Thursday, April 9, 2015

Hypocrisy at it's best ~ 8th post for A-to-Z challenge

And Debashish concluded his speech by saying, “It should always not be the woman to make a sacrifice, she must be entitled to make her own choice. To live the way she wishes to, to wear the clothes she is most comfortable with, to spend her life with her choice of partner. I salute every woman on this planet to make it what it is today”
A thunderous applause followed while he made his way out from the venue of National Women Convention.
As he reached home, Nivedita, her wife hugged him and congratulated him for his great speech, “You seem to be the star of the evening today, every girl had an eye on you and I am feeling jealous now." She continued after a short pause, "By the way, let’s go out for our planned date”
“Will you go like this?”, Debashish asked.
“Off course, I had especially chosen this dress for our 5th Anniversary celebration today.”, she replied.
“This is too exposing dear, can you try that Salwar Suit, Majanta one……that looks so great on you.”, Debashish asked.
There was a long silence after that!!!


  1. hahaha... Such people..
    Society tells us to be ourselves, and then it tells is - no like like that!

  2. Ha! I bet there was a long silence! Thanks for visiting Untethered Realms and good luck with the Challenge. :)

  3. Lol..!! Typical Indian Husbands..!
    Nicely portrayed..!


  4. That happens a lot... In every phase of our lives somewhere everywhere... People talk two extremes. Good one by H:)

  5. Hahah - I enjoyed that read! So big words in the speech and then..... Yes, hypocrisy indeed:-)

  6. Hypocrite! I know many like him. Well if we look closely, many are hypocrite - we say something to create a social image and do the contrary.

  7. Oh yes.. I know such types. Well written !!


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