Wednesday, July 13, 2011

In the attempt to find my love, I found myself...

Yes, I have just realized that there are so many things in this world which hold more significance in my life than love. I think my mom needs more attention than you and I must help my brother in accomplishing his dreams. May be, it would be more substantial to follow what my boss says, than attending your call every night. At least he is real and not an illusion like you. I also think that it would be more appropriate to spend time with my parents in post dinner discussion and help them deciding how the future would look like for the family.

May be, it was just attraction or a friendship caught on fire....but I am sure it was not love. After today, I may think that it was an earmark that you left and I also won't regret that I did let you walk away. Those tiny details may not catch my attention going forward. My world would still move, if I don't tell someone what I had in my dinner or which clothes I wore on a specific day. Telling my mom how my day was in the office would make her happier and may bring a smile on her face than discussing those flyspecks with you. Seeing that smile should be the most important task in my life, rather than bringing you tonnes of gift to see you happy.

We might not have meant for being together, and I think I would not be able to keep this 'friendship' alive anymore. We can never be friends, because may be I loved you more than anything in this world before today. Till yesterday, our paths varied but our goals were same. Today onwards our goals also vary and I know I will achieve mine without you.

Till yesterday, I was striving hard to find you but I think in the attempt to find my love, I found myself. I must thank you for making my life easier. I must also thank you for making me reach the stage of self-realization.

May be I would like to continue my life journey without you and may be i still know that I truly love you...

Stay far....Stay away.

Please don't call, I have changed my number.

You would not be able to see me online on gtalk, I have blocked your ID.

Don't try tracking me on facebook, my technical friends have helped me blocking you permanently from facebook, may be they could have helped me in doing the same with my heart.

No don't deserve any.


This is a letter drafted by me for one of my friends. I tried my best to translate his feelings into words. May he recover soon. 

Thanks for reading me....your comments are my paycheques.

With Love


  1. so here is the drafting expert... :D
    i thought u was writing about you...finally u made it clear..

    different attempt..good..

  2. Thank you....I just tried putting my friend's emotions into words :)

  3. Very intense......
    I hope your friend recovers soon and can have a great life forward.

  4. my prayers with ur friend mr.drafto :P

  5. Once the attitude is right, all negative things can be overcome!

  6. intense..

    but there will be some other way...
    break up is not a solution always..

  7. Thank you for passing your wishes for my friend...and thanks a ton for having your thoughts here :)

  8. One of my friends.....why did you ask so ;)
    Do you also know some Nitin from Pune?


Your feedback here, are my pay-cheques ;)