escalate the issue. I can bet the you are the best employee of the same month.

I always used to ask my boss to arrange a reward ceremony. Those Rs.500/- sodexo coupans look better than a trophee which does not make sense when everything is planned. Trophee is illusion, money is real.

Well, my award is listed under THIS link.

Thank you Beeni for awarding this blog.

Every award comes with some promice, so I promise that soon I will be back with below things posted on my blog:

1. 7 Random things about myself.

2. Answer of following questions:

a) Name my favorite song 
b) Name my favorite dessert
c) What is pissing me off
d) My favorite pet
e) My best feature is
f) Everyday attitude
g) What is perfection
h) Guilty pleasure

3. Award 15 blogs.
With loads of love,



  1. Congratulations.:)

  2. congratulations keep me posted if you have any such activities going around

    you can visit my blog

  3. thank you people :)
    Sure Bhavna...

  4. congrats!!
    for the award & i know you will fulfill certain things pending...


    keep smiling always!!

  5. That's lovely, Congrats. Keep up the good work! :)

  6. Hey...thanks for dropping by :)


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