Friday, March 11, 2011

Tumse Shuru hota hai har sawal...

Tumse shuru hota hai har sawal, aur har jawab tumpe khatam hota hai……..
Tumse shuru hota hai har sapna, aur har khayal tumpe khatam hota hai…..
Jeene ke mayne badal gaye, jab tum aaye jindgi me…….
Tumse shuru hoti hai har chaah, aur har rasta tumpe khatam hota hai……

Tumse shuru hota hai har sawal aur har jawab tumpe khatam hota hai…

Ummede to dafn kar di thi humne, ki koi aayega ab jindgi me……………
Darwaje bhi sare band the, ik aahat hui aur dekha, ki koi khidki se dastak deta hai….
Tumse shuru hota hai har sawal aur har jawab tumpe khatam hota hai……

Jab mud ke dekhta hu bhoot ko, to kuchh dhundhle se chehre nazar aate hain…….
Lekin vartmaan aur bhavishya ke aine me tumhara hi deedar hota hai…
Tumse shuru hota hai har sawal aur har jawab tumpe khatam hota hai……

Friday, March 4, 2011

She………and the moment

She was wearing a magenta Punjabi suit, her face was glowing like a 500 watts light,
I suddenly thought to dedicate few notes to the girl of my life;
She was looking stunning, gorgeous, with a clean layer of kazal in her eyes,
I was not able to look anywhere else but her face, she was looking charming and bright;

Than we crossed the road with her hands in my hands,
For a moment it seemed as if I was flying in the sky, my feet leaving the land;
I term those two hours as the fastest two hours, and those 3 days, as the logest 3 days of my life,
I had nothing in my mind, but focus on you and try my best for everything goes right;

My efforts were to make that moment as special for you as I can,
I was missing stars, romantic songs, music and if we could have a chance to dance in the rain;
Anyways, that parking was meaningful and became the witness of the most important episode,
You didn’t say no, neither had you said yes; we simply walked towards the road;

My eyes were about to go moist, but I stopped myself being weak,
I recalled my mother’s words that I am a fighter, I immediately asked you for a meet;
The answer was yes, I felt a little happy, and you said bye,
That was the most important hug of my life, it was warm, special, and almost made me cry;

Finally you accepted my love, with so many doubts and questions in your mind,
We definitely felt a little relaxed, and finally we were sure it will be a great bind………