Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Guest Post........."Friends from Jupitor"

Hey Pallies,

If you landed on this page thinking that its Hemant..let me correct you that it's not. I am Sowmya and I am here to write a guest post for this cute blog of my friend.

FRIENDSHIP is like a flower blooming every day;
But there are some rare flowers which will be attractive with its nature.
Friendship is like a magical gift;
Where unknown personalities meet & understand each other;
It’s the feel of godliness!
Here we go with a poem about two true friends.........

Our friendship is a beauty;
With “good day wish” as duty;
Happiness is like lottery; But
Our hearts are just pottery!

Act positive towards prank;
Talk everything very frank;
Our rapport reaches rank;
With a pending tanks of thanks!

We are the reflection of our taste;
Treat nothing as waste;
Our faith is like a gum paste!

Here we always pray;
God to every spray;
Best blessing from his tray;
To awash all our grey!

Reason for naming the title so: 

Jupiter is a king of Gods according to “Rome. Myth”
It’s also called “God of rain”.
The personalities of those friends are very cool & to resemble their superiority of friendship!


  1. to awash all our grey :)

    i know two sowmya on blogosphere, wonder if you are one of those...i should check :)

  2. Hey Chintan...Thank you for dropping by..And you can click on Sowmya (hyperlink) to reach her blog...

  3. cheers to friendship...nice post

  4. These are super line, 'We are the reflection of our taste, Treat nothing as waste'. Beautiful poem and as Subhrasis said, Cheers to Friendship!!!

  5. Beautiful Post!
    Great thoughts...

  6. my hearty thanks to each & every hearts!
    very true cheers to friendship!

    keep smiling always friends!

  7. How can I forget that.....but I knew it was someone else ;)
    Thanks for dropping by..seems whole family is creative...gr888 :)


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