Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Life and Shift+Delete Key!!!!!

He wish if there was a shift button on the keyboard of his life,
He would have pressed it along with delete key to get rid of his strife;
he has been trying to find out this shift key since one week,
so that he can feel refreshing after emptying the recycle bin.

Don't think that he'll carry this broken heart all along his life,
By god grace he has got great friends who are a call away to make him feel light;
Things had neither been wrong, nor they been right,
He was still trying to find out the reason of that tide.

Then he realized everything doesn't happen for a reason,
Every time he knew that he should not expect a perfect fusion;
Time is a strong healer, and does not hold things for long,
He found himself sailing in the middle of the sea, feeling strong.

Though it was middle of the sea, he has got his friends along,
Nothing is going to matter now, Tide or Maelstrom;
He found his calm and peace in the waves of the sea,
Suddenly a question raised in the mind, who was she!!!!

Note for all non techies: The data get deleted permanently from the computer when you press Shift+Delete key on your computer. The attempt was made to correlate the same with Life. 


  1. so much of confident its really nice revert ....
    stay happy always with full of positive attitude...

  2. You have to ask him who she was ;)

  3. Its awesome Hemant......keep it up

  4. @hemant: aapke fans i list me hum bhi shamil hai..waise kafi expand ho gayi hai list due to ur nice poems n blogs..lolz

  5. Speachless Dost....


  6. cool one...btw who is she.

  7. great one!
    though, i ask, like all others, who is she??


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