Monday, March 25, 2013

ऊपर वाले की काला बाज़ारी!!

ज़िंदगी है सबके पास
जी रहे हैं कुछ,
बाकी मौत के प्याले में
पी रहें हैं दुख,
अब तू ही बता ऐ परवरदिगार
ये जिंदगी क्यूँ देता है?
है डोर तो तेरे हाथों मे
इंसान तो बस अभिनेता है I
जब निर्देशक एक ही है
तो हर कहानी हिट क्यूँ नहीं होती,
क्या अब तेरे दरबार मे भी
पैसे के बदले किस्मत बंटती!!

H-Sutra of Corporate World - 3

The corporate world demands us to park our minds along the grey cross section of streets of honesty and corruption. 

It's we who decide if we want to take a turn and choose Black or White.

Saturday, March 23, 2013

H-Sutra of Corporate World - 2

If you come in time & leave in time, and you have a great salary....
You are doing no just have a good Boss.

Friday, March 22, 2013

H-Sutra of Corporate World - 1

So you aren't famous in the office!!
Leave office just after two minutes the beautiful chick leaves and continue for a week....

You will be a topic of grapevine in no time :)

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Tale of the cottage!!

Gone is the time,
When I was healthy and rich;
I still wonder your departure
Was an accident or ditch!
I shone and danced,
In the music of your voice;
Now, I silently glance,
Expressions as cold as ice.

An argument, a drift,
Turned into a disaster;
I wish I could speak,
And stopped you my master.

She shouts, she cries,
And blame herself, my poor mistress;
She’s dead with alive body,
Like a statue of distress;
We both share an empty part,
Which once you filled,
Two broken hearts
With the feeling of guilt;

Years have passed,
Our gaze still looks over the hope..
to see you again..
O!! My Master!!!

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Friday, March 8, 2013

Bollywood Experiment - Rhyme#1: Tere pyaar me!!!

डूबा डूबा आजकल
डूबा डूबा रहता हूँ आजकल
डूबा सा रहता हूँ
तेरे प्यार में......तेरे प्यार में......तेरे प्यार में......

जीवन है इक डगर
मुश्किल है ये मगर
आसान लगे ये सफ़र
तेरे प्यार में......तेरे प्यार में......तेरे प्यार में......

धूप ही धूप है हर तरफ
प्यासा था मैं उम्र भर
पानी का एहसास है..
तेरे प्यार में......तेरे प्यार में......तेरे प्यार में......

कांटो से भरी life है
जीना यहाँ strife है
दिले फिर भी satisfied है
तेरे प्यार में......तेरे प्यार में......तेरे प्यार में......

Note: Do not miss the voice version.