Monday, October 17, 2011

Mod Review

Hey Pallies,

Hope you have a great weekend and most of you might be still struggling to get through Sunday hangover. 

This is my second review and first movie review and I hope you all like it. I watched Mod on Saturday. The crowd in the theater was surprisingly decent in terms of number. The crowd who takes the risk to watch newbies like Ranvijay Singh is increasing and this shows a good trend in Hindi Film Industry (let's not call it bollywood ;).....)

Mr. Nagesh Kulknoor has been at his best while converting this beautiful story into a movie. The story would not sound any familiar and you would call it an unpredictable one (especially the end) not matching the 'old is gold' theme of Hindi Cinema. Though, its an old formula to plot a love story in a small hill station, however this one seems to struck the cord for few definitive reasons. The story belongs to a village called 'Ganga' in a small town of Khushpur. I found it like taking a break from hosh-posh city's life and spending two hours in this village with beautiful scenic views and talented actors. 

VJ turned actor, Rannvijay Singh has done a great job with the role of Andy....... which later becomes the center of attraction of the entire story (let me not reveal the secret.....,otherwise your interest would die soon). Ayesha Takia has proved her acting skills, playing the lead actress who repairs watches and earn her living by herself. Though I was really not satisfied with the role given to Raghuveer Yadav. Him being fascinated by Kishore Kumar does not convince me and sounds quite irrelevant. The Mungeri laal of Doordarshan age has more potential than the role given to him. But as usual, he has done a beautiful job, as the father of the leading actress. Nikhil Ratnaparkhi has also done a good job, trying hard on the lead actress, who is in love with Andy/Amar......(read between the lines....yes..its a mystery)

Overall, a good watch....and you can go for it if you don't get bored with a good storyline and slow going movies. Though music is not that good but can be rated as 'OK'. Listen to the number below....this is the only one that got my attraction.

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  1. A film from Nagesh Kukunoor always demands respect...but his last few movies has been off the track a bit...may be his last good movie was 'Dor'. I hope...this one lives up to it. :)

  2. I like such movies and the song is also good. :) I'll watch it this weekend...:)

  3. I am glad they are making decent movies. Recent trend is simply awkward and I was surprised to see Ranvijay :)

    Hindi Film Industry it is :)

  4. @Kunal: Thanks for dropping by...this one is worth spending some time in theater...
    @Saru di: You would love this movie...its a poetic story :)
    @The Bluntblogger: Its nice to have you here..

  5. i am surprised-can rannvijay act?


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