Sunday, September 15, 2013

बरसों बाद कोई फिर से टकराया...

बरसों बाद कोई फिर से टकराया
आखें जो मिली तो दिल सकपकाया
रोम रोम था तिलमिलाया
बरसो बाद कोई फिर से टकराया

इक पल के लिए दुनिया
जैसे थम सी गई थी
वो यादों की छन्नी में
छन सी गई थी
वो मोहल्ले की गलियाँ
वो कोने का मंदिर
दशहरे का मेला हो
या होली की महफिल
हर मौके को मिलने का जरिया बनाना
वो सुनना सुनाना
वो रूठना मनाना
वो चुपके से दिल ने
था क्या क्या दिखाया
इक पल के दरमियाँ में
था जीवन समाया।।

बरसों बाद कोई फिर से टकराया

जज्बातों की बाढ़ थी दिल में
लफ़्ज़ों का अकाल था
दुनिया भर की खबर ली उनसे
पूछा उनका हाल था
छिपतीं आखें, मिलती आखें
नजरों का क्या बवाल था
नमस्ते करें या हाथ मिलाएं
दिल में यही सवाल था
बातें तो हुई दो चार
पर कुछ समझ में आया
दिल तो यही कह रहा था कि - ' रुक जाओ'
पर जबां से 'फिर मिलेंगे' ही निकल पाया।।

बरसों बाद कोई फिर से टकराया

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Bollywood Rhyme#2: Raanjhanaa title track - My version

बुए अग्गे बैठियाँ मैं 
तक्दियां मैं रस्ता तेरा 
हुन ते तू आ जा रान्झना 
तेरे बिना जिया नइयो लगदा 

किन्ने चिर हो गए
छड गया तू मैनू  कल्ले 
दुनिया दे ताने खाने वास्ते 
ओ लम्हा कदों आएगा 
जे तू मैनू मिल जायेगा 
मिल जानगे, अपने रास्ते….
दिल कित्थे होर  नइयो लगदा.... 

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Reply to Ex-Girlfriend (now Wife) from her Ex-Boyfriend (now Husband)....

If you haven't read the previous letter, here's the First letter from Wife to Husband.

And now husband replies:

Dear Ex-girlfriend & now Wife,

I know I had been tough to handle all the time. I accept that I should have treated you a lot better than I did during last two years of our marriage. With this realization, I also accept that I haven’t been able to justify the role of husband.

There’s only one sane thing I did in my life, which is, falling in love with you and I recognize now that I cannot live without you. This is the only universal truth of my life. The thought of losing you is so dreadful and terrific that it took a fraction of second for tears to roll-out after reading the first ten lines of your letter. I see it now that it feels so good to be loved.

How can I forget that every time I got a call from my family members, I handed over the phone to you because I know you can handle them better than me. Our outings have been limited to weekly/fortnightly grocery shopping; however I still remember our first & second honeymoon. Waking up early in the morning for preparing my bed tea may be harsh on you; however seeing my beautiful lady the first thing after waking up forms such a great part of my day. But I now realize that it’s not always about ME, but it is about US.

A lot of people have told me that a woman can bring an organized life to a man’s life; I only experienced it after getting married to you. Even while leaving me with this letter, you acted so organized which is unimaginable. How can you be so organized in that state of mind?

You’ve kept my favorite tee-shirts & trousers with the same jacket which I never usually wash during the whole winter. I remember you yelling at me for wearing that jacket all days and I want to be yelled again. I remember you asking me to kiss you before I leave for office, and I want to kiss you again. How can I forget the coziness you used to bring to our bedroom with so clean bed sheets and pillows and heart loving fragrances?

Along with this letter, you will find a gift pack, and I want you to open it before I see you, off course in Shamiyana Restaurant. I am handing over my life to you and want you to decide if we want to live together or not. I beg you not to leave me alone in this life and promise that I would do all to ensure that you feel privileged and proud to have a guy like me.

PS: The gift pack contained the Table Tennis kit and the guy & the girl had their dinner in Shamiyana restaurant in Srinagar, Kashmir. 

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Telangana - so it's not about logic & reasoning anymore!!

An Article in 'TOI' invoked feelings like sorry towards Citizens of Andhra Pradesh combining with salt anger towards a government who doesn't seem to care about logic & reasoning anymore. Below is the extract of the same:

"KCR's predicament is compounded by the fact that the Congress wants to concede Telangana with Hyderabad as its capital only if he (KCR) agrees to an unconditional merger (read his party's merger to congress). Otherwise, chances are that Hyderabad will be declared a Union territory. And in that event, the people of Telangana might hold KCR responsible for sacrificing Hyderabad"

If the above mentioned information is correct, my sympathy goes towards people who voted such government to manage administration for last 9 years (and almost 85% of the time since declaration of freedom).

Instead of making decision on the basis of advantage & disadvantage associated with creation of Telangana & Hyderabad being a union territory; the basis of the decision lies in the political interest of a single party who wants to make hasty (& unintelligent) decisions (Previously Food security bill & now Telangana to be a few examples) in its attempt to win another General Election 2014.

I don't consider myself qualified enough to recommend a party who should be voted to run government for next 5 years from 2014, and I must trust your wisdom to make a decision based on intention of politicians and political party before pressing the button.

Thursday, July 4, 2013

मंजिल तो वहीँ मैं छोड़ आया।।

निकले थे घर से सोच के
कि मंजिल कभी तो आएगी
अँधेरे से भरी ये राहें
इक दिया तो कभी दिखाएंगी ।।

गिरना उठना - उठना गिरना
आप ही हमने सीख लिया
दिल्ली पेरिस, मुंबई लन्दन
बातों बातों में घूम लिया।।

दुनिया घूमी बन मस्त कलंदर
फिर भी कुछ कमी खलती थी
जिस चीज़ को ढूँढा सात समंदर
कहीं अगल बगल में बैठी थी।।

फिर ध्यान लगा सोचा हमने
तब जाकर कहीं समझ आया
जिस मोड़ से सफ़र ये शुरू हुआ
मंजिल तो वहीँ मैं छोड़ आया।।