Friday, September 30, 2011

A letter from an Ex-Girlfriend (Wife) to her Ex-Boyfriend (Husband)....

 Dear Ex-boyfriend and now Husband,

I think it is getting worst day by day. You have started treating me the way your brothers treat their wives back in your hometown. At the same time you have no idea about the difference in our situations and your brothers'. On one side, your brothers' wives are not really educated to be independent (that's the reason your brothers can afford to be bully towards those pity creatures). And on the other side, I am self dependent, and contributor towards our home economy as much as you are(may be more than that). I still love you with all my heart, but it has been becoming unbearable for me day by day.

It hurts me when you go on outing on every weekend with your friends. You don't even ask me if I want to spend time with you or not. For us outing has become an hour or two affair, which is nothing but our weekly or fortnightly grocery shopping affair.

Though I am not from your community, but now I also speak Marathi as good as you do. I cook better Marathi food, and your family is evidence of all these who accepted me really well. I accept the fact that you are a non-family person and due to which I speak to your elder sister and your mother on daily basis. I also talk to your so called distance related aunts, who call me every now and then. Did I ever say that I don't like doing entire thing for you, and off course I never regretted doing such things, because marriage comes with not only accepting one's partner as a person, but also accepting all the people associated with him.

Oh I am sorry!!! How would you know the meaning of marriage, do you even remember when was the last time we actually had a conversation as husband and wife? Can you recall when was the last time we spent few romantic moments together? Have you realized that your wife is as important in your life as your so called passion for Table Tennis (Off course I should have rated myself a little above your TT, but I am not overambitious). If I accept the fact that TT and I are no different in your life, why can't you realize that I also need some emotional support when I am low? Don't consider me as an iron woman(As you always say so) because there's no so called term exist in this world.

Though, I always gave my personal life a preference and cooking a bed tea for you early morning after 2 am conf-call with client is the evidence of that. Still, that doesn't make any difference. Because, for you I am still a creature who 'should' have loads of patience to bear all your mistakes, forget them and forgive you. I don't see any logic in this, but I also know that all great things in this world come without logic. I have spoken all my heart out, I was always scared doing so face to face. It is no doubt that I love you a lot, may be more than myself by now, hence please consider this letter (and act) as my last attempt towards restoring our relationship and getting back on the track to become worth living as husband and wife.

Your tickets to Srinagar are kept in our drawing table drawer. I have got all your clothes ironed, and they are kept in the store room shelf. By the time you would have this letter in your hand, I would already be in Kashmir the only heaven on earth. My cell phone is switched off, so don't try to reach me by any chance. Just turn behind and look from the window, a cab is waiting for you opposite the confectionery shop down the street. You will also see a cabdriver waiting for you when you reach Srinagar. If everything falls in place, we would be having tomorrow's dinner in Shamyana Restaurant (Yes you guessed it right, I have booked the table). 

By any chance if you won't come, I would be going to Jaipur to my parents, and don't you dare to reach there. Hope things get smoother and we have our dinner tomorrow(read between the lines. 

Your Ex-Girlfriend (now wife)


  1. You know what, I was like who is this girl? Then I scrolled down half way to realize it's you! You wrote it so well, I couldn't believe a man wrote this :)

    And ah, if only wives did that and booked a table in the Kashmir :P

  2. Any married female will relate to it. The hope against hope is something, we have in abundance. Seriously, I can't believe as Chintan said, How can a boy write in a language girls speak. Kudos to your writing skills. I wish they had dinner at the restaurant!


  3. Very nice post!!
    If he doesn't respond to this letter,he would be the most unlucky person

  4. Hey Hemant..This is really awesome..heart touching effort..i hope no couple should reach to this point that one has to write a letter like this...

    awesome man..keep it up.

  5. Ohhhh.. Hemant.. that was wonderful.. just like others i was concerned too.. excellent narration!

  6. Good post, but I am sure women I know never did that thing. They always suffered in silence and bore the brunt. To make them see daylight is very tough. It takes years of drilling patiently to arrive at such a stage for a woman and if by chance they have a kid then it is far more difficult. Someday it will be like that! Keep writing, Hemant!

  7. @Realms of fantasy: I am glad that you liked it.
    @Chintan: Just an attempt to depict true feelings of a friend of mine...thanks for dropping by :)
    @Saru di: I was about to give it a sad end with woman leaving home forever; but i have no idea what made me keep the hopes alive :)
    @Valli: I agree to what u quoted.
    @Sumit: Welcome to the blog and I am happy that you liked the post.
    @KP: Thanks for the visit. I hope it feels good to experience unexpected.
    @krsnaknows: May none of us have such experience with women..but I also know a girl who went all the way to restore relationship, and that made me write this post :)

  8. soulful post!
    this shows how much u understand one's feelings really great expression!
    well written hemant! keep writing & smiling always! :)

  9. Wow.I was so moved my this post. Great work Hemant. :)

  10. Hemant,

    We are so thrilled after reading this. Such blogs are worth reading and I will share it with my friends. Its a great piece of work..

    Arun & Vani

  11. hi hemant..

    just one qquestion...why is the man in question a maharashtrian? so specifically? and the wife from jaipur??? can happen to any couple...then y so specific?

  12. @Anisha: Welcome to my blog.. I wish if I quoted a husband from Bengal and wife from Tamilnadu....Would you have asked the same question!!!! A character has to belong somewhere.....hope you got what m trying to say :)

  13. @Sowmya: Thanks for the precious visit and compliments.
    @Ashwini: So when you said that you were moved by the post...I can say that I have achieved d objective :) Thanks for dropping by...saw your blog as write really well.
    @Arun & Vani: Thanks for dropping by buddy...keep coming back to see more posts :)

  14. Booking a table in Kashmir :) :) first time here Hemant.. off to read your other posts :) :)

  15. Superb work Hemant. By means of a letter you have portrayed how things change after marriage. Real good stuff man, keep going. And congrats for the pick!

  16. Hi Hemant,

    First of all, I must say these letters make up for such an interesting read. And when the topic is such and treated so beautifully, one can't resist.
    Great work buddy.

  17. It was nice of you to think from a woman's POV, not many men do.
    And I'm glad you didn't make her leave at the end and finished on a positive note:) Too many sad things in life for me to read yet another broken story:)

  18. Hats off to your understanding of a married woman's worries and putting them down so well.

  19. good post. congrats on the SPICY SATURDAY pick.

  20. @SuKupedia: Welcome to the blog....there's always a first time isn't it :)
    @Sarcastically Special: it was an attempt to pen down the observations of real world (though I am not married)...I am glad that u liked it.
    @Animesh Ganguly: Welcome to the blog..and nice to have your paycheques here.
    @PeeVee: I wanted to end on a sad end..but i dont know what made me winding up on a positive note.
    @jojofeelings: Thanks for dropping by
    @Life Unordinary: hey..thank you :)

  21. @hemant : yes of course i would have asked. when u cud hv generalised it easily..

  22. @Aneesha: I know where you are coming from, but I strongly feel that a character must belong somewhere to look and sound real (my individual opinion).

  23. Very nicely written buddy :) Relationships are complicated, and the post showcases this essence well!

  24. lol as a man writing it! really well-written!!!

  25. @Indigenou: Its nice to have you here. thanks for dropping by.
    @Sirisha: Thanks Sirisha

  26. Just saw your post now. Awesome

  27. Thank You anonymous.....
    I am glad that u liked it...

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