Friday, September 30, 2011

A letter from an Ex-Girlfriend (Wife) to her Ex-Boyfriend (Husband)....

 Dear Ex-boyfriend and now Husband,

I think it is getting worst day by day. You have started treating me the way your brothers treat their wives back in your hometown. At the same time you have no idea about the difference in our situations and your brothers'. On one side, your brothers' wives are not really educated to be independent (that's the reason your brothers can afford to be bully towards those pity creatures). And on the other side, I am self dependent, and contributor towards our home economy as much as you are(may be more than that). I still love you with all my heart, but it has been becoming unbearable for me day by day.

It hurts me when you go on outing on every weekend with your friends. You don't even ask me if I want to spend time with you or not. For us outing has become an hour or two affair, which is nothing but our weekly or fortnightly grocery shopping affair.

Though I am not from your community, but now I also speak Marathi as good as you do. I cook better Marathi food, and your family is evidence of all these who accepted me really well. I accept the fact that you are a non-family person and due to which I speak to your elder sister and your mother on daily basis. I also talk to your so called distance related aunts, who call me every now and then. Did I ever say that I don't like doing entire thing for you, and off course I never regretted doing such things, because marriage comes with not only accepting one's partner as a person, but also accepting all the people associated with him.

Oh I am sorry!!! How would you know the meaning of marriage, do you even remember when was the last time we actually had a conversation as husband and wife? Can you recall when was the last time we spent few romantic moments together? Have you realized that your wife is as important in your life as your so called passion for Table Tennis (Off course I should have rated myself a little above your TT, but I am not overambitious). If I accept the fact that TT and I are no different in your life, why can't you realize that I also need some emotional support when I am low? Don't consider me as an iron woman(As you always say so) because there's no so called term exist in this world.

Though, I always gave my personal life a preference and cooking a bed tea for you early morning after 2 am conf-call with client is the evidence of that. Still, that doesn't make any difference. Because, for you I am still a creature who 'should' have loads of patience to bear all your mistakes, forget them and forgive you. I don't see any logic in this, but I also know that all great things in this world come without logic. I have spoken all my heart out, I was always scared doing so face to face. It is no doubt that I love you a lot, may be more than myself by now, hence please consider this letter (and act) as my last attempt towards restoring our relationship and getting back on the track to become worth living as husband and wife.

Your tickets to Srinagar are kept in our drawing table drawer. I have got all your clothes ironed, and they are kept in the store room shelf. By the time you would have this letter in your hand, I would already be in Kashmir the only heaven on earth. My cell phone is switched off, so don't try to reach me by any chance. Just turn behind and look from the window, a cab is waiting for you opposite the confectionery shop down the street. You will also see a cabdriver waiting for you when you reach Srinagar. If everything falls in place, we would be having tomorrow's dinner in Shamyana Restaurant (Yes you guessed it right, I have booked the table). 

By any chance if you won't come, I would be going to Jaipur to my parents, and don't you dare to reach there. Hope things get smoother and we have our dinner tomorrow(read between the lines. 

Your Ex-Girlfriend (now wife)

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Spirituality!!!! What's that!!!

Hello Friends,

Hope you are having a great weekend. All couple must be out for having a fun in a mall, movie theater or a romantic spot a little away from city hosh posh. All married people there must be trying to spend sometime with kids by enjoying a buffet. Some people like me must be still sitting in front of their laptop...writing a post :)

This post has been written after forgetting everything I read about Spirituality. I tried my best to make some opinions which are completely free from any external influence. These thoughts are based on my experience and few practices I follow in my life.

Spirituality has been defined in different ways by multiple gurus in Indian Society. I was introduced to this word when someone said "Religion is for those who have fear of going to hell, Spirituality is for those who had already been there". I might be 22-23 at that time. I used this punch few times but never tried to analyze and conclude what exactly it meant. The restless night of yesterday made me think towards this subject, further to an observation Spirituality being a million dollar business these days. Few questions to readers here:

-Is doing 'Yoga' Spirituality?
-Is doing 'Dhyan' Spirituality?
-Is doing 'Pranayaam' Spirituality?
-Is 'following a specific guru' Spirituality?
-Is being non-religious Spirituality?
-Is meditation Spirituality?

I would like you to think and answer these questions in Yes/No. According to me, none of the questions give answer in positive. Yoga, Dhyan, Pranayaam, Meditation etc have become a source of great business now a days. We even have a brand named 'Yoga' selling Tshirts, Trousers, lowers, shorts etc.

For me, Spirituality is nothing but knowing about oneself. Its about realization of what you are, its about observing yourself keenly and make some firm opinions about your personality. It helps you establishing the balance between your brain and heart. It helps you maintain the balance between your physical and emotional elements of your body.

And thats the reason why it's preferred to know oneself first than God. Attempt of knowing God first may lead to being orthodox, sometimes turning to violence. You may want to peep into history for such instances.

Do drop your take on this topic. Hope it made you think....

Have a great weekend!!!!
With love,

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Guest Post........."Friends from Jupitor"

Hey Pallies,

If you landed on this page thinking that its Hemant..let me correct you that it's not. I am Sowmya and I am here to write a guest post for this cute blog of my friend.

FRIENDSHIP is like a flower blooming every day;
But there are some rare flowers which will be attractive with its nature.
Friendship is like a magical gift;
Where unknown personalities meet & understand each other;
It’s the feel of godliness!
Here we go with a poem about two true friends.........

Our friendship is a beauty;
With “good day wish” as duty;
Happiness is like lottery; But
Our hearts are just pottery!

Act positive towards prank;
Talk everything very frank;
Our rapport reaches rank;
With a pending tanks of thanks!

We are the reflection of our taste;
Treat nothing as waste;
Our faith is like a gum paste!

Here we always pray;
God to every spray;
Best blessing from his tray;
To awash all our grey!

Reason for naming the title so: 

Jupiter is a king of Gods according to “Rome. Myth”
It’s also called “God of rain”.
The personalities of those friends are very cool & to resemble their superiority of friendship!

Friday, September 2, 2011

तुझसे वफ़ा करता तो खुद से वफ़ा न कर पाता............

मुताफिक हु की कुछ गलतियाँ हुई हैं मुझसे,
 तू मुझे बेवफा कहे तो कोई हर्ज़ नहीं,
मगर तुझसे वफ़ा करता तो खुद से वफ़ा न कर पाता.
मानता हु की मैं गुनेहगार हु तेरा,
गर तुझसे वफ़ा करता तो गुनेहगार खुद का कहलाता.....