Wednesday, March 14, 2012

So called wise people....deciding about your life...

This post is written with utmost honesty to thank and say "NO THANKS" all those who thought that they were wise enough to guide me towards the journey called life.

My life as a kid/teen had always been full of ups and downs which made me turn to those 'considered to be wise' people (relatives) around me. It started with the basic question while entering class 9th, Papa was not educated enough to tell me which stream I should opt for....and he suggested me to take advice from a highly educated relative (from my family standard) and guess what...that wise person suggested me to opt for the most common stream of two decades '1990-2010' and you got it right, its "SCIENCE". You got it, the most important decision of my life was taken by someone else (Are you finding the same pattern in your case). It was difficult for me to differentiate between right way or wrong way...every suggestion seems to be right.

I wanted to help my papa to grow our business..I somehow had a dream that, someday I will be the owner of the biggest Bakery Shop in my city. The dream also includes that everyone in my city will eat minimum once in a week at my Bakery Shop. I managed to take admission into a college (11th) where I needed to attend the college only during exams, to ensure I can work towards that dream of mine. Still my father was able to convince me to back out from my decision with the help of my 'Tauji' (eldest Uncle). He knew I won't refuse Tauji at any cost. 

I did every possible things for three years to convert my dream into reality and people around me showed faith in my way of doing family supported me; but someone (among those wise people) tipped my father that I would be heading nowhere if I continue like this. And my father, was honest/simple/innocent enough to assume that they were right, result - I opted for a government job. After four years (when I was matured enough), I decided to quit this boring job and my papa again went to the same set of wise people to ask for suggestion. He made me to speak so many wise people (relatives) who tried their best to convince me with their way; however this time I was determined. They could not make me see the world with their set of glasses.

I left that job and joined the private industry. Within four years I realized that this track proved to be 100 times faster than the previous so called wise people track. During this journey I also came across a genuine person, whom I can trust. He had become my mentor, my motivator. Thanks to 'Sonu Bhai' for being there for last four years and pushing me hard towards a more successful life. He made me realize my potential. 

Learnt few lessons during this journey: 

"Suno sabki, Karo apne man ki"
"Dream is just a word until you decide to experience it"
"Its important to have a mentor, but its also very difficult to find a genuine mentor"
"There are no mistakes, there are learnings and improvement opportunities"

With love,


  1. These wise men or so called wise men should never be trusted with life. You should choose your own path and with hard work and honesty nothing is impossible.

  2. True...thanks for passing by

  3. Thanks for Such an admiring notes:) -

    When you think down the line don't think a year ahead a 2 or three ----.....think down 20 years ahead....again there are 2 places of birth of every thing - one is our mind and second is - manifestation of that conception. so conceieve conceieve and concieve....:) - manifestation is bound to happen.....

  4. You are always welcome bhai..
    and thanks for dropping by this page :)

  5. heartfelt post! and happy for u!

  6. I am enjoying your posts. Read my story- A fork in the road! Keep writing and keep dreaming.

  7. @Swats: Read the story...and also left my views about it...


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