Thursday, July 12, 2012

The song of Misfortune!!

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Long ago, in the pursuit of a peaceful life,
My children marooned me; it was end of my pride;
I always dreamed the end of this strife,
Attempt to peace, always followed by a lack of strides.

Isolated streets, with the smell of Gunpowder,
Feeling of disdain, whom do I blame!
Gone are the days, I was the reason of being prouder,
Promises from both the sides, proven lame.

Enough of bloodshed, shells and metals,
I am still known as heaven on earth;
Sound of guns defeating the sound of fallen petals,
My life is still driven on thy mercy, ohh Urth!!!

In the lap of river Jhelum, mellifluous & swish,
End of Discord, is all that I wish.

PS: This is an English sonnet with the rhyming scheme of abab cdcd efef gg (Also known as Shakespearean Sonnet). This is a song dedicated to people in Kashmir. 
Urth - Goddess of fate in Greek Mythology