Sunday, December 5, 2010

When GOD gives you money....

 "If god gives u money...he makes sure that dis money flows into your pocket with tonnes of liabilities...u may want to see around 4 examples...."

Few days ago, I posted this line on my facebook page. Every time when you post something on a social networking website, you and I know that we want maximum comments and we feel happy to see that the number of comments increasing day by day. Well, not much of comments I received when I posted this thought on FB. This though kept shaking me since almost three weeks and today finally I am putting the same on paper.

Let me start from my experience. This thought strike me every time as and when I see people begging at the traffic signal. It strikes again when I see richest of the riches spending lacs of rupees on electronic items, or a car. People at traffic signal never dies of heart attack. Neither they die of hunger. Money flows into your pocket with its own consequences. I tried thinking logically; however I was unable to give any logic. It just happens.

I don't know but it seems difficult today. I am finding it difficult to put things in words. Better I start writing again before I lost this thing of mine. This was an effort to put things into words before the memory fades.