Friday, August 26, 2011

Innovation is back...Welcome to the blogging world....

Welcome to the blogging world,

strung in simple words,
I vouch u will like it the most,

Welcome to the blogging world....
Welcome to the blogging world....

The birth of this poem:  
I was going through different blogs one day when I observed that everyone uses a title to define one's blog. I found these titles so attractive that I decided to arrange them and give it a form of poem with a meaning. Thanks to all the bloggers, who have made it possible for me to come up with such piece.

Each line will take you to the blog from where it is picked. Please email me @ if any one of you have an objection for me picking up the line from your blog, so that I shall remove the same.

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Thursday, August 25, 2011

This Feeling.........

My friend came to me crying that he is single and he feels alone....etc..etc.

I told him...

"Being single sucks,But the feeling of being a free bird (I am not being so blunt to call it a khulla saand) compensates for the same"

@Readers: Would love to have your take on this :)

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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Writing for a cause - Jan Lokpal Bill

Hi Readers,

Thank you so much for your love and I am obliged to have all of you as regular readers on this blog. This is your blog and you can always drop your suggestions at my email address "" and I promise (Not the Govt brand promise) to reply within 4 days. 

I wish if I could go ahead and sit with Anna for fasting, if my company would have given me few leaves. You got it...we are mango people and it's practically difficult for us to be on ground zero with Anna. This is my attempt to dedicate a post to this social cause and spread awareness about why Govt version of Lokpal Bill is not something which can help us curb the corruption.

A lot has been said and done about the Jan Lokpal bill which has been proposed eight times in the Parliament till now. We have never heard of this bill until Shri Anna Hazare raised his voice in support of a strong Jan Lokpal Bill. 

This is my attempt to make people (at least those who visit this blog) read about Govt version and civil society version of Lokpal Bill for their knowledge. There had been so many chain emails on Internet and we must accept the fact that most of the chain emails are not from the authenticated resources. Here are some extracts from various authenticated resources which can help you to understand why we should have a strong Jan Lokpal Bill.

What is Jan Lokpal:
The basic idea of the Lokpal is borrowed from the office of the ombudsman in other countries. It provides for filing complaints of corruption against the prime minister , other ministers and members of parliament with the ombudsman. Anyone, except for a public servant , can file a complaint and the Lokpal has to complete the inquiry within six months.

Myths about Civil Society Version of Jan Lokpal Bill:

Myth # 1: Draft is prepared by Anna Hazare, Kiran Bedi, and Arvind Kejriwal.

Reality: It is drafted by Justice Santosh Hegde (former Supreme Court Judge and former Lokayukta of Karnataka), Prashant Bhushan (Supreme Court Lawyer) and Arvind Kejriwal (RTI activist)

Myth # 2: Govt may go ahead and appoint corrupt people to run Lokpal!!!

Reality: That won't be possible because its members will be selected by judges, citizens and constitutional authorities and not by politicians, through a completely transparent and participatory process.

Why to support Jan Lokpall Bill and Anna Hazare!!!

1. Cases against corrupt people will not linger on for years anymore: Investigations in any case will have to be completed in one year. Trial should be completed in next one year so that the corrupt politician, officer or judge is sent to jail within two years.

2. The loss that a corrupt person caused to the government will be recovered at the time of conviction.

3. If any work of any citizen is not done in prescribed time in any government office, Lokpal will impose financial penalty on guilty officers, which will be given as compensation to the complainant.

4. It will be the duty of the Lokpal to provide protection to those who are being victimized for raising their voice against corruption.

Difference between Civil Society draft and Govt Draft of Lokpal Bill:

1. Tackling Corruption within Judiciary:

Government's Draft: A committee of three judges from samecourt will give permission for investigation against the accused judge. (How will judges from the same court give permission to investigate their colleague judge?)

Anna Hazare's Jan Lokpal:
A seven member bench of Lokpal will givepermission after an open hearing.

2. Tackling Corrupted MPs

Government's Draft: If a MP votes or puts up a question in parliament in return for a bribe, then he/she could be investigated by a committee of other MPs as is the present system.
(In the past 62 years, many instances of MP's taking bribe have surfaced but not even a single instance has been honestly investigated nor any MP sent to jail.)

Anna Hazare's Jan Lokpal:
The investigation would be done by an independent Lokpal. 

3. Tackling Corruption by PM

Government's Draft: If the PM is involved in corruption, then CBIwould investigate, not the Lokpal. (CBI directly comes under PM. How will CBIinvestigate its own boss?)

Anna Hazare's Jan Lokpal: Lokpal,which is an independent body,would investigate PM.(If govt.'s doesn't want PM's corruption to beinvestigated, let them amend constitution upfrontrather than making a pretense of investigations by CBI.)

4. Selection of Lokpal:

Government's Draft: a. In a ten-member Selection Committee,six are politicians, of which five will befrom the ruling party. (This kind of system will increase the probabilitythat a corrupt persons and thosefavorable to ruling party are finallyselected.)
Selection process will be decided by Selection Committee.

Anna Hazare's Jan Lokpal: a.Selection Committee would comprise of two politicians, four judges and head of two independent constitutional authorities.
The Search Committee would comprise of civil society members and retired constitutional authorities.
A detailed selection process has been described, which would be transparent and have people's participation

5. Accountability of Lokpal Members

Government's Draft: The members of Lokpal would be accountable to the government. Only government can file a petition in theSupreme Court for their removal.

Anna Hazare's Jan Lokpal: The accountability of the Lokpal members would beto the public. Any citizen can file a petition in the Supreme Court for removal of a corrupt Lokpal member.

6. Whistler-blower's Protection:

Government's Draft: The CVC is responsible of protecting thewhistleblowers. However, the CVC neither has the capacity nor the legal powers required to protect whistleblowers.

Anna Hazare's Jan Lokpal: It should be Lokpal's responsibility to protect the whistleblowers. The Lokpal has been given sufficient powers for the same. 

7. Punishment for Corruption:

Government's Draft: Maximum punishment for corruption is 10 years.

Anna Hazare's Jan Lokpal: The maximum sentence is life imprisonment.Officers senior in rank would attract stiffer punishment. 
Click on below links for the full draft and summary of Jan Lokpal Bill.

Source: Economic TimesNDTVLokpal Bill Official Website

Note: These are the facts from authenticated resources and does not represent support to any political party. This post is not motivated by any political deliberation and it is to help people understand meaning of Jan Lokpal Bill and support the fight against corruption.  

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

The concept of Free World

Thanks to Sowmya for motivating me to write a post on this topic Free(With reference to independence day). I had been googling the whole day to prepare a background with no success. And finally I took a decision to write about the concept of a "Free World"........

Everyone seems to be talking about a free Nation, free State and free City etc. I have this imagination (you can also term it as my fantasy) of a "Free World", wherein an Indian can be a neighbor of a Pakistani national in a street of New Delhi. Did you just notice that I made a mistake in the last line!!! There's no Indian, Pakistani or Australian National and people will belong to only one nation called "World".

Imagine a world without war and no Visa or Green Card!!!
Imagine a world with no boundaries, one currency and one government!!!

What if the whole world starts executing "Free Trade". If it would have been so, there would be no poor country. There would not be any comparison because everyone will be using the same currency. One will have access to what one wants. The world will become small and beautiful. 

But the question is: "Are we ready to accept such world"!!!!

The answer is a definite "No" if we look at the current circumstances. The last depression gave birth to World War I and the next question arises: "Will next depression give birth to World War III?". Can we expect such an ideal situation in such circumstances!!!!

I know the concept of a "Free World" is a myth which is possible only in an ideal mature society. And then we have to look at what Gautama Buddha said: "When society(people) matures, there would be no need for the society (restrictions, boundaries and rules)."

Gautam Buddha said this in 555 BCE and after so many centuries, we are still far away from that ideal stage of mature society. The literacy rate is increasing day by day but did we ask a question if we are educated enough to reach that stage!!!!!!

Well, now if you have finished drop your thoughts on this before you click on 'cross' mark on right hand top corner of your computer screen. 

Note: These are my personal thoughts and do not represent any body or organization by any chance. Enjoy reading and drop your views. 
With love,

Monday, August 15, 2011

When someone dedicates a pic to your must be posted with honour....

One of my friends, who likes taking random shots, dedicated this pic for this blog....she says that it matches my Blog's URL...

Thank You Smita...

Sunday, August 14, 2011

मन की गति है कौन माप पाया!!!

गरजते हुए बादलो में धूप किसने है देखि!!!!
है किसी ने देखा क्या शोर मचाता सन्नाटा!!!
गर्मी की देहेकती हुई धूप की ठंडक किसको महसूस हुई है आजतक!
दर्द है इस मुस्कान के पीछे, क्या ये है कोई आज तक जान पाया!

है देखा क्या किसी ने सूरज को चाँद से रौशनी लेते हुए,
और जब चूहा दहारा..और शेर गिढ़गिराया!!
किसी ने शायद ही देखा होगा, की ट्रेन उर रही है हवा में!
और शोप्पेर्स स्टॉप की टपरी से पान हमने खाया!!!

देखा क्या किसी ने मछलियों को उड़ते हुए हवा में!!
और हाथी ने समंदर में अपना घर  बसाया!
क्या कभी सोचा है कि ऑफिस जाना पड़े सिर्फ छुटियों में!
और बाकि दिनों में घर पर, घूब रंग हो जमाना!!!!

जब अध्यापक कक्षा में दे रहे थे एक्साम!!!
तब स्टुडेंट्स ने डंडा घुमा के चक्कर लगाया!
घडी रुक सी गई थी अपनी जगह पर!!
और जानवरों ने अपना अलग से शहर बसाया!!!

ये मन की हैं बातें, ये मन कि है कोशिश!!
पहुचता वहां जहाँ कोई न पहुच पाया!!
ये मन ही ना जाने, ये है कोई मरीचिका!!
असंभव को संभव से परिचय कराया!! 

English version (Please do not read if you understand Hindi)

Who has seen sun in the dark foam clouds!!
Has anyone seen silence making the loudest noise ever!!
Who felt the coolness of the sun's heat!!!
No one has been able to spot the sorrows behind this smile!!

Has anyone seen sun borrowing light from moon!!
And the mouse was spotted roaring in front of lion!!
No one has seen train flying in the air!!
And we tasted the tastiest paan* on Shoppers Stop joint!!

Has any one seen fishes flying in the air!!
And elephant started staying under the water!!
Have you ever thought that u visit office only on holidays!!
And spend all other days at home enjoying yourself!!

When all the teachers were appearing for the exam!!
Students acted as proctor to prevent the teachers from cheating!!
The watch stayed where it was!!
and all the animals declared their own city!!

These are the things of the mind, the mind to try that!
It reaches where no one could ever reach!!
It itself does not know, as if it is mirage!!!
It has introduced the impossible with possible!!!

**Paan: Betel leaf with areca nut and slaked lime paste (famous in Indian/Pakistani and Southeast Asian tradition)

Also wanted to convey my "Thank You" to Sowmya for motivating me to translate this post in English so that everyone can get the feel....

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

ये रिश्ता बड़ा अजीब लगता है!!!

ये रिश्ता बड़ा अजीब लगता है,
क्यों प्यार का बंधन अब करीब लगता है, 
क्यों लगता है जब हम दोस्त थे,
वो दिन थे कितने अच्छे,
वो खट्टी मीठी बातें,
और वो ख्याल थे कितने सच्चे,
क्यों टूट सी गई है डोर,
और धागे हुए कच्चे,
फिर भी जब तुम होते हो पास,
वो एहसास बड़ा ही अज़ीज़ लगता है,
ये रिश्ता बड़ा अजीब लगता है,
क्यों प्यार का बंधन अब करीब लगता है,

Sunday, August 7, 2011

I kept walking....

  The sun was departing from the sky,
I saw birds flying back to their homes;

I kept walking…. I kept walking….

People were leaving their offices,
with a hope to see their family soon,
I spotted on the west the full dull moon,
Clouds were turning into dark blue,
I felt the wind turning a bit chilly and cool.

I kept walking…. I kept walking….

Now the sun got completely, buried into the sky,
And I saw the dark foam like clouds at high;
The artificial lights filled the city in a row,
People were waiting outside the theater for the evening show;

I kept walking…. I kept walking….

Everyone was tooting horns on the traffic signal,
An auto just passed by me, playing Jagjit Singh 'Gajal';
Every corner of the road was filled with machines and people,
The wind grew stronger and moved my Jacket's Lapel;

I kept walking…. I kept walking….

The road to home was really full of excitements,
There were too many things happening around me,
but I was so silent;
The home was still two and half kilometer away 
when I took the right turn,
I assured myself not to worry as life is full of twists and turns.

I kept walking....I kept walking....

This poem was written in November 2009. I thought of giving this poem a new life, as this piece left ignored for a long time....

Thanks for reading me... and as usual.....your thoughts/critics/feedback are my paycheques :)

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

All those days....

 All those days when
We laughed and giggled,
That walk on marine drive,
together we jiggled,

You waited for me,
outside the classes,
That night in the Lounge,
we cheered with glasses,
The full moon night,
the thoughts were bright,
That walk on the lonely road,
with the beautiful sight,
I dropped you home,
before you gone,
We kissed,
the feeling being bliss,
we were so close,
i could feel your sigh,
And then you left,
you said good bye,
I could still feel your smell,
and your piluses on my eyes...

And then came the day,
We both tied the knot,
The most beautiful day,
of both ours' life,
you were looking amazing,
just like sunshine,
How can I forget,
our first night,
You shied first time,
Two hearts were jocund and sublime,
And then that rain,
ignited our flames,
we were on a rollercoaster,
else everything became lame,

I wish if everything,
could remain as it was,
There was no reason for God,
to break into our quad,
With tears in my eyes,
I still go to marine drive,
Missing each moment,
seeking the answer of all the whys'..

All those days when
We laughed and giggled,
That walk on marine drive,
together we jiggled.....