Monday, January 23, 2012 just comes naturally....

Does flirt comes to me naturally....well...readers can tell it better after reading below conversation with one of my sweethearts....

Girl: Hi Hemu....wat's up!!!
Me: Everything is up sweetheart (don't read in between the lines)...wat's up at your end!!
Girl: Nothing much here....I am not well..
Me: What happened baby...anything worth sharing!!!
Girl: No....bas aise hi..
.......(silent for 2 minutes)....
Me: by the way...I checked out ur your snaps on Facebook....(offcourse I had to drag the conversation..)

Girl: did you find them!!!
Me: Indeed good......(I was about to say more; but you know......anyone can't once they want to talk)
Girl: aur vo vali pic kaisi thi, jisme main bride k saath hu!!
Me: It was beautifully beautiful...I wonder if anyone was looking at the were shining so much..

Girl: aur vo vali...jisme main akeli hu!!!
Me: Some people say that sexiness and beauty can not go together....I guess they might not have seen you....(It came instantly...)
Girl: 5 to 6 similes....(I wonder if she knows the meaning of all of them)
Girl:  So did you miss me after I moved to Kolkatta!!!  (here you come...)
Me: Sweetheart!!!! missed you like anything here....all I wanted to do was propose you before you leave the city...but couldn't get the courage to do that.....(I don't mind if she blocks me right now....)
Girl: one smiley 
....... (for 80 seconds it was visible that she was typing something) another smiley...(and another one after 2 more minutes....I waited and was was sure that she would say something that I wanted to hear)
Girl: So why don't you do it now!!!!!

Me: Smiley.....okay....are you sure...I wonder how you would respond to my proposal!!!
Girl: But I think till now you were the only person who actually understood me from within... 
Me: I am obliged.. (though I can't understand how did you make that statement)...finally I managed to ask: "Why did you say so"!!
Girl: Because I gave you so many chances to get dirty with me...but you never crossed the line and always respected me from your heart!!!
Me: (this made me doubt if I am a flirt or she is)..anyways....I always respected you from the core of my heart.....(though I have no idea where this core of the heart is located in my physical body)

Girl: So are you proposing me now!!!
Me: Do you really want me to!!! I really don't want to break your heart honey.
Girl: No...I would love to hear those words from you.....
Me: Do you see me upside down on my head!!!
Girl: What!!! (with astonished smiley)

Me: Just say yes....
Girl: Yes...I see you...
Me: U need to come to me....a little close...
Girl: Is that enough!!
Me: No...a little more...
Girl: Can't come closer than this now...

Me: Here...I can feel your breathing....Do you see the mug lying on your table?
Girl: Yes....
Me: It just tasted your lips while you were having coffee....Do you see the spoon lying on that plate...the spoon just tasted your tongue while you were having cornflakes..
Girl: Yes I see both of them....what do you mean!!!

Me: had a bath with warm water before we met in this room!!!
Girl: Yes..
Me: You forgot to hang the towel on the rope in the balcony.....Do you also see the eyelash kept on your dressing table along with your lipstick!!!
Girl: Yes....I do see those....
Me: Do you see your gold took it off before going for a shower!!!

Girl: Let me wear that.....
Me: I want to replace that Mug....I want to replace that spoon....(pause.......)
I want to place myself with towel...(pause.......)
I want to be that eyelash....(pause.......)
and I want be that lipstick..(pause.......)
and I also want to replace that gold chain with me(pause.......)
....because I want to spend each moment of my life with you...and being in this Ramdev position..I ask for your dress your finger with a virtual ring of my kiss...Are you listening!!!!

Girl: I can't believe just proposed me with the most different way I have ever come sweet of you....I never knew that you loved me so much!!!(pause.......)
I am mad....I am just for made me crazy Hemant.....
And than the final moment arrive....

"Page can not be displayed".....I lost my internet connection :(   :(

"PS: This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, and incidents are either products of author's imagination or are used fictitiously (or may be not). Any resemblance to actual events or locales or persons, living or dead is entirely coincidental (or may be not)"  


  1. LOL :) well you escaped with the P;S :)

  2. That one was essential for my dear ones not to imagine more about me :)....thanks for dropping by

  3. Hahahaha..... and for a moment there I thought you really did propose. :)

    Nice one.... and ya, you are a flirt, no doubt. :p

    1. I must take that as a huge compliment...Thank You :)

  4. really nice,feels like its true :-)

    1. Thank god you said made me feel that the post achieved its objective of ppl feeling it as if it is true :)

  5. Really nice fiction,was thinking its true Hemant :-)

    1. Thank You...your appreciations have kept my pen goes to you..

  6. That was realistic post Hemant :)
    Good job

  7. I think flirting like this is most common over Internet and stupid silly girls fall for it so easily. I pity them.

  8. Good One .. Mein padne ke baad call karne wala tha ki puchun kaun hai ..

    PS na dalte toh badhiya tha

    1. Thanks for dropping by maharaaj....PS na dalta to kuchh jyada hi realistic ho jata...wanted to discourage people from imagining :D

      Naam bata dete to achha rehta...

  9. Sudhrega nahi fale....

    1. Kya karu yaar....aakhir doft kifka hu!!!!!

  10. Yaar now I know the story behind ur fb status about Kolkata....;-)

  11. :D funny bones :P inna romantic likhke end mein jaake microsoft jaisa ban gaya na :P :D

  12. Hey...thanks for dropping by...and it was intentional ;)

  13. hmmmmmmmmmmmmm I want to read between the lines now :))
    naam kya hain?

  14. remove the disclaimer! it is fantastic. and i doubt your imagination too. you sound very realistic :). keep flirting


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