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Spirituality!!!! What's that!!!

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Hope you are having a great weekend. All couple must be out for having a fun in a mall, movie theater or a romantic spot a little away from city hosh posh. All married people there must be trying to spend sometime with kids by enjoying a buffet. Some people like me must be still sitting in front of their laptop...writing a post :)

This post has been written after forgetting everything I read about Spirituality. I tried my best to make some opinions which are completely free from any external influence. These thoughts are based on my experience and few practices I follow in my life.

Spirituality has been defined in different ways by multiple gurus in Indian Society. I was introduced to this word when someone said "Religion is for those who have fear of going to hell, Spirituality is for those who had already been there". I might be 22-23 at that time. I used this punch few times but never tried to analyze and conclude what exactly it meant. The restless night of yesterday made me think towards this subject, further to an observation Spirituality being a million dollar business these days. Few questions to readers here:

-Is doing 'Yoga' Spirituality?
-Is doing 'Dhyan' Spirituality?
-Is doing 'Pranayaam' Spirituality?
-Is 'following a specific guru' Spirituality?
-Is being non-religious Spirituality?
-Is meditation Spirituality?

I would like you to think and answer these questions in Yes/No. According to me, none of the questions give answer in positive. Yoga, Dhyan, Pranayaam, Meditation etc have become a source of great business now a days. We even have a brand named 'Yoga' selling Tshirts, Trousers, lowers, shorts etc.

For me, Spirituality is nothing but knowing about oneself. Its about realization of what you are, its about observing yourself keenly and make some firm opinions about your personality. It helps you establishing the balance between your brain and heart. It helps you maintain the balance between your physical and emotional elements of your body.

And thats the reason why it's preferred to know oneself first than God. Attempt of knowing God first may lead to being orthodox, sometimes turning to violence. You may want to peep into history for such instances.

Do drop your take on this topic. Hope it made you think....

Have a great weekend!!!!
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  1. For me spirituality is anything which gives you peace of mind when you practice it. As a brahmin by birth, of course, for me the connotation is more religious but not entirely. It has a force that makes you a better human being. Nice post and thought provoking!

  2. well i am married, no kids :P (as you mention married busy with kids :P ) and still with my laptop as i like spending time in what i do! :P

    spirituality to me is doing what my heart says and not hurting anyone :D

  3. Hey Saru & Chintan: Thanks for having your thoughts here and I am glad that you liked the post. Like I said, everyone has his own way to define spirituality. And both of yours statements almost give the same meaning (weaved in different words)...

    So can we say that it would be difficult to define spirituality in definite words!!!!!

  4. Nice way of self realization.. spirituality to me is, just a way to live life peacefully, following karma yoga (our normal life) and all those steps like yoga, prayer, meditations are just ways to self realization..
    Nice post.. u put ur thinking hat and also giving us one!

  5. To me, spirituality starts with being true to myself about myself. The day I know myself fully, I will know the world completely. That's how powerful I believe spirituality is.

    A note - You started by saying that you would try and not let any external influence guide your thoughts on spirituality. That's not possible. Eg: You started with what you had 'heard' when you were 22-23!!!!!!

  6. Good observation Jojo...I wanted someone to say it..and u did that :)
    thanks for dropping by...

    A note: I wanted to tell people how I got to know about this word.

  7. Nice Post.
    Spirituality To Me Is Something We All Talk Of, But We All Are Unaware Of. Spirituality Means Getting To Know The Unknown.

  8. @KP: I am glad that you liked it....
    @Anonymous: thanks for your visit...its gr88 to have your thoughts on this page..

  9. Spirituality to me is feeling deeply for every creation of the Almighty and being happy and loving, no matter what! :)

    Amazing post.

    Love, Risha :)

  10. I agree with u. We need to know our self completely before we set out to know about the higher power. Spirituality is you knowing yourself and setting out to know and except every other living creature out there to establish a bond with the mother nature..

  11. married couple with kids - enjoying - buffet!! haha what was that about?!!

    nice post on religion Hemant.

    i too had written on this topic in january!

    hey just saw the line - your comments my paycheques! lovely! you must have encashed a lot by now :)

  12. Hi
    Just fell for this post. Every word seems so true. Spirituality through menas of Yoga/meditation are for today means of business apparently. Knwing your heart, knowing your inner self, being your minds owner is something may be I would call spirituality. Huh. Beautiful post and I liked the brief well written flow of words.

  13. @Risha: I am happy u liked the post...
    @Sujatha: Thanks for dropping by...I saw ur post..its awesome..
    @Sush: Welcome to the little world of mine...I am glad that u liked it..

  14. spirituality is a ocean;
    To know it we need patience;
    & the stuff U have mention;
    Is a sweet drop of passion!

    keep smiling always! :)

  15. hey nice of u for filling this section with a this 4 lines poem...
    This blog actually missed u a lot..welcome back..

  16. my great pleasure to accept ur kind welcome :)

  17. Self-realization with the love for God is spiritualism according to me.
    Nice post :)

  18. Spirituality, something related to spirit i.e. Soul, an inner path enabling a person to discover the essence of his/her being.Something beyond brain and heart, needs and desires. It is the way of self realization, something that you can visualize that one can't see.

    So the practices including dhyan, contemplation, introspection, prayers helps you develop the insight. These help you to connect with your inner self. Eg. In "dhayn" we focus on one point and concentrates all our energies in one place. It helps you in developing peace & inner strength,focus and insight.

    For some, following a guru helps, when they can't meditate on their own. I have heard that A Guru is a stair, a path to reach The God. Though i am not following any guru, but not all Gurus are "fake".

    ध्यान मूलं गुरूरमूर्ती, पूजा मूलं गुरूर्पदम
    मन्त्रमूलं गुरूर वाक्यं, मुक्तिमूलं गुरूरकृपा..

    (ध्यान का मूल गुरु की मूर्ति है, पूजा का मूल गुरु के पद, गुरु के वाक्य मंत्र हैं, और मुक्ति का मूल गुरु की कृपा.)

    In Indian philosophy, there is a great value and respect for a Guru.

    According to Indian Philosophy the ultimate goal is Moksha, hence spirituality is the first step towards it.

    P.S. Again business is in everything these days. If i open up a business with the name "yoga", whose designs, prints etc. will be inspired with Traditional Indian designs doesn't mean its for Yoga! Likewise for tantra!!! Again, yoga is kind of excercise having Indian Origin! So if anyone is spending time in giving you Yoga lessons and wants/needs money for the same, its okie. Many people are teaching it for free as well. will you put your all energies in one thing and won't charge for that? Nope! no one can!
    Its the world of commercialization!

    P.P.S. Its totally my perception, we may differ! :)

  19. @Shesha: Welcome to this blog..and you made this post richer by dropping your views on the topic..and I respect your views completely..

    Thanks for dropping by :)

  20. Now when i look at this comment, its actually a lengthy one.. Thanx a ton for the welcome and going through such a long read :P :)

  21. spirituality is indeed a discovery of the self

  22. Hey Shesha....ur comment is worth give it a read I must say thanks for making this post richer thn what it was :)

    @Magiceye: Thanks for dropping by..


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