Monday, October 31, 2011

For Men.....

Hey People,

Hope you had a nice weekend and great festive season......During my reading session on Saturday and Sunday, I actually read a lot. I started with reading 'The Great' Muhammad Ali's autobiography, followed by watching few real knock videos of the great boxer. Read how and why he was the most controversial sport person during his era and also got to know that he has been awarded the "Sportsperson of the Century" Award in 1999. 

Then I started reading about the latest killing of Muammar Muhammad Abu Minyar al-Gaddafi. Which took me to reading about the life of some of world's most hated Dictators and I went back to read the history of Saddam, Hitler, Robert Mugabe, Omar Al-Bashir, Fidel Castro etc. I was not believing as if I am the same person who used to hate this subject (History) like anything, is today going into reading so much about history with a keen interest. I guess someone has rightly mentioned that no subject is boring, its just the way we would like to know that subject. 

Now, why I blogged today is that I just came across something during this extensive reading and found it quite interesting, at least for my age group, and that's the reason I titled this article as "For Men.....". This is not my creation and I am just posting it for the entertainment of people. Here we go with the piece by an unknown person:

26-27 is not a nice age for a man.... your ex-gfs are getting married , Your career has just started, Elders treat you as unproven theorems, College guys feel that you are too old to have in their group... You seem to enjoy both cartoon and news. You can no longer eat whatever you wish without putting on weight. You look like an ape if you don’t shave daily. You are not invited for weekend cricket matches . 

Every Aunt you meet asks “Shaadi kab kar rahe ho beta!!” while uncle asks “Career ka kya socha hai beta…”.. When the reality is that you are just riding the wave and going with the flow… You have all the confidence in the world but little achievements to show, You already have the first hand experience of the life , You know that whatever you have been taught about the world in schools has been sheer waste of time. 

You can be denied a job even after passing the test and you could be given a job if you know someone placed high enough… Politics till now was a dirty word but now you feel it everywhere. You know now love is not that blind and that friendship has its terms and conditions. .You know there is nothing for granted and free lunches are not free… Your overconfidence is now making way for a humble conscience....You now know it is not exactly what we thought it would be...

Keen to know your view on this short piece of 'someone' :)

Have a good one.
With Love,


  1. M nor a man! And am not that age! :p
    But still, it all seems very true for the people of this age I see around me.
    Great find!
    And good to see that you are reading a lot. It's always good to read. :)

  2. i not supposed to comment? *for men* ? :P

  3. I think he described it perfectly a guy in that age group who is not married. And, last two lines are true for females as well. Infact some of the lines are true of us...:)

  4. interesting to read..
    I never imagined or thought about those guys..

  5. @Janhvi: Good to know that u liked it :)
    @Chintan: Don't worry if you have already read..and thanks for dropping by :)
    @Saru Di: May be u r true when u said that the same is true for girls as well...
    @Anjaani: So now you can see what is the condition of 'those' guys ;)

  6. And now i m wondering if any man had actually given it a read or not..since i dont see any comment from men here :p


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