Monday, October 31, 2011

For Men.....

Hey People,

Hope you had a nice weekend and great festive season......During my reading session on Saturday and Sunday, I actually read a lot. I started with reading 'The Great' Muhammad Ali's autobiography, followed by watching few real knock videos of the great boxer. Read how and why he was the most controversial sport person during his era and also got to know that he has been awarded the "Sportsperson of the Century" Award in 1999. 

Then I started reading about the latest killing of Muammar Muhammad Abu Minyar al-Gaddafi. Which took me to reading about the life of some of world's most hated Dictators and I went back to read the history of Saddam, Hitler, Robert Mugabe, Omar Al-Bashir, Fidel Castro etc. I was not believing as if I am the same person who used to hate this subject (History) like anything, is today going into reading so much about history with a keen interest. I guess someone has rightly mentioned that no subject is boring, its just the way we would like to know that subject. 

Now, why I blogged today is that I just came across something during this extensive reading and found it quite interesting, at least for my age group, and that's the reason I titled this article as "For Men.....". This is not my creation and I am just posting it for the entertainment of people. Here we go with the piece by an unknown person:

26-27 is not a nice age for a man.... your ex-gfs are getting married , Your career has just started, Elders treat you as unproven theorems, College guys feel that you are too old to have in their group... You seem to enjoy both cartoon and news. You can no longer eat whatever you wish without putting on weight. You look like an ape if you don’t shave daily. You are not invited for weekend cricket matches . 

Every Aunt you meet asks “Shaadi kab kar rahe ho beta!!” while uncle asks “Career ka kya socha hai beta…”.. When the reality is that you are just riding the wave and going with the flow… You have all the confidence in the world but little achievements to show, You already have the first hand experience of the life , You know that whatever you have been taught about the world in schools has been sheer waste of time. 

You can be denied a job even after passing the test and you could be given a job if you know someone placed high enough… Politics till now was a dirty word but now you feel it everywhere. You know now love is not that blind and that friendship has its terms and conditions. .You know there is nothing for granted and free lunches are not free… Your overconfidence is now making way for a humble conscience....You now know it is not exactly what we thought it would be...

Keen to know your view on this short piece of 'someone' :)

Have a good one.
With Love,

Friday, October 28, 2011

5000 Views of the Blog, and a Post dedicated to Friends...

This is the first time I am posting on achieving a milestone in my blogging career. Prior to this, I missed all the significant events of my internet space e.g. my blog-anniversary,50 Posts etc. 

I had been awaiting for this day for so long and finally it arrived. On 27 October 2011, my blog touched the 5000 views mark. It's glad to see it growing and now I know of the feeling when one's kid starts walking. It's amazing. I am thankful to all my viewers, followers, criticizers and everyone who has given me input in making this blog more beautiful and worth reading. Would like to mention some of my favorite posts till now:

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I have decided to dedicate this post to all the friends who had been the part of my life and this journey towards becoming a better human being. I must consider myself lucky enough to be surrounded by few genuine friends always. Though, through the journey the set of these buddies kept changing but I was always lucky to have 'good' friends. These friends kept motivating me towards achieving the goals of my life. They had always been around, be it a crisis or a celebration. The best thing about being with them is that we can keep talking crap and crap is given attention and discussed seriously. 

If I rewind the cassette called life, it reminds me of few names like Mayank Nagia (a 3rd class buddy), Ravi Kapoor, Pooja, Ashish Mishra, Rishabh Saxena, Rinki, Satish Joshi, Dhiraj (Lala), Kishore, Vinay, Prashant Yadav. All these  people had been with me during my pre-graduation days. A new league of friends belong to the era when my actual career took off. Sandeep Singh, Tushar, Ravi Ramani and Swapnil Bhamre used to be my all time buddies. All of them are well settled now, including me :). 

Then I would like to mention few names who mean a lot to me. Harsh, Pushpanjali, Sumit and Mushfiq and that's it. Being with these four gives me comfort like anything. Though none of us similar and act opposite in our own individual way, but we gel really well whenever we are together. You may not believe but we had been able to manage a get together at least once in a month despite being busy in our own professional and personal life. Sometimes it's a hard believing fact that professional buddies can become so much personal friends that they start playing an important part in your life. I can look towards these faces, every time I am faced with challenges and constraints to overcome, and same applies to them.  

I still don't support the proverb "A friend in need is a friend indeed and I also don't find that Airtel advertisement "Kyuki har ek friend jaroori hota hai" exciting enough, because both these entities picturise friends as a materialistic personality who is either taking help, or helping you. My definition of friend is that they exist to be with you. You might not need them but they are still there to stand by you, whatever, wherever, and whenever it may be. 

Lastly, if you might have dropped by this post and read it completely by mistake. Do drop your take on the word called "Friend".

Thanks for reading me :)

With Love,

Monday, October 24, 2011

My so called first piece written during 2009 September....

She told me not to be scared,
She told me not to be upset,
Then she whispered into my ears
to be calm and cool,
She was the first ray of sun that early morning.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

तेरे बिन अब अच्छा लगे ये जहां....

फिर ना आना तू वापिस यहाँ,
तेरे बिन अब अच्छा लगे ये जहां..

तेरी यादों के अंधेरो
से बाहर आकर
मैंने अपनी इक दुनिया
बसा ली है,
तुझे पाने की चाहत
में निकला था मैं
तुझे खोना ही आदत
बना ली है
तुझे खोकर
है पाया ऐसा जहाँ,
की लगता है पाया
इक नया आसमान,

फिर ना आना तू वापिस यहाँ,
तेरे बिन अब अच्छा लगे ये जहां..

तेरी बातो के सावन
अब पतझड़ हैं लगते
तेरे आने की आहट
से दिल ना धड़कते
वो दिन चले गए
जब वो आखे समंदर थी
वो लम्हे गुजर गए
जब तुम सबसे सुन्दर थी
ये सुहाना है मौसम
हसीं ये सफ़र है
अकेले हैं तो क्या हुआ
नज़ारे गजब हैं
खुश' है ये दिल
हसीं है समां

फिर ना आना तू वापिस यहाँ,
तेरे बिन अब अच्छा लगे ये जहां..

Monday, October 17, 2011

Mod Review

Hey Pallies,

Hope you have a great weekend and most of you might be still struggling to get through Sunday hangover. 

This is my second review and first movie review and I hope you all like it. I watched Mod on Saturday. The crowd in the theater was surprisingly decent in terms of number. The crowd who takes the risk to watch newbies like Ranvijay Singh is increasing and this shows a good trend in Hindi Film Industry (let's not call it bollywood ;).....)

Mr. Nagesh Kulknoor has been at his best while converting this beautiful story into a movie. The story would not sound any familiar and you would call it an unpredictable one (especially the end) not matching the 'old is gold' theme of Hindi Cinema. Though, its an old formula to plot a love story in a small hill station, however this one seems to struck the cord for few definitive reasons. The story belongs to a village called 'Ganga' in a small town of Khushpur. I found it like taking a break from hosh-posh city's life and spending two hours in this village with beautiful scenic views and talented actors. 

VJ turned actor, Rannvijay Singh has done a great job with the role of Andy....... which later becomes the center of attraction of the entire story (let me not reveal the secret.....,otherwise your interest would die soon). Ayesha Takia has proved her acting skills, playing the lead actress who repairs watches and earn her living by herself. Though I was really not satisfied with the role given to Raghuveer Yadav. Him being fascinated by Kishore Kumar does not convince me and sounds quite irrelevant. The Mungeri laal of Doordarshan age has more potential than the role given to him. But as usual, he has done a beautiful job, as the father of the leading actress. Nikhil Ratnaparkhi has also done a good job, trying hard on the lead actress, who is in love with Andy/Amar......(read between the lines....yes..its a mystery)

Overall, a good watch....and you can go for it if you don't get bored with a good storyline and slow going movies. Though music is not that good but can be rated as 'OK'. Listen to the number below....this is the only one that got my attraction.

For booking your tickets...log on to -

Noooo no no.....they have not paid me..this is just for your convenience ;) 

Have a good one.....
with love,