Friday, March 4, 2011

She………and the moment

She was wearing a magenta Punjabi suit, her face was glowing like a 500 watts light,
I suddenly thought to dedicate few notes to the girl of my life;
She was looking stunning, gorgeous, with a clean layer of kazal in her eyes,
I was not able to look anywhere else but her face, she was looking charming and bright;

Than we crossed the road with her hands in my hands,
For a moment it seemed as if I was flying in the sky, my feet leaving the land;
I term those two hours as the fastest two hours, and those 3 days, as the logest 3 days of my life,
I had nothing in my mind, but focus on you and try my best for everything goes right;

My efforts were to make that moment as special for you as I can,
I was missing stars, romantic songs, music and if we could have a chance to dance in the rain;
Anyways, that parking was meaningful and became the witness of the most important episode,
You didn’t say no, neither had you said yes; we simply walked towards the road;

My eyes were about to go moist, but I stopped myself being weak,
I recalled my mother’s words that I am a fighter, I immediately asked you for a meet;
The answer was yes, I felt a little happy, and you said bye,
That was the most important hug of my life, it was warm, special, and almost made me cry;

Finally you accepted my love, with so many doubts and questions in your mind,
We definitely felt a little relaxed, and finally we were sure it will be a great bind………


  1. Congrats yaa :)
    ur bday seemed to be fruitful- ab to uske baare mein kuchh bata de taaki hum sab bhi khush ho :)

  2. thanks beeni......well...let the things remain a little mysterious..

  3. Wow. The best romantic poem I have ever read on anyone's blog. Truly marvelous Hemant.

  4. Hey Abhilash!! thank you....that's the most precious compliment for me :)

  5. u have made it finally ....
    i pray let this be ur good beginning with lot more comments which feels u light & height!!
    best wishes..

  6. hey....thank you..u r such a sweetheart....and its all because of you :)

  7. Great man...simply awesome !!!!


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