Saturday, March 31, 2012

And I was overtaken by someONE!!!!!!!

I was driving my car on the highway. It seemed that I was the fastest among the bunch of normal people.  Suddenly I heard a "zzzoooooommmmmm.....", and somebody overtook me. I kept wondering why it happened. Had I become too slow, or the person who overtook me was indeed faster enough? Or I was sitting in a comfort zone, enjoying the monopoly of staying ahead all the times....staying ahead it terms of reaching heights? Or I was the only one among others who wanted to put a little extra efforts to stay ahead? Was I competing with the normal people who never attempted to go faster, since they too had been enjoying the comfort zone?

Doesn't it happen to a lot of companies, a lot of actors, a lot of professionals? I realized that I was not only one in this league, in fact, I was just a new addition. I was at my best, everyone approaching me, appreciating me and I guess I assumed that there will be no one who would overtake me. I was wrong. Anyone who think on these lines is wrong. Someone has stated long ago - "We should never underestimate our enemy", I want to modify it by saying that - "We should never underestimate anyone". 

I can't accept but I was reflecting the feelings of Jealousy, Anger, Ignorance....all negative. I know I was bitten by J bug and there was only one medicine which can kill such feeling, and you know what it is. Anyways, a company that has faced setbacks before and bounced back to become the world's most valuable brand--worth $57.4 billion, is none but Apple....I can also do that. I can also bounce back. Just a matter of little more innovation, just a matter of little more efforts, just a matter of little more persistence....just a matter of coming out of comfort zone. And I am again ahead of the time......blessed with the positive feelings again.

Did it happen to you as well!!
What you did to overcome this!!

I am nothing but a life driven by hope.......

In search of the lost rhyme,
I sat down today and wrote few lines.

impossibilities to possibilities
negativities to positivities
Minus to Plus
Being sad to being glad
Pessimism to optimism
unfortunate to being fortunate
disable to enable

seems to be only a game of words,
which is making some sense now, 
previously it was sounding absurd.

Loads of common people jump into
the ocean of opportunities
without any life jacket
in search of numerous possibilities,

Among them I see myself
Trying to swim across,
Hands and legs in action
attempting to grab something,
with a question in my mind
Will I get it or not!!

and another question 
settling unconsciously in mind
who will get it if I won't!!
That seems to be the irony of life
even if we accept it or not,
Jealousy, Greed, Anger, vindictiveness
Am I sounding too pessimistic!!!
Trustworthiness, generosity, Calm, kindness
Am I sounding too optimistic!!!

And a whisper in my ear 
I should sound realistic,
I resist to register this wisdom statement
I ask if realism always lead to optimism
Will it always lead to solution
Reply came in negative
Optimism shows you hope
which drives the life, and ensures
the hands and legs remain in action
in the ocean of opportunities

I am nothing but a life driven by hope.......

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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Few questions after Army Chief's latest claims about Indian Army's capabilities!!!!

Latest development during last two months highlighted army related issues, which made me think about the capabilities of Indian Armed Forces. Army Chief had been in news for over a six months now, and it is not stopping as of now. You have a new news or revelation from Army Chief quite frequently . Few burning questions in my mind?

1. Does it indicate that there is definitely something within the armed forces and MOD?

2. Is it just a frustration of an almost honest institution against bureaucrats?
3. Are reports published by various newspapers/channels actually depicting the true picture?
4. Is it a 'diversion of focus' strategy from the more important issues?
5. Are we safe enough?
6. Was this(bribe offer to army chief) happening before as well?
7. Did Czech firm Tatra sell substandard products — and then try to make payoffs to ensure it    could keep doing so?

What comes to your mind when you first went through below headlines in newspapers in recent past two months or so. 
  1. Govt angry, but Army chief's dismissal over letter leak episode unlikely
  2. Army chief Gen VK Singh writes to PM, warns of security risk to India
  3. How trucks drove the Army bribe row
  4. Inside India's defence acquisition mess
  5. I was offered a bribe of Rs. 14 crore, says Army Chief
  6. Army Chief General VK Singh brings out TMC MP's letter alleging scam
  7. Details of who allegedly offered Rs 14-crore bribe to Army chief
  8. Yes, was under pressure to resign after Supreme Court verdict, says Army Chief
  9. Political outrage over Army chief General VK Singh's leaked letter, parties demand action
Few critical extracts which is important for people of India to know:

~ Defence minister A K Antony almost said so in the Rajya Sabha: "Publishing the contents of secret communications within the government cannot serve our national security." ~

~ Tatra Sipox UK was, according to documents with CNN-IBN, a London-based trading company and not the original manufacturer. Procuring from Tatra Spiox broke one of the cardinal rules of defence procurement – that all procurement should be sourced directly from the manufacturer, not a third party. Curiously, Tatra Sipox’s balance sheets of those years show it had a working capital of just 30,000 pounds. And the firm was registered as providing “spiritual, religious and social services.” ~

~ The Army Chief, General V.K. Singh, has alleged that an equipment lobbyist offered him a bribe of Rs.14 Crore, which he reported to Union Defense Minister A.K. Antony. ~ 

~ Many blame the Army chief for the leak, suggesting that this is his latest attempt to embarrass the Defence Ministry. ~

~ Former Army chief Shankar Roy Chowdhury said that the government has been alerted repeatedly to the exigent need to upgrade the Army's resources. "This is not a new is occupying media space because of the leaks," ~

~ The former Army Chief, Shankar Roy Chowdhury, said here on Monday that attention should not be restricted to the Army alone. “Other quarters,” including the Ministry of Defense, should also be examined. In early 2010, the Army reported it was short of 3,90,000 ballistic helmets, 30,000 third-generation night vision devices, 1,80,000 lightweight bullet-proof jackets, 15,000 general purpose machine guns and 1,100 anti-materiel rifles. ~

Few more questions here?

1. Is MOD actually/intentionally involved in paralyzing Indian Army?
2. Why most of the retired Big guns of Army revealing the procurement procedure of MOD now?
3. Indian Army, with approximately 1 Million strength had acquired just $420 Million of equipment since 2007, compared with $6.16 Billion by the navy, and $17.46 Billion by the airforce. Cost Guard had made the purchase worth $616 Million. What could be the possible reasons and consequences of such failure?

Important leaks from Army Chief's letter to PM:

1. Army tanks in the country have run out of ammunition.
2. The need to bridge the shortcomings and bring the army to fighting level.
3. Army Chief has called 97% of the air defence obsolete in the letter.
4. Elite special forces are woefully short of weapons.

And here's the key question which may be a remote possibility, and it can also be termed as the most unconventional question/thought expressed in the entire debate till now.

Is it a strategy of Govt Of India, to showcase a poor picture intentionally to disable it's enemies in estimating of Indian Military power?

You must remember that wrong estimations always trigger wrong decisions.........

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Friday, March 23, 2012

Where religion stops, wisdom starts!!!!!

My status on FB - Where religion stops, wisdom starts

And this statement triggered an unusual conversation with an advocate of specific religion (Referred as AOR in below conversation)

Me - Where religion stops, wisdom starts.
Advocate of Religion: where Human wisdom stops God's wisdom starts...
Me - The above comment justifies my original statement - Wisdom starts only where religion stops....
AOR: But God is the one who created Wisdom..
Me - And now you will say that God's wisdom can be captured in a 200-300 pages book, which had never been understood by so called advocates of religion. 
AOR: Are you saying that God doesn't exist.
Me - Did I ever say that in our conversation till now? 
AOR: But you said that wisdom starts when religion stops. 
Me - So does it indicate that I said God doesn't have wisdom?
AOR: I think so!!
Me - And thats how you understood your religion.
AOR: Now you are insulting GOD....God will never forgive you. One day, you will come in the feet of GOD, and he will relieve you from all your pains.
Me: Are you already in the feet of 'your' God?
AOR: Yes...I have been...and I will be forever
Me: And you had been relieved from all your pains right?
AOR: What do you mean by that?
Me: I have got my answer my dear friend, and trust me you will find the answer of above question from your God....Tell me the name of single religion which was introduced by the God himself....

Conclusion: AOR removed me from his/her friend list....

Note: The post is not to hurt feelings of anyone. 

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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

So called wise people....deciding about your life...

This post is written with utmost honesty to thank and say "NO THANKS" all those who thought that they were wise enough to guide me towards the journey called life.

My life as a kid/teen had always been full of ups and downs which made me turn to those 'considered to be wise' people (relatives) around me. It started with the basic question while entering class 9th, Papa was not educated enough to tell me which stream I should opt for....and he suggested me to take advice from a highly educated relative (from my family standard) and guess what...that wise person suggested me to opt for the most common stream of two decades '1990-2010' and you got it right, its "SCIENCE". You got it, the most important decision of my life was taken by someone else (Are you finding the same pattern in your case). It was difficult for me to differentiate between right way or wrong way...every suggestion seems to be right.

I wanted to help my papa to grow our business..I somehow had a dream that, someday I will be the owner of the biggest Bakery Shop in my city. The dream also includes that everyone in my city will eat minimum once in a week at my Bakery Shop. I managed to take admission into a college (11th) where I needed to attend the college only during exams, to ensure I can work towards that dream of mine. Still my father was able to convince me to back out from my decision with the help of my 'Tauji' (eldest Uncle). He knew I won't refuse Tauji at any cost. 

I did every possible things for three years to convert my dream into reality and people around me showed faith in my way of doing family supported me; but someone (among those wise people) tipped my father that I would be heading nowhere if I continue like this. And my father, was honest/simple/innocent enough to assume that they were right, result - I opted for a government job. After four years (when I was matured enough), I decided to quit this boring job and my papa again went to the same set of wise people to ask for suggestion. He made me to speak so many wise people (relatives) who tried their best to convince me with their way; however this time I was determined. They could not make me see the world with their set of glasses.

I left that job and joined the private industry. Within four years I realized that this track proved to be 100 times faster than the previous so called wise people track. During this journey I also came across a genuine person, whom I can trust. He had become my mentor, my motivator. Thanks to 'Sonu Bhai' for being there for last four years and pushing me hard towards a more successful life. He made me realize my potential. 

Learnt few lessons during this journey: 

"Suno sabki, Karo apne man ki"
"Dream is just a word until you decide to experience it"
"Its important to have a mentor, but its also very difficult to find a genuine mentor"
"There are no mistakes, there are learnings and improvement opportunities"

With love,