Thursday, January 13, 2011 took me 37 days to find my new muse...

And suddenly he started finding it difficult to write something when he realized that his writing is always inspired by someone and hardly by himself. It took him 37 days to find a new muse in himself and compose something. Things were looking quite easy in present; however future seems to be difficult. His positive attitude was standing on one leg and could fall anytime when he realized that both of his legs have been in his control and its only him who was not using both of the legs.

After realization of both the legs being in his control he started breathing deeply. There was a sudden confidence in the life which can be termed as "Self Confidence". And this motivated him to go ahead and achieve his professional goal even if personal goals are not achieved.

His personal life was not responding much and now has become a muse or inspiration to start writing again. One break up after another was the way his life was going......and the realization of the same made him stronger and increased his "self-awareness". His articles used to make people laugh and now his articles have become more of spiritual or humane. People might not find this piece of writing interesting enough to read; however he was not bothered but maintains his writing styles.

Though he was not a professional writer; however he always kept his mind aware of interest of people before composing something but today the writer inside him started flowing naturally. and here he ended up writing so many lines in 14 minutes which may turn up into a good poem very soon.

Thanks for reading......if you might have read the complete write up :)