Wednesday, July 13, 2011

When people reach the hights of cheapness....

This post is about the behavior of a special personality, I came across while my stay in Noida. You can learn how to use the facility of "Complementary breakfast" from this special personality....enjoy reading.....

Recently, I had a chance to stay in a hotel called Hotel Orange Pie" in Noida. I could term it as one of the best two star hotels in Noida city. That morning I observed this incident while having breakfast.

The hotel serves complimentary breakfast, and I saw one person sitting in hotel restaurant across the same table where I was having breakfast. The person was having Aloo Paratha, he applied 3 tea spoon butter on it. On the right side of the table I saw a full glass orange juice, a bowl of Fruit Jelly, and a bowl full of corn flex. On the left side of the plate, he kept a large cup of milk which was half filled (he had already consumed half of it while eating his first paratha). There were also 3 breads kept in a small plate with a minimum of 30 Gm butter on each slide.

While having Paratha, he complained about how bad the service is. He also complained about him being late because of such a slow service by hotel. He used the ideal time (when he was waiting for another paratha) in applying tonnes of butter on the bread toast and having it along with a little amount of jam. Now you must be knowing what the meaning of this 'a little' is for this special personality. Have you ever seen someone having fruit juice along with hot milk..I was also as astonished as you are after seeing this guy. On the top of that, that bread toast was also dipped into hot milk before tasting the tongue of this person. 

After finishing his first glass of Orange Juice, he ordered another one. Here we go with the conversation:

Foody: Waiter!!!!!!
Waiter: Yes Sir!!!! How can I help you!!!!!
Foody: Can you please get me a full glass of orange juice?
Waiter: Sir....I just wanted to inform that complimentary breakfast consists only one glass of juice. Shall I bring another one!!!!
I was waiting for this moment and here he found himself in this embarrassing moment.
Foody:  Wait for some time....let me finish my breakfast first. 

I saw him thinking something for few if he is going to take  one of the most important decisions of his life. And the D moment came:
Foody (to waiter): Can you call the manager? 
Manager: Yes sir!! How was the breakfast!
Foody: I am going to shift to another hotel today. You guys can't an extra glass of juice and expecting a customer to pay Rs.3000/- for a day?

Manager tried his best to be as polite as possible, and handled the issue very diplomatically. He might have given this answer after understanding the mental condition of the guy he was dealing with.

Manager: Well, I would like to inform you that we serve only one glass of juice as a part of complementary breakfast and it's not the waiter's mistake. They have been instructed to inform the same to guests; however I will arrange an extra glass of juice for you without charging you any penny. Is that okay with you!!

Foody: Yes.....thank you. You guys are superb (he had this killing smile as if he has won a battle of his life)

Note: I was watching this entire episode while sitting across the table and sipping a cup of milk as slow as possible in order to watch the climax.

I always say this line: "The laughing recipe is available in plenty around just need to observe and experience the same in your day-2-day life"

Thank you for reading me.....your comments are my paycheques :)


  1. interesting!!! you forgot buffets at weddings.. hehehe

  2. My my! What a foody! Really interesting article.... and very well written.

  3. @Beeni: Yes....Buffets is something that saves so much of ration @
    @Jahnvi: Thank you....

  4. Haha...intelligent manager....tackles different kind of customers..:D

  5. hilarious i must say u are patience enough to sit & watch till the "foody" left :D

    nice to read..
    keep writing & smiling :)

  6. wonderful. enjoyed reading it :D


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