Saturday, February 6, 2010

Flirt and a questions to a Maslow's hierarchy of needs theory......

Hi Friends,

Days have been too busy however I am enjoying my morning shifts. My day starts with a thought of reaching office by 8:40 am and ends with a thought of getting up as early as 7:00 am. All young professionals fantasize about hitting Gym, so as I, but that thinking remains in the thoughts and never gets executed. During these days I spend at least 40-50 minutes on the bike (that practically depends upon traffic). I use this time to make different theories, philosophies and definition.

Last week I tried to project flirt (Indian flirt) into a definition:

"Flirt is the expression of feelings from one person to another person without considering the gap between the expected behavior and actual desire"

Some of you might not agree with the definition and I am also not in the mood to argue as everyone has his own way to say things and on the top of that this blog has never been intended for discussions.

On 28th of Jan I was sitting in the college. I was enjoying that lonely time by watching beautiful (actually sexy) girls in the college. My brain was busy with imagination and suddenly I recalled 'Moslow theory of motivation" which is based on the Hierarchy of Needs. If you are not aware of what that is, I request you to not to take tension and search it on the google. (I am too lazy to type too many sentences).

Now Maslow's theory says that the very first need of human being is Physiological Needs that includes Air, Water, Food, Sleep and Sex. After that a human being feels a need of a security that is Living in a safe area, Job security etc. And the third need is Social need that includes Friendship , love etc. Now my arguement was why common people like me wait for love to happen before satisfying one of the Physiological Needs i.e. Sex. If Maslow was right and he was a great American psychologist, why people still look for meeting the need which is on the 3rd step of Hierarchy model before meeting the 1st step need.

I spoke with few of my friends and they also had the same point of view which was actually a question mark raising doubt on the theory. We realized that all of us were actually going against Maslow's theory and that raised few big question :

1. "Had theory become wrong after listing 'sex' under physiological needs?"
2. "Are we as good as normal human being as we were not following one of the crucial part of the theory?"

We all discussed for some time and reached at few conclusions based on common agreement and below are the answers listed:

1. "The theory is absolutely correct but Maslow might not have visited India where family values are rated higher than individuality (based on our perception)."
2. "We were perfectly normal as the 'sex' part of the theory might not apply to the country like India and that's why we did not find Indian people following that crucial part of the theory."

Well, I am not being a philosopher as that require a lot of intellectualism rather I would prefer becoming a businessman in a long run. But sometimes I tend to raise questions to famous theories which keep my day interesting and enable me to generate new ideas.

Thanks for reading this post which was result of the Saturday fun inside me that came out in the form of words. I hope you enjoyed (I know you didn't) my reading.

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