Sunday, January 11, 2015

#JeSuisCharlie - The unanswered question!!

In a city where, violence
Never happened for four decades
I was shot point blank
They said they avenged
Paigambar Mohammad (PBUH)
& shouted that Allah is the greatest!!

Was I killed for my creativity
Or my satire
Or it was a wicked desire
Of those who think that they are above Allah
Above Islam
Who think that He needs their protection

You can give Him nothing
You can't decide what He wants
For He is supreme
For He can avenge Himself
For He doesn't need your mercy
Rather you need His!!

With closed eyes, ears and minds
You are too ambitious to interpret religion
For mind is like a parachute 
It works only when it's open

Before it is too late
Open your senses
And realize the light
Of Sun, of Moon 
Of humanity & of knowledge
For it cannot be derived from one source!!

Here's our great Bamulahija's take on this: