Wednesday, April 29, 2015

W for Woman ~ (A-to-Z Challenge)

Who carried you in her womb for nine months

One of the most beautiful gift, that makes you smile each day

Motherly love she showered, she’s lifelong best friend

Affectionate wife, without her, your life had been abandoned

New world definition will be written by her!!!

Author's Note: We (I) have come till W and 3 more letters to go with one day left for A-to-Z Challenge. This is my tribute to Women. What comes to your mind when you go through these lines?

V ~ Vulture you are (A-to-Z Challenge)


Broken promises

your spurious love

Synthetic kisses

stop pretending to be a dove

Those silent dismisses

I couldn't read before

Your intentional remisses

ain't ignorable anymore


Vulnerable I was


with live naked wounds


Your wild selfish paws


were waiting to pound


Escape was impossible


with veil in my eyes


You scratched my soul


& took me by surprise



Your latest move


was caught as overture


Machiavellian you are


You are indeed a Vulture!! 


Notes from Author: As A-to-Z contest draws closer to end, it is becoming increasingly difficult and interesting to come up with best possible poem everyday. Vulure is an interesting word with many meanings, what 'Vulture' means to you?

Monday, April 27, 2015

Unknown Friend ~ (A-to-Z Challenge)

An encounter by fate

That evening, the flowers & prate

I still remember

the place we met;

Among the crowd, I saw you alone

So was I, and I found it adequate

The old trick - I think I've seen you before

Seemed to work wonders on you

Or you were very humble

I know I fumbled

But when you smiled

It was so original, not a guile

I just knew, we'll go miles!

We didn't talk much

Though we did say a lot

It was always natural

And never a plot

Time went by, we met few times

Were we over cautious fellows

that we never crossed the line

Or it was destined to be the way it is

I promise you the friendship for eternity

My Unknown friend!!!

Saturday, April 25, 2015

S ~ सूनी सूनी रातें हैं!!

सूनी सूनी रातें हैं
बरसातें सूखी सूखी सी
नामुमकिन मुलाकातें हैं
नज़रें भूखी भूखी सी

सूरज जो आये, रौशनी ना लए
चंदा भी अब तो, गर्मी बढ़ाये
चिड़िया की ची ची
कबूतर गुटरगूं
हमको तो आजकल कुछ भी ना भाये

रंग रसिया अब तो जा रे
रंग रसिया और ना सता!!!

सूनी सूनी राहें हैं
शामें रूठी रूठी सी
खाली खाली बाहें हैं
मुस्कानें झूठी झूठी सी

सावन जो आये, मुझको नहीं भाये
पनघट की रौनक, रास नहीं आये
सहेलियों की चाहत
अब्बा की आहत
हमको तो आजकल कुछ भी ना भाये

रंग रसिया अब तो जा रे
रंग रसिया और ना सता!!!

Author's Note: Busy schedule has kept me behind by 3 letters again for A-to-Z Challenge. This is a Hindi Poem about a girl waiting for her love. 

Thursday, April 23, 2015

R ~ Readers - Thank you my readers (A-to-Z Challenge)

You may have read a single post
Or browsed through plenty
It doesn’t matter if you came as ghost
Or engaged with me like a canty!

At times you shared it like a toast
few times, complained about quality being scanty
I remember being subjected to roast
And at times, you boast about my Chanty

Like God without devotees
A leader without followers
Sun without shine & moon without coolness
I would be nothing without you
O my Reader!!

Author's Note: I thank each & every person who took some time out to read this blog. I am glad that you came & spent some time here. Thank you readers!!

Random Memories ~ A-to-Z Challenge

The flashes of past
Aren't unusual
It’s a natural process
Consider it very attitudinal

Very clever these flashes are
They exactly know when to strike
The time before you fall asleep
Or the moment when you stare into infinite

They would thrill you
With the sight of your first ever kiss
And also remind you
About the golden opportunity you missed
They will boost your moral
By reminding you of your first ever success
And trap you with the glimpse of
That single significant mess

A delicate observation would reveal
These random memories aren't really random
Rather, they come very strategically
Leaving you unprepared for the tandem
Recall that specific night when you were tired
And sleep quietly ditched you
Even after trying every possible way
The more you tried, the further these flashes grew!!

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Q - Question I am (A-to-Z Challenge)

Quenching the curiosity
Understanding the paucity
Eagerness’ child
Sugaring me is essential or
Taste will be wild
I am father of all the inventions
Objectifying Knowledge
Neglect me can be disastrous, I am the Question!!  

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Monday, April 20, 2015

Permanence Haiku ~ A-to-Z Challenge

It’s too comforting

to stay forever,

Permanence is a Myth!!

O!! What if there was no God!! ~ A-to-Z Challenge

क्या होता गर भगवान ना होता
ना होता परमात्मा, ना अल्लाह
ना गॉड, और न कोई ईश्वर

किसकी पूजा करती जनता, होती फिर किसकी इबादत 
कोई क़यामत से ना डरता , कोई ना करता स्वर्ग की चाहत 
दंगे और फसादों वाली , दहशतगर्दी की गलियों में 
शायद कोई ना भटकता, और मिलती सबको राहत.

किसके आगे हाथ फैलाते, बुरे वक़्त के साये में 
किसका सज़दा करता व्याकुल, गर फंसा अंत की खाई में 
फूलों का अभिमान बेचारा, इंसानों तक सीमित रहता 
आशा और निराशा का, चक्रव्यूह भी धूमिल रहता .

जिन प्रश्नों के उत्तर हमको, सीधे सीधे मिल जाते थे 
शायद उन प्रश्नों के उत्तर में, अनेकों नए सवाल उठ जाते. 

क्या दुनिया होती ऐसी ही, फँसी झूठ के साये में 
या सच करता सबको उज्जवल, मिटाकर अंतर अपने और पराये में 
ऐसा भी हो सकता था के, बद से बत्तर हो जाती दुनिया 
धर्मयुद्ध और जिहाद से भी, ज्यादा कट्टर होती दुनिया.

गर तुम ये कहते हो कि, धरम लड़ाए इंसानों को
धरम वही है जो सदियों से, मिला रहा है इंसानों को!!!!

आखिरी की दो पंक्तियों में पहली पंक्ति में इस्तेमाल किये गए, धरम से मेरा मतलब है संप्रदाय, जैसे की हिन्दू, इस्लाम, ईसाई, सिख इत्यादि, और दूसरी पंक्ति में धरम से मेरा मतलब है प्रकृति का अटूट नियम, जैसे की प्यार, सहानभूति, निष्ठां, और ममता जैसी भावनाएं, जो हर इंसान के लिए एक जैसी हैं. ये मेरी पिछली अंग्रेजी कविता में बताये गए तथ्य को - "समस्या एक है तो समाधान भी एक होना चाहिए" - आगे बढ़ाती है.
~ English Version (Not a literal translation) ~

What if there was no Bhagwan, no Allah and no God

There have been no one to pray
And none in front of whom we could bow our head
There would have been no fear of hell, and no desire of heaven
Riots, Terrorism would be unfamiliar words, and everyone lived in peace

In bad times, there would be no divine power to call help from
The pride of flowers would have been limited to human race
Hope or Despair, would have had no significance

The complex questions of universe 
which are till now being addressed through God
Such questions would have raised more questions instead

Would the world still have been same, weaved around pack of lies
Or truth had prevailed, and everyone had been Free
Well, it could also have been the case that World had been worst without God
There could have been more deadly things to deal with, except Religion Struggle or Jihad

If you are saying that Religion (Dharam), is cause of all the conflicts
Well, Religion (Dharam) has also been the cause of peace for centuries!!!

PS: In last two lines, Word Religion (Dharam) in first line is used as metaphor for communities/practices such as Hinduism, Islam, Judaism, Christianity etc. The same word Religion (Dharam) in second line has been used to indicate the common rules of Nature, e.g. Love, Affection, Happiness, Change which are having similar effect on each human being despite his religion.

PSS: This poem extends the fact "When problems are same, solution can never be different" which I already narrated in my previous Poem.

Thursday, April 16, 2015

It's K for Kites & Sky ~ (A-to-Z Challenge)

One odd day
When sky was orange
& everything was embraced in Gold
The horizon looked beautiful
Unfolding its magical soul

Far beyond the Aravali Mountains
A group of Kites
 was devising a plan
how to win the magnificent Sky!!

With Threads already under Kites’ control
A plot was hatched to conquest the Sky
The highest plain ground was chosen
So that they can fly high
It was a matter of moments
Sky was filled with countless Kites
Soon they succeeded in undermining
with Blue, red, green & whites

Initially it seemed to be one sided fight
Sky was calm, while Kites really smite
Before the Kites could declare their thumping win
Hell broke out among a pack of Kites
They started rioting among themselves
And sky still very calm
witnessing unusual sight

A natural win concluded with a disaster
Kites, once a strong group
Now few infrequently lumber
Sky, still calm, with its casual thunder

Sky was one, Kites were plenty
Number doesn't matter, if inside you are empty
While sky defines Oneness
Kites represent diversity
I long for that perfect Era
when "Unity in Diversity" won't be a myth
but indeed a possibility?

Monday, April 13, 2015

It's J for Joker ~ Haiku

Plastic Smile
Feign happy,
Though inside it’s guile

We are all Jokers!!!

Friday, April 10, 2015

I - इश्क बड़ा बेदर्द (A-to-Z Challenge)

कभी नमकीन है ये
तो कभी खट्टा
कभी गीली मिट्टी की खुशबू
तो कभी सुट्टा
कभी फूलों का हार है ये
तो कभी कट्टा
कभी ये अंग्रेजी दारु, तो कभी मठ्ठा

ये इश्क बड़ा बेदर्द
ये इश्क़ बड़ा बेदर्द

कभी ये महफ़िल की रौनक
तो कभी सन्नाटा
कभी खुश जायका खाना
कभी कच्चा आटा
कभी मक़बूलियत इसमें
तो कभी चप्पल बाटा
कभी ये खुशफहमी देता है, तो कभी काँटा

ये इश्क बड़ा बेदर्द
ये इश्क़ बड़ा बेदर्द!!

Here’s an attempt for English translation:
Brutal love is

Sometimes it is salty
And sometimes it’s sour
At times it smells like wet soil
And sometimes like smoke
At times it seems like a chaplet
And sometimes a gun
Sometimes it is like an old wine, at times it is like butter milk

Brutal love is

There are times, when it sounds like a great party
And at times, it’s silence
Sometimes it tastes like delicious food
And sometimes it’s just raw flour
At times it is acceptance
And sometimes it is denial
At times its happiness, and at times it’s like a thorn

Brutal love is

PS: I initially struggled to find out an appropriate english word for "बेदर्द" and finally, thanks to a fellow blogger Shine who helped me with the word 'Brutal' which we concluded is the closest to "बेदर्द" expression!!