Thursday, April 16, 2015

It's K for Kites & Sky ~ (A-to-Z Challenge)

One odd day
When sky was orange
& everything was embraced in Gold
The horizon looked beautiful
Unfolding its magical soul

Far beyond the Aravali Mountains
A group of Kites
 was devising a plan
how to win the magnificent Sky!!

With Threads already under Kites’ control
A plot was hatched to conquest the Sky
The highest plain ground was chosen
So that they can fly high
It was a matter of moments
Sky was filled with countless Kites
Soon they succeeded in undermining
with Blue, red, green & whites

Initially it seemed to be one sided fight
Sky was calm, while Kites really smite
Before the Kites could declare their thumping win
Hell broke out among a pack of Kites
They started rioting among themselves
And sky still very calm
witnessing unusual sight

A natural win concluded with a disaster
Kites, once a strong group
Now few infrequently lumber
Sky, still calm, with its casual thunder

Sky was one, Kites were plenty
Number doesn't matter, if inside you are empty
While sky defines Oneness
Kites represent diversity
I long for that perfect Era
when "Unity in Diversity" won't be a myth
but indeed a possibility?


  1. Beautifully written and powerful celebrating Kites representing humanity and freedom, soaring high on the sky:)


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