Sunday, September 12, 2010

Trying to wake up the writer :)

Last two months were too busy to write something. I was slogging my ass like anything in the office. The trip to Bangalore was great. It was successful on both personal and professional front. At the end of this trip everyone got certified which was the actual objective of the trip. And I also made a few good friends so next time I am sure I would better pass my free time with some friend rather than watching a channel called "GOD" (You must be wondering why)

Well one of my colleague is a fan and follower of GOD who accompanied me in Bangalore and I had no choice except watching this channel forcefully. This certainly does not prove that I am an Atheist and also does not indicate that I am a believer. Well I think one life would not be enough to tell who I am so I am moving from this controversial topic to something different.

One thing is definitely true about me that I love exploring not only new places but also people (don't take the meaning of exploring otherwise huh). So August month was about exploring new people and new places.

One thing I realized after making good friends during this break from my blog; that "Can we be friends!!!" typically does not work like any Bollywood movies. It just happens naturally. If I press the rewind button on the music player of my life, I don't recall if I have used this sentence or any other typical Bollywood sentence ever. May be my readers also could do the same thing and see if they have done that ever.

One more realization that opposite natures simply attracts you just like north and south pole of a magnate. But again we need to be very careful that we don't cross the thin line between friendship and attraction which mostly happens incase of all the yougster (Well I too did it quite a few number of times).

Well; it was nice to write after a long time. I am going to try my best to continue this habbit as long as possible. Enjoy yourself with the festive season of Ganpati Bappa....