Friday, March 26, 2010

Short and Sweet Birthday of mine...

Extract from 4th March.....11:30 PM

It’s nice to enter the 26th year of my life. I know I have not achieved a lot, but at least I have leaped from a small town to big town. It felt great to be called as a ‘Trainer’ in one of the great fortune 500 company, however it pains when I see myself working for a company rather than owning one. Yes that’s what my BHAG (Big headed auspicious goal) is and who stops to dream.

Today I have completed 26 years 9.5 months on the earth that includes the period of stay in my mom’s womb. This birthday was the most beautiful birthday I have ever celebrated in last few years. My parents were with me in the historical town of Shivaji. The morning was as usual (except few calls from friends and relatives). I was riding to office and one thought was pickling my mind if I was feeling something different on my birthday or not and the answer was ‘No’ at 9 am. The day started passing gradually and I talked to lots of old friends that gave me a great feeling. All my old friends did call me in the night itself. It was a great feeling when someone remembers your B’day that I realized today. Very special thanks for my chhotu brother who did not miss to bring the cake this time that I cut at 12:00 am . I hope all of you had been seeing the pics on orkut.

Thanks to Swapnil who called from Boston with the same update of not a single girl in his life (if he was telling the truth).
"Swapnill bhai, Ab to sudhar jao”

Thanks to Ravi, Tushar, Sandy, Prashant, Neha, Rinki, Harsh, Pushpanjali, Beeni and all my dear friends for forgetting me not.

The rest day was as busy as usual in the office however I had fewer lines on my head and I took the day very easily, with most of the time spent on phone. After a long time my Cell phone battery needed charging in the same day. When I left office I had almost most of the tasks pending which did not bother me much and I left the office for the college earlier than usual.

After college I reached home by 8:30 pm. We planned for a dinner outside to give mom a break as well as celebrate my birthday. My mom and papa liked Sukanta and dinner was really awesome. We cracked jokes, laughed together after a long time. It was feeling like a perfect family not to be separated again. My papa is really funny and we also like to see his reaction by talking to him about Pune’s life style (Why do girls cover the entire face, or How could air not pass when a couple sits together on bike etc).

What I feel is that a Home just requires every member of the family to be together, and nothing else. The space, luxury, the size of the rooms and bathroom etc does not make much sense to home if the family is not together. You really don’t bother about Milk, tea when mom is there and on the top of that when it is served with lots of affection and with selfless feelings. As per the Hindu Mythology, God shows the hell and heaven on the earth. It does as hell when you stay far from the parents and family and it is as good as Heaven when the family is around. And it was a heaven feeling to have mom and dad with us, even if that was for few days.