Friday, February 24, 2012


Finally my mom made me register on this killer website. And I kept laughing after looking at few 'about myself' by so called 'my friends describe me as friendly, warm, social' typo girls. 

It's very irritating to read out some of the 'about myself' and recently I read an introduction which only made my laughter louder enough to reach that lady. This was really worst thing i had ever read which took my irritation @ heights. May god bless her....see what she had written:

"I am a person with calm and composed nature and with an excellent personality. I have the ability to be friendly in every circumstances. I am only looking for alliances that are from overseas as I have no plans to stay in India. So all foreign alliances preferably from Singapore, Canada, Uk and USA are welcome. Who have a Permanent Visa or Green Card holders are preffered. As we are looking for an alliance who is atleast a PGraduate with an excellent job and does not a family business at all or is self employed."

Please notice:

-excellent personality: She is so over confident..which may be good in one way.
-be friendly in every circumstances: Not sure what she is trying to say.
-Alliances: She's actually looking for a VC (venture capitalist).
-no plans to stay in India: This one is heights..did she ever cross the boundary of new delhi, doesn't seem so.
-Singapore, Canada, Uk and USA: She wants an investor who can invest in her trips to different countries...good way to fulfill dreams.
-Permanent Visa or Green Card holders : Arey ladki!!!!pehle preferred ki spelling to sahi se likhna seekh.
-atleast a PGraduate: She herself is not even a graduate. 
-does not a family business: Though the sentence is incorrect, hope my readers can read in between the lines.   

@Readers: Do drop your views on this. It will add more value to this post, and may be a source of getting my voice heard by such excellent personalities. 

Being overambitious is too dangerous. Hope the lady gets enlighten by someone and get to know the true meaning of marriage, life and relationship soon.

Friday, February 17, 2012

Going back home...another song...

Going back home......going back home......

this feeling is awesome
emotions blossom
evoking nostalgia
erasing refugia

there's no place....there's no place....there's no place like my hometown...
Its Georgia

Time isn't passing
Hours seem to be days
I struggle to believe now
This is a feeling of amaze
All the success I had been through 
Now the chase will end
After last adieu 
Mom will open her hands
Ohh I can imagine
Dinner with my family
Days were gr888 @ Korea
I will miss you maria

there's no place....there's no place....there's no place like my hometown...
Its Georgia

Don't miss the recorded version in my voice:

PS: This is another song composed by me after Separation. This song was written when I was sitting @ Bengalore Airport waiting for my flight to Pune (My Home).

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Freedom of Media!!!!


This Ad was published on Times of India, (Front page of Bangalore times) on 15 Feb 2012. If the same scene would have been opted in a movie, the movie would have either been categorized as A or UA; however newspaper can opt for such scenes. 

Government had been speaking about screening of media (news channels, news papers and other media); however it always leaves this area to the self discipline measures. 

Can we call the above attempt as a self discipline measure? 

Newspaper is a daily household in most of the parts of our country. They are far easily accessible to children then movies/porn magazines or other material. However I still feel that TOI 'should' understand this moral responsibilities by not publishing such aggressive ads. Indian Govt has always encouraged the freedom of speech and media, because we are not China or Korea; however it seems to be a need to have some policies in place.

Imagine the impact on a 3-4-5 year child after watching such advertisement, and asking odd questions to parents. Long back, I went through a post written by a young blogger. 

It was about different advertisement on television, where in author tried to show the discomfort level among parents while the advertisement of Stayfree, Manforce condom used to be telecasted on television. And indeed a curious boy like me (when I was a kid) will definitely ask his/her mother to tell what exactly these products are used for. (I did ask this question to my papa one day, though I don't remember what he answered)

@TOI: A humble request to try producing more quality content for your newspaper, instead of running behind money and publish such advertisements. You are owner of the major market share of English Newspapers, and it is your responsibility to act within your limits and as per societal needs.

@Indian Govt: Why to go for double standard while you are deciding such scenes as UA/A in hindi film industry, and no media screening for newspapers!!!!